Diet for 3 days: effective and quick procedure for weight loss

June 15, 2018 11:30 | Diets

Many complain about the unhappy fate and the lack of any joy, but life still presents pleasant surprises. And so you want to look perfect on a date( not necessarily personal) of your dreams. If the interference is only a couple of kilograms, the diet will help for 3 days. And, not one, but a whole lot. A wide selection of allowed products, 3-12 meals a day - it is only necessary to choose "your" option.

  • To try or not
  • hard limit
  • Fruit and dairy delight
  • Apple boom
  • buckwheat field
  • Vitamin salad
  • Meat days
  • Egg-orange temptation
  • banana-milk temptation
  • Important nuances of short-term diets
  • cooking banana milkshake

Try or not

Short-term procedures give a good result, but they are calculated for 3 days, because with prolonged compliance may have a negative effectthe resultant hormonal and digestive system, as well as the emotional state. They are good as fasting days after the holidays with rich feasts or for correcting the fig

ure before an important event.

Plus three-day diets is their short duration, so people with minimal willpower can withstand the test. The main thing is to choose the right menu. Then the fat "melt", and health will remain normal.

Hard restriction

The most effective diet for 3 days allows you to get rid of 5 kg of excess weight, but with such a power system, dizziness and weakness are possible. Therefore, the procedure should be planned for a time when you can protect yourself from physical and mental stress.

  • An energy drink is prepared for breakfast. In a glass of water should dissolve 1 tablespoon of natural honey, squeeze into it a few drops of lemon juice.
  • After 30 minutes, drink a cup of tea or natural coffee without sugar.
  • 300 g of poultry meat and 200 g of vegetables are served for lunch. Ingredients can be boiled, stewed or baked in the oven.
  • For dinner - cabbage decoction. Shred 200 g white cabbage, pour 150 ml of water and cook without salt until completely ready. The resulting mass squeezed and discarded, drink liquid for half an hour in small sips.

If the feeling of hunger prevents you from falling asleep, you can quench it with a glass of fat-free yogurt or natural yogurt.

Important! For longer than 3 days on such a diet can not sit.

Fruit and milk pleasure

Another fast diet for 3 days allows you to lose 2 kg of excess weight. This is enough to bring the figure back to normal after long holidays or vacations at your beloved grandmother with pancakes, rolls and lamentations about the incredible thinness of her granddaughter.

Positive moment is 5 meals a day, restoration of intestinal microflora and intake of vitamins.

  • Breakfast - tea or coffee, thin slice of cheese. The second breakfast is an orange.
  • Lunch - 200 grams of cottage cheese, 1 tablespoon of honey, tea.
  • Snack - a cup of yogurt.
  • Dinner - fruit salad of apple, kiwi and 1/3 banana, seasoned with 150 grams of yogurt.

Important !All dairy products should be low-calorie, sugar completely eliminated.

Apple boom

For many people, an unloading diet for 3 days, the main product of which are apples. But the menu is quite diverse, and the dishes are hearty.

  • Breakfast - 1 boiled egg, a glass of apple juice, half diluted in water.
  • The second breakfast is an apple-carrot salad dressed with olive oil or 1 teaspoon of sour cream. If the acidity of the stomach is not increased, you can add a few drops of lemon juice.
  • Lunch - 200 g cottage cheese, decorated with grated apple.
  • Snack - apple juice, diluted with water or 2 apples.
  • Dinner - 200 g of boiled fish, baked apples.

Buckwheat field

During the diet, you can not look at the clock, but eat buckwheat porridge as often as you like. But it should be cooked with minimal heat treatment, then the dish will retain most of the nutrients.

For the night it is necessary to pour the cereal with boiling water and wrap it, in the morning drain the water. Eat only porridge. Add salt and oil is not recommended.

Vitamin Salad

The diet consists of a vegetable salad. Raw beets, carrots and cabbage are chopped in equal amounts, filled with a small amount of olive oil. You can eat at any time up to 19 hours, but the amount of one portion should not exceed 250 g.

The diet allows not only to lose 3-4 kg weight, but also to clean the intestines. On its internal walls there are hairs in which stool stones accumulate. It is impossible to get rid of them with normal diet.

Meat days

It could well be called the most satisfying, but the meager final menu does not allow it.

  • Day one. Boil or bake in the oven one chicken weighing not more than 1 kg. Beforehand, remove the skin. This is a daily diet.
  • Day two. Boil 1 kg of veal and also divide into small portions.
  • The third day. This is the most difficult period. You should only drink tea and coffee, do not add sugar. In the day you can eat 1 tablespoon of natural honey or add it to drinks.

Egg-orange temptation

It is assumed 12 meals a day. For a day you need to boil 6 eggs and buy 6 oranges. Each hour to eat 1 product by alternation.

The procedure can be extended for another 3 days, because with this combination of products the body receives a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals.

Banana-milk temptation

This is the easiest diet for 3 days, because you do not need to cook anything, and high-calorie foods exclude the feeling of hunger. However, weight loss is guaranteed.

The products can be consumed separately or mixed into a cocktail( salad).When milk intolerance should be replaced by any fermented milk product.

Important !For a diet, you can buy only small yellow bananas. Other varieties are considered fodder and can harm the body.

Important nuances of short-term diets

An important condition for observing any diet is the use of water, broth of dog rose, chamomile. Daily rate - not less than 1.5 liters. To drink it is necessary on an empty stomach and between meals. This will avoid dehydration, remove toxins and toxins, and satisfy hunger. Often, thirst is perceived as a need to eat, so it is enough to drink a glass of water to "push" the food intake for an hour and a half.

The correct way out of the diet is very important. In the early days, food should be limited and low-calorie. It is necessary to exclude smoked products, cakes and pastries. Preference is given to boiled meat, fish, vegetables, fruit juices.

Preparation of banana-milk cocktail

We should not forget that a couple of centimeters in the waist is not worth it, after the procedure to begin to treat the stomach, heart and nerves. Strict diets can leave a lot of unpleasant consequences. It depends not only on certain hidden diseases, but also on individual intolerance. Therefore, before using, you must always consult a doctor and get his approval.

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