Japanese diet 13 days - minus 8 kg: diet and menu rules

June 15, 2018 12:45 | Diets

Are you always in a trend, do you have a great taste, a fashionable wardrobe, perfect make-up and a stylish hairstyle? But there are also problems - treacherous folds at the waist, "ears" on the hips and just about to appear a second chin. Alas, such troubles are familiar to many, but also ways to overcome such difficulties, fortunately, - the mass. One of the best solutions in this situation is the popular Japanese diet of 13 days, which was created specifically for modern, trendy and stylish ladies. Welcome to the world of beauty according to the laws of the Land of the Rising Sun!


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    How the technique of the

    appeared The story of the birth of the Japanese weight correction system is mysterious,created it in Europe, but at the same time took as a ba

    sis the secrets of nutrition of the inhabitants of the Land of the Rising Sun."How did it happen that the 13-day Japanese diet is the" brainchild "of European specialists?" - naturally you will be interested. It's simple: Japanese dieticians do not need to develop similar methods, since the population of this country from childhood accustomed to a healthy diet and lives in harmony with the basics of proper nutrition.

    Thinking? No wonder: remember how often you saw a Japanese who is obese? That's right: you can not remember this, and it's justifiable, since there are simply no victims of excess weight in Japan. So, there is no reason to invent any diets.

    However, the rules of faithful nutrition and the secrets of a healthy lifestyle, the Japanese generously share with all comers. Therefore, European nutritionists have united the needs of many millions of people, who, alas, do not live in Japan, but dream of finding the perfect forms, and the secret knowledge born in the Land of the Rising Sun!

    Who will approach the Japanese diet

    If you do not have contraindications to a diet, but there is excess weight, boldly proceed. Study the menu, make a list of purchases, go to the store and for motivation look at what the Japanese diet is capable of 13 days - photos, reviews and impressions of those brave and determined beauties who successfully overcome all difficulties and returned the ideal forms.

    And how do I know about contraindications? Just read this list:

    • a nascent new life under the heart;
    • lactation period;
    • heart problems;
    • stomach ulcer;
    • kidney disease;
    • disorders in the urinary system;
    • diabetes;
    • postoperative condition.

    Have not found any contraindications? It's wonderful, it's time to start!

    Principles of nutrition

    The Japanese system is loyal, it allows you to enjoy in the morning your favorite drink for many - coffee, which, you will agree, is wonderful news? In addition, you do not have to limit yourself to any one product, which, alas, is often found in the rules of alternative techniques. Pluses a lot - the main thing to realize them. It is equally important to adhere to the basic principles of the Japanese system, because even the slightest deviation from the recommendations can lead to failure.

    So, get acquainted with the rules:

    1. Tune in positively. After all, the correct installation seems to "program" you for success and that, and this means that everything will work out for you. Believe that you will become lighter by 8 kilos, you can, you will win fat. Get new appliances, slightly smaller plates, preferably decorated with Japanese motifs, buy sticks and learn how to use them. All this will create the illusion of a game, a mysterious action, so that it will be easier for you to endure hardships.
    2. Smoothly start and competently leave the diet to protect the body from stress. Start preparing for a change in diet for a couple of weeks, gradually exclude from the diet of sweets, fatty foods and flour dishes.
    3. Strictly observe the sequence of days and menus of each of them, as this technique is aimed at restructuring your metabolism, so you not only get rid of fatty ballast, but also gain a kind of two-year "immunity" from the return of lost kilos.
    4. Do not forget about the drinking regime. One and a half liters of water( without gas, you can just boiled) daily - one of the rules of the Japanese food system.
    5. Every meal is a holiday! Do not eat on the go, immersed in television or the Internet, do not rush and do not turn the meal into a "fueling".The Japanese are natural sages, therefore they treat everything that happens in life with seriousness, without losing interest in the matter. Take an example from them! Each meal is a kind of "meeting" with food - gifts sent to us by mother nature. And after all on appointment it is not accepted to hurry, to swallow a dish, as if "a vacuum cleaner", is from ugly dishes, the truth? !
    6. Focus on the main thing! Often, the victims of excess weight in their desire to get rid of fatty ballast rushes to extremes. How? They not only cut down the diet( and even do it at all), but also begin to fanatically engage in sports, record in the evening group of aerobics, and in the mornings they torture themselves with hours of running. Not all at once! First get rid of fat, then perfect the form. During the Japanese diet, it is enough and leisurely walks in the nearest park.

    Worth paying attention! First time portion of the Japanese diet you will not satiate in full. However, there is one "trick" that will help you not get up from the table hungry. Simply eat with chopsticks, such a meal will slow down the process, the brain after 20 minutes will signal that the feeling of hunger is quenched, so you will not suffer from an irrepressible appetite.

    Revision in the kitchen

    To avoid being tempted to eat something forbidden, or there are problems with the lack of allowed provisions in the house, you need to prepare for the exclusion of certain products from the diet. Do not worry, the term is only 13 days. But you will become slim, beautiful and happy with your appearance. The game is worth the candle, as they say.

    So, in the name of beauty, forget about such products:

    • sugar, as well as all products where this product can be present, because it is he who is the main culprit in the appearance of fat stores on the body;
    • salt, as it provokes fluid retention in tissues, and therefore, inhibits the process of reducing body weight;
    • alcoholic beverages, which are not only extremely high in calories and prevent the removal of toxins from the body, but also can deprive you of control over yourself, as a result of which plans are violated, and you will not lose weight;
    • is a premium flour, which means that you will have to give up not only white bread and baking, but also ravioli, macaroni and even some favorite sauces.

    It's important to know! The Japanese method is rather tough, so doctors are strongly advised not to use this system more than once a year.

    Detailed menu of

    If everything is suitable for you, then it's time to get acquainted with the technique closer. So, the Japanese diet of 13 days - the menu in details( the number of the item corresponds to the day of the power system of the account):

    1. The morning begins with a fragrant coffee, true, amazing? Naturally, the drink should be prepared from natural coffee, do not contain harmful sugar or cream. In the afternoon, spoil yourself with a cabbage salad, in which it is permissible to add a little olive oil, a pair of hard-boiled eggs. Have a meal with a cup of tomato juice. In the evening, a real feast: your favorite fish, and, you can even fry, as well as a salad on the lunch menu.
    2. Breakfast of the second day is more democratic than the first one, because it is allowed to add a cracker to traditional coffee, however, do not make it out of forbidden flour. As for dinner, it is exactly the same as the previous day's dinner. But dinner is protein, however, you can only 200 g of beef in boiled form, but you can please yourself with a cup of yogurt.
    3. In the morning - coffee. In the afternoon, make a carrot salad of 3 boiled root vegetables and vegetable oil, and drink an egg( homemade, fresh, which can be found in the bazaar).Dinner is sweet, for apples are allowed, enjoy them until you are satisfied.
    4. Start the 4th day with a traditional drink - coffee. The lunch menu is based on plant products. Fry the parsnip root( if you do not like it, then parsley).Dessert is apples. In the evening - a real feast. You can afford to taste meat( 200 grams of beef).It is accompanied by a cabbage salad, flavored with olive oil, as well as a couple of hard-boiled eggs, by the way, you can mix these foods as a complex salad, you will understand how delicious it is!
    5. This morning breakfast special - carrot. Wet raw carrots, pour lemon juice and slowly eat. Lunch is hearty, consisting of half a kilo of fish cooked according to a favorite recipe and a cup of tomato juice. For supper we also need a portion of fish, but with garnish in the form of a cabbage salad.
    6. Coffee returns in the morning menu. Lunch, you can say - "royal", you are allowed to eat polkuritsy( about 500 g), however, in a boiled form and a salad consisting of cabbage, carrots, butter. In the evening, the menu is more modest, meanwhile you will not have time to get hungry, so 2 eggs and carrot salad will be enough for you, you'll see.
    7. Equator diet - Day 7 will begin in a special way. Pleasure yourself with your favorite tea. In the afternoon, boil a piece( 200 g) of beef and slowly eat it, and for dessert, eat fruit. In the evening, you are free to eat, choosing the menu of one of the previous days, except for the 3rd.
    8. Menu of the sixth day of the Japanese diet.
    9. Ration of the Day № 5.
    10. Dishes of the 4th day.
    11. Eat as on the third day.
    12. In the menu, the products allowed by day no. 2.
    13. Eat according to the rules of the first day of the diet.

    Why the Japanese diet in the trend

    The methodology is gaining momentum of popularity, "conquering" new countries. What is the reason? It's simple - people like to be fashionable, and everything east is at the height of fashion. It is important not just to lose weight, and lose weight in a modern way, following the example of famous personalities, secular divas and screen stars. In addition, the Japanese system of correction does not prohibit the consumption of coffee, which is important for modern women of fashion? !

    The dishes allowed by the technique are simple, everyone can cook them, you do not need to refuse fried food, portions are not microscopic. In addition, the menu contains carbohydrates, which are responsible for good mood and mental activity. What else is needed so that you do not feel hungry and deprived gastronomic "joys" in the process of losing weight?

    Popular about the Japanese food system

    With the help of the Japanese diet, you will become slender, like cane, so you will finally stop testing complexes for excessively lush forms.

    By the secret of

    Have you ever tried to get rid of excess weight? Judging by the fact that you read these lines - the victory was not on your side.

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