Banana diet for 3 and 7 days and its variants - milk and curd-banana

June 15, 2018 07:45 | Diets

We all know about the taste of bananas. They are tender and very pleasant to the taste. But can you lose weight using this wonderful fruit? It was for this purpose that a banana diet was created. Developed by its Olympic dietician Jane Griffin. And time showed that her efforts were not in vain. This unloading of the body is very effective and thanks to it millions of women have achieved good results.

  • Basic rules of the banana diet
  • Different types of the "sweet" diet
  • Video-memo for the three-day banana diet
  • Advantages and disadvantages

Basic rules of the banana diet

As usual, the basis of all is preparation. Therefore, in order not to harm your body, one important rule should be observed before switching to a new diet: on a preparatory day, to exclude from your diet salty, fried and fatty foods. Also it is undesirable to eat smoked meat and sweets. During the diet itself, you should eat only bananas.

For success in this difficult business it i

s important to pay attention to the fruits themselves. In no case can not buy ripe bananas. They contain substances that are poorly absorbed by the body, especially during a diet. Also, you should be careful when cleaning them. Do this carefully, and except for the peel to remove the white thread. For eating only the pulp of a banana is suitable! During this diet, dried fruits are contraindicated, since their calorific value is 5-6 times higher than that of their fresh "comrades".

Different kinds of "sweet" diet

There are several varieties of banana discharges of the body. They differ in duration and in their diet. Let's consider each of them separately.

  • Banana diet for 3 days is the hardest option, but very effective. Every day you need to eat three bananas and drink three mugs of low-fat milk. If, for some reason, you can not drink milk, it can be replaced with kefir with a minimum fat content. As a one-time meal, you can make a puree from one banana and mix it with kefir. This method of losing weight is also known as a banana-milk diet.
  • Gentle diet is one that is designed for 7 days. This option is much easier, but no less effective. There are almost no restrictions. You can eat bananas anytime. But remember that for a day you can eat a half kilogram of these fruits. I'm allowed to quench my thirst with green tea or with warmed boiled water. In the amount of liquid you drink, you are not limited. Banana diet for 7 days allows you to reduce weight by about 1 kilogram per day. Awesome result, is not it!? If you are very difficult to restrain yourself, then some allowances are allowed. For example, it is allowed to eat a tablespoon of any low-fat cereal, a piece of cooked meat and drink three sips of coffee. But it's better not to do it. If you are very hungry, then eat more bananas!
  • You can lose weight with these fruits in combination with other products. An example is the curd-banana diet. The duration of such a diet is 7 days, while the weight decreases by an average of 5 kilograms. The benefit of such a diet is difficult to overestimate. Cottage cheese is a product rich in calcium, which is very useful for joints and bones, and bananas contain many vitamins and trace elements. In addition, these foods are nourishing, so this diet is easily tolerated. The principle of such a diet is that the whole period of unloading is broken up into different days. The first, third, fifth and seventh days you eat cottage cheese with fruit. And the second, fourth and sixth days - bananas and protein products. Be sure to drink more liquid - water or tea without sugar.

Video-memo for the three-day banana diet

Advantages and Disadvantages of

Bananas are a storehouse of useful vitamins and trace elements. They contain vitamins E and C, and vitamin B6 in one fruit - a quarter of the recommended daily allowance for a person. In addition, they are a source of iron, phosphorus and calcium. Banana diet for weight loss very well affects the body, clearing it of toxins and normalizing metabolism. This means that if immediately after switching to a normal diet does not attack heavy food, the weight loss will not return to you for a long time. In addition, your skin will improve.

Contraindications to the diet are chronic diseases of the intestines, stomach, or intolerance of the product. Before you begin to experiment on yourself, be sure to contact a specialist. He will be able to assess your health and decide if you should take risks.

Dietitians are especially concerned about the milk and banana diet. It gives a quick result, but the body is in a stressful state. In addition, the effect can quickly go to "no."It should also be noted that if you do not like bananas, milk, or some other product that is present in the diet, do not force yourself. As a rule, when a diet becomes a torture, it is ineffective.

Applying banana diets is a good way to normalize your weight. Approach this matter with intelligence and caution, and you will necessarily succeed. Good luck!

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