Diet 12 days: a review of the effectiveness of the top 3 diets

June 15, 2018 04:00 | Diets

Reflection in the mirror upsets? In your favorite knit dress, you look like a caterpillar, a jeans belt "belts" a belt of fat? Do not try to be nervous or angry, otherwise the stress will increase from stress, and you will go to the category of "heavyweights".It is better to take urgent measures, then the unexpected guest - the fat will be retired, and you will return the slender forms. This can help a diet of 12 days - a technique that allows you to lose up to 10 kg of excess ballast.

  • Fast diet
  • Acting diet - in the footsteps of stars
  • Weight loss on a pumpkin: from a kolobok to a princess
  • Feedback on one of the 12-day weight loss techniques

Fast diet

Weight is sometimes accumulated for years, but without exception, fat people want to lose weight quickly. This is understandable, because, when deciding to part with fat, a person wants to realize the plan as soon as possible. One of the best weight management systems for weight correction is a fast 12-day diet co

nsisting of a dozen days of unloading days. As a matter of fact it is a cycle of mono-diets, and based only on useful products and limited in caloric content.

If you have an extra kilogram, then it will be enough for 1 day of loading, whereas a 10 kg ballast requires a more serious approach and more time. In principle, you can lose weight and the technique of 1 fasting day a week, but this way will not motivate you and tire of the expectation of the result. Therefore, nutritionists went to meet the victims of excess weight and came up with a kind of "mix" of various sorts of unloading techniques.

But first about the principles of fast diet diet:

  • You can lose weight by the rules of this technique only to people who do not have problems with the digestive system. If you are in doubt whether your gastrointestinal tract is healthy, then pay a visit to the gastroenterologist.
  • During a fast diet, you can not skip breakfast, which for the body is a kind of "alarm clock".
  • To lose weight significantly, authors of a fast diet recommend drinking 8 glasses of water daily.
  • After 18.00, alas, the mouth will have to be closed to the "lock".
  • The number of prohibited products includes everything that is not listed in the menu.
  • Salt dishes are strictly forbidden, as well as add sugar.
  • During a fast diet should not lead a passive lifestyle, but also engage in heavy physical labor is also not worth it. The optimal load for the organism of fast diet fans is a daily half-hour walk.

And now directly about the ration, where the item number will correspond to the day of the procedure for the account:

  1. The first day will be held under the motto: kefir - yes! Your diet is a liter of kefir, which does not exceed 2,5% in fat content. Spread the norm for 5 meals. To avoid attacks of hunger, experienced fans of fast diets recommend eating kefir slowly - a spoon.
  2. The second day is devoted to orange color, because you can eat 6 oranges. In the morning, eat 2, and then at regular intervals - one more 4 pieces. The third day is protein. You are free to eat 3 packs( 750 g) of cottage cheese, but only reduced fat.
  3. Vegetables are the ration of the day № 4. Authors of the technique recommend to concentrate on zucchini caviar, which is allowed to eat a liter jar. However, remember that it is strictly forbidden to add salt or sugar to the dishes. The fifth day is sweet. Finally, you can have chocolate, and a whole tile. But it should be stretched for the whole day.
  4. Day № 6 - the continuation of the sweet table. The menu includes one and a half kilograms of apples, and dieticians recommend clearing the fruits of the peel, and then only weigh the product.
  5. The seventh day, based on the responses of fans of fast diets, is the most satisfying. No wonder, because you are free to eat as much as 300 grams of your favorite cheese.
  6. Day number 8 will be held under the motto: vegetables - yes! First, pamper yourself with a large plate of vegetable salad, and secondly, drink a liter of tomato juice( made at home, containing no salt and preservatives).
  7. The next day is meat. Boil lean meat so that as a result you get 400 g of the product and eat the yummy, divided into 4 meals.
  8. And this day is dedicated to salads. You are free to eat a half kilo salad, in which cabbage is the leader.
  9. The next day's menu repeats Day 3 ration.
  10. The final day is plum. You are allowed to eat either 1 kg of fresh plums, or almost half a kilo of prunes.

It's important to know! Authors of the technique prescribe to users of the system more than half of the diet days to consume a tablespoon of useful oil( linseed, sunflower, olive).Days without oil are 10, 7 and 4-5.

Every day during a fast diet, you can drink two mugs of your favorite tea or decoction of herbs. Leave this strict food system carefully, enriching the menu gradually, including a couple of foods that you forgot about during weight loss, every day. For example, on the first day after returning to normal nutrition, add porridge to the diet, next day - soup, and then - fish. Rush on food, like you spent a dozen days in the desert without food, it's not worth it, otherwise lost 10 kg of fat will quickly return to their seats, and you did not sacrifice your comfort for that, did you? !

Acting diet - in the footsteps of the stars

Some victims of excess weight like to lose weight in a fashion. Well, they have the right to such a "whim."Nutritionists, walking in such a way to meet fans of fashion trends, advise so refined people to lose weight according to the rules of the actor's diet. Yes, yes, they came up with this celebrity technique, and dieticians, after finishing some trifles, fully approved the "star" system of correction of forms.

You will be surprised at how much the acting diet is simple, accessible and satisfying. Meanwhile, some days of this technique are pretty tough, but your goal is to lose 10 kg, is not it? !So, we'll have to wait a little. Ready?!

So, the diet of the famous actor's diet - 12-day slimming menu:

  • the first three days - kefir, every day you have the right to drink a liter of packaging of this drink, and, not paying attention to the fat content of the product;
  • the next three days - sweet, because every day you are free to eat what you want a number of apples, but making a choice in favor of green varieties;
  • third three days - meat, you can rejoice, because you can eat chicken until you are saturated, meanwhile avoid skin that is full of fat;
  • the final three days - "feast", because the technique allows you to drink daily about 350 ml of wine and have a snack drink with cheese( per day - 200 grams).

Worth paying attention! Do not drink alcohol? Replace the wine with fresh orange juice, it's not less delicious, is it? !

Doctors advise you to get out of the actor's diet smoothly. And even better some of the harmful dishes, for example, fast food, fat, sweets do not return to the menu, then you will not need a diet.

Weight loss on a pumpkin: from a kolobok to a princess

Doctors say that the pumpkin is among the leaders of the "hit parade" of products for weight loss. Perhaps you do not know, but only in a hundred-gram piece of this treat is the daily iron norm and 2/3 of the norm of vitamin C. At the same time, this portion contains only 23 calories. It's amazing, is not it? Therefore, nutritionists call on those who lose weight to pay attention to this kind of gift of nature. Moreover, the product is full of fiber, which means that your chair will be regular, because for a person who sheds weight, this moment is very important, right? !

As a bonus, you will improve the condition of the skin and hair. We get acquainted with the menu. The ration of 4 days is described below, which repeats three times in 12 days - in a circle.

Day one:

  • morning - pumpkin porridge or pumpkin salad( to choose from);
  • dinner - pumpkin soup;
  • evening - a piece of stewed pumpkin, flavored with cinnamon.

Day two:

  • morning - rice porridge with pumpkin;
  • lunch - vegetable soup, patties from pumpkin;
  • evening - apples.

Day three:

  • morning - pumpkin salad or a handful of sunflower seeds;
  • dinner - soup with chicken meatballs;
  • evening - pumpkin porridge.

Day three:

  • morning - pumpkin salad;
  • lunch - borsch and vegetables, toasted on the grill;
  • evening - vegetable stew with pumpkin.

Portions of dishes, as you can see, are not limited - you are free to eat until saturation, but snacks between meals are excluded. Every day, fans of a pumpkin diet should consume 8 glasses of healthy drinks( water, decoction of herbs of green tea).If you do everything right, you will become 10 kg lighter.

Feedback on one of the 12-day weight loss techniques

Which of the diets for 12 days did you like? A successful start on the way to perfect beauty!

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