Diet for weight loss belly: fast and gentle options

June 15, 2018 00:15 | Diets

Some people, having acquired a sagging tummy, pretend that it should be so. As the reasons are given different versions, ranging from age and ending with postpartum despair. All this is nonsense. The skin is fully capable of regaining its former forms, and if this does not happen, it means that you are to blame for the fat that appeared, again, thanks to you. But a positive attitude and a diet for losing weight belly, as well as more active pastime - all these simple actions can save you from the disfiguring figure of the fatty "belt".Decide!

  • The main enemies of the ideal waist
  • Beat on napalm fat - hard abdominal diet
  • Smooth waist modeling - gentle diet
  • Complex exercises for a beautiful belly

The main enemies of the ideal waist

Holders of ugly folds on their sides all the time dreaming that there will besuch a simple diet for slimming belly, which literally overnight will save them from the hated fat. Alas, nutritionists are not magicians, there

fore they are scrupulously working on drawing up effective, but demanding, investment methods of labor, rather than waving a magic wand to make all your desires come true. With this you need to put up and adjust yourself to overcome some of the complexities, fight against the enemies of the ideal stomach.

"And what enemies?" - you ask. Meet! Pessimism and laziness. Yes, it's these shortcomings that are the main obstacle to the perfection of the waist, and even the figure as a whole. Drop the laziness, put the will into your fist and say hard "no" to the fat that has occupied you, only so it can be defeated. Morale is half the success.

  • Lack of sleep. Do you know that an insufficient sleep affects both the body and the waist is fatal? Why? If you sleep less than 7.5 hours a day, then there is a surge of cortisol - a hormone that increases appetite. In addition, because of lack of sleep, there is a lack of melatonin, which is responsible for youth and beauty. Remember: the less you sleep, the thicker and older.
  • Overeating. Abundance of delicacies, guests, rest in the company, idleness, winter cold evenings, unhappy love, alcohol abuse, the need to finish the rest of the porridge after the child, depression and just a bad mood - all this provokes us to overeat. Hack to yourself on the nose: a person a day needs about 2000 kcal( engaged in manual labor - 3000 kcal), and no matter what products they will go to your body. You can eat a box of chocolates and overfulfill the norm, and you can chew a bucket of cabbage all day and never reach the set index. One thing is clear: anything that exceeds the norm will invariably be deposited on the waist and other parts of the body in the form of fat. Thus, the correct diet for weight loss of the abdomen should be slightly below your norm, but not less than 1000 calories per day.
  • A sedentary lifestyle. From the bed, carry the body to the kitchen, then - into the car, and then - into the office chair, and the same scenario is repeated in the evening? Is it any wonder that fat "occupied" your waist? To correct the forms, you need not only a diet for rapid weight loss of the abdomen, but also more radical changes. Replace the evening views of the series with a walk in the park, and morning gatherings in front of the computer jog on the track. Meet appointments with friends not in a brewery or a pizzeria, but on a tennis court or a football field. Do not have time to look back, as your belly becomes the object of envy for all those around you.
  • Beat on napalm fat - a tough abdominal diet

    For some owners of folds on their sides, the best diet for losing weight belly is fast. Such individuals can do anything only if they see an instant result. Smooth getting rid of fat is not their way. What can nutritionists offer similar "sprinters"?Of course, the system of power supply correction by the type of "mono", when you eat a certain number of days the same product, losing weight by leaps and bounds. Any such type of weekly belly slimming diet can turn you from a kolobok into a princess. Yes, it is necessary to "sweat", but the result is worth it.

    So, which of the mono systems are time-tested? What is better to choose? One of the most effective techniques of this type is the kefir diet for weight loss of the abdomen. Its essence is simple: a few days you consume only kefir, and in limited quantities - 1.5 liters per day. The daily weight loss will be at least a kilogram. In 3 days the stomach will be drawn in, and you will only have to fix the result with physical activity and transition to proper nutrition.

    Do not like dairy products, but adore cereals? Then give preference to the buckwheat diet, which can also make you lighter by 1 kilo each day. Its essence is this: eat buckwheat porridge for 3 days, and in unlimited quantities. If you like and want to lose more, then turn on apples or chicken in the menu and sit on the buckwheat diet for 4 more days, then you have all chances to become lighter by 7-10 kilos per week.

    This is important to know! The daily water norm for people who want to be slim and healthy is 2 liters. Give preference to mineral water without gas.

    Smooth waist modeling - gentle diet

    If radical ways of correcting the waist for some reason do not fit, and time suffers, then your way is a gentle diet for losing weight belly that will return the beauty of the body gradually, without stress for the body and deteriorationyour mood.

    Its menu is as follows:

    • in the morning indulge yourself with your favorite drink( tea, decoction of herbs, coffee), but without sugar, and also a portion( 150 g) of oatmeal;
    • bite a couple of fruits( but not bananas);
    • at lunch can afford a lean borscht, a piece of boiled turkey and a salad that does not contain potatoes;
    • afternoon snack - curd casserole or whole grain bread with cottage cheese, broth of wild rose;
    • for supper relies fish fillet( baked), vegetable stew( 150 g);
    • before going to bed - a cup of yogurt.

    Well-established and weekly Chinese diet to reduce the stomach, because the rice present in her menu is an excellent absorbent, which means that you can get rid of not only fat, but also of excess fluid accumulated in the tissues.

    Example of daily ration:

    • breakfast - cabbage salad with black bread, green tea / coffee;
    • lunch - 100 grams of rice( uncooked), vegetable salad( 200 g);
    • snack - grapefruit;
    • dinner - a piece( 150 g) of fish, carrot salad( 100 g), 4 tbsp.rice.

    Complex exercises for a beautiful belly

    Choose a diet for weight loss belly to your liking and return to the world of slender and beautiful people!

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