Stages of the Ducane diet: a list of foods, menus and diet

June 14, 2018 21:45 | Diets

Fast diet - a wand-zashchalochka for those who need to get rid of a few pounds of fat in a short time - it's known to many victims of excess weight. But they also know that this effect is short-lived. We dropped a few pounds, showed off at the event, which we were preparing for, and returned to the usual diet. Less than a week later, the lost fatty ballast also returned to its place. A familiar tragedy? How to avoid it? It's simple: you need a diet Dyukana, the stages of which are designed so professionally that with a quick diet you go on sparing, and then completely rebuild your food culture. It's interesting, is not it? !

  • Ode to the French way of losing weight
  • Attack - express stage: the beginning of war with fat
  • Cruise with respite
  • Consolidation - gentle diet for fixing the result
  • Recipe for liver casserole for all stages of
  • Stabilization - a new food culture

Ode to the French way of losing weight

Getting acquainted with the diet of th

e famous Duchess, you will often see alternative names for this food system, for example - a French or protein diet, or even - whitecarbohydrate alternation. There are explanations for this. First, Pierre is a Frenchman who lives in the heart of France. Secondly, some phases of the Ducane diet, and really similar to some other techniques, for example, the second stage of the Ducane diet - a kind of alternation of proteins and carbohydrates, but perfected by Pierre, more effective than alternative feeding systems.

And the first and at all - an express diet, moreover, of a protein type. But the stage of fixing the diet Dyukana is very similar to a sparing food system, though slightly improved by the French genius in the field of weight loss, lightened and more nourishing. That is, the stages of the Pierre Ducane diet are a kind of alliance of several techniques, replacing and / or complementing each other, leading users to the birth of a new food culture - a useful, balanced, idealistic form.

So, you liked the Ducane diet, where do you start? First, read the description of the stages of the Ducane diet, study the list of products, calculate your ideal weight and duration of the diet, then make purchases for provisions for the first phase. Approach the dream step by step, as the brilliant Parisian advises.

Attack - express stage: the beginning of the war with fat

Everything starts with Attacks, and, in the literal sense, since this phase is the most strict in terms of nutrition, but at this stage, and fat melts just before our eyes. For a day the fans of the technique have all the chances to become lighter by 1 kg. However, more than 10 days to eat on the menu Attacks Pierre does not recommend. And how correctly to determine the duration of this period?

Focus on these prompts:

  • up to 5 extra kilos - a couple of days;
  • 5-10 kg of unnecessary fat - 3-5 days;
  • from 10 hated kilos - 5-7 days.

Thanks to the attack, you can lose up to 10 kg of fat, but count the duration of the phase, based on Pierre's advice and using the table created by him, which develops for each user a personal weight loss plan covering all 4 stages of the Ducane diet.

During the attack, you can unlimited quantities consume 72 products, among which listed:

  • fish of all kinds, cooked by any means, but without oil;
  • rabbit, chicken, turkey, veal, beef;
  • dairy products, but exclusively with 0% fat content;
  • egg proteins unlimited and 2 yolks daily;
  • by-products( not pigs);
  • lemon juice;
  • milk powder( lean);
  • giving the sea, including crab sticks - up to 8 per day;
  • paraffin oil( 15 g daily);
  • seasonings based on herbs;
  • mustard;
  • soy sauce;
  • gelatin;
  • salt;
  • oat bran;
  • sugar substitute;
  • non-sweet drinks.

This is important to know! Bran consumption is a prerequisite for Pierre. During the attack, eat 1.5 tablespoons every day. But in the menu of the second stage of the Ducane diet, you should include half the spoon more than this useful product, increasing the norm by the same amount of bran with each subsequent phase.

Cruise with respite

The second phase of the Dukan-Cruise diet comes to replace Attack, which is also called Alternating, which is logical, because during this period, you should alternate the Attack menu with protein and carbohydrate nutrition, but with a cut-down list of products includingonly vegetables, mushrooms, greens, pumpkins.

So, the Ducane diet is the 2 nd stage, the recipes of which are enriched with herbal ingredients. Duration of Alternation varies and can reach half a year. To build your own menu according to the rules of the Cruise Pier waits almost to the appearance on the scales of the coveted indicator, for which you have actually started all this. To eat, you need a certain number of days( from 1 to 5) exclusively proteins( as during the Attack), and then the same period of time to arrange a mixed day( proteins and carbohydrates).

Stage 2 Ducane Diet - products that enrich the menu Attacks during mixed days:

  • tomatoes;
  • zucchini;
  • asparagus;
  • cucumbers;
  • spinach;
  • pepper;
  • pumpkin;
  • cabbage;
  • eggplant;
  • string beans;
  • celery;
  • carrots;
  • radish;
  • beet;
  • cornstarch( daily 10 g).

It's important to know! 2 liters of water and half an hour walk daily - mandatory rules from Dr. Pierre.

Consolidation - a gentle diet for consolidating the result

Consolidation or Fastening is the third stage of the Ducane diet lasting a long, sometimes even a year, but it all depends on how much you dumped as a result of the two previous phases. For each kilogram of burned fat you will have to stay on the Consolidation menu for 10 days.

What kind of food involves fixing the Ducane diet? You can eat everything that is allowed by the Cruise, and, every day, making an exception only on Thursday, during which you should eat protein dishes from the Ataka diet.

In addition, the daily menu of the third phase is enriched with such "goodies":

  • berries / fruits( glass / 200 g);
  • cheese( 40 g);
  • grain bread( 2 slices);
  • vegetable oil( 17 g).

It is also possible to include 1 portion of food containing starch( potatoes, pasta, legumes, porridges) in the diet, and also once a week to arrange a kind of feast - to eat a portion of your favorite food( any).When half of the time allotted by Pierre passes, such liberties can be allowed twice a week.

Recipe for liver casserole for all stages of

Stabilization - a new food culture

The final stage lasts a lifetime. You are free to return to normal diet, remembering that every Thursday is protein. In addition, watch for the amount of starch-containing foods consumed, so that you do not eat more than 2 portions of such food a day. Bread, cheese and fruit should be eaten as much as indicated in the rules of Consolidation, but you can eat proteins and vegetables as much as you like.

The stages of the Ducane diet are steps on the way to the perfection of the figure. Do you want to join? !

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