Usama Hamdiy's Diet: egg and curd menus

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Have you failed in desperation trying to lose weight? If yes, then you have the opportunity to break your longing to smithereens! And the diet of Usama Hamdiy will help you in this. At the heart of this diet is the understanding of the chemical processes that take place in our body. Duration of the diet is 28 days. This nutrition system is particularly effective for those who weigh 100 kilograms and more. If your weight does not deviate too much from the norm, the result will not be so impressive. The advantages of this diet are as follows: it is easily tolerated by the body and does not create a deficit of vitamins and trace elements. But if you have problems with the gastrointestinal tract, then this diet is connected to you with a certain risk. Therefore, it is best to consult a doctor beforehand.

  • Basics of the proposed food
  • Cottage cheese unloading menu
  • Egg variant - what is the difference
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  • diet Recipe for cooking vegetables in the multivariate

Basics of the proposed food

First, let us become acquainted with the basic principles on which this method of losing weight is based.

  • The bottom line is that you must clearly adhere to the daily menu. This means that you can not change the amount of servings, the order of meals and eat fats.
  • For a day you need to drink more than 2 liters of water.

If you violate at least something, then you will need to start all over again.

  • When cooking, use garlic, pepper and salt.
  • Also sometimes you can drink dietary lemonade or mineral water.
  • The diet of Professor Usama Hamdiy does not rule out that in the intervals between meals you will feel slight hunger. In these moments, you can eat with vegetables - cucumbers, tomatoes or lettuce leaves.
  • It is allowed to eat all vegetables, except potatoes only. If we talk about fruits, then forbidden are grapes, bananas and dried fruits. When the menu does not specify the quantity of the product, you can eat as much as you need for saturation.

There are two variants of dietary nutrition - curd and egg. They both have the advantages and disadvantages described above. Let's first consider the curd option.

Cottage cheese unloading menu

Curd variant of the diet of Usama Hamdi obligatory includes for breakfast 200 g of cottage cheese( skimmed) and any fruit for personal choice. This fruit can be an apple, kiwi, pear, mandarin, orange or other fruit. So, below is a detailed menu, designed for 4 weeks.

1 week:

  • Monday: in the afternoon you can eat some fruit without limiting yourself in quantity;for dinner should be prepared low-fat fried meat, but not lamb. On the further it is necessary to remember, that in this diet lamb is forbidden.
  • Tuesday: for dinner fry or cook chicken( skin remove);for dinner, cook a toast, fish, salad and eat a grapefruit or an orange to choose from. To make a salad you can use tomato, cucumber, pepper, lettuce leaves and carrots.
  • Wednesday: for lunch you need to eat tomatoes, low-fat cheese and toast;for dinner - low-fat meat, but not lamb.
  • Thursday: deciding to have dinner, use one kind of fruit, without limiting yourself in their quantity;for dinner, as usual, fry lean meat and eat it with lettuce leaves.
  • Friday: on this day for lunch cook vegetables and eat 200 g of cottage cheese( low-fat);in the evening eat a choice of citrus fruit, fried fish or shrimp, as well as lettuce leaves.
  • Saturday: for lunch eat in the required quantity of any kind of fruit;dinner - it's fried meat( lean) and salad leaves.
  • Sunday: in the afternoon you need to eat chicken, grapefruit or orange, boiled vegetables and tomatoes;in the evening - only vegetables and must boiled.

2 week:

The diet menu of Osama Hamdi does not change much during the second week. Breakfast is identical - one type of fruit and 200 g of cottage cheese.

  • Monday: for lunch, as for breakfast, a portion of cottage cheese and vegetables in the required quantity;dinner - fried fish, citrus fruit and lettuce.
  • Tuesday: in the afternoon eat salad leaves and lean meat;your dinner is cottage cheese and fruit.
  • Wednesday: as a lunch, eat lean roast meat and cucumbers;for dinner - the same diet as on Tuesday.
  • Thursday: you can dine with curd or cheese( fat-free) and vegetables, as usual, boiled;for dinner - fried fish or meat and salad leaves.
  • Friday: in the afternoon you can eat shrimp or fried fish;dinner is allowed with cottage cheese and fruit.
  • Saturday: as a meal, tomatoes are eaten, fried meat with orange or grapefruit;for dinner - a mixture of fresh fruits.
  • Sunday: for lunch and dinner you can chicken with tomato, adding citrus fruit.

3 week:

The third week of such food gives even more freedom. Now you can independently share the products consumed during lunch and dinner.

  • Monday: eat fruit - the amount is not limited.
  • Tuesday: and in the afternoon and evening eat boiled vegetables and lettuce leaves.
  • Wednesday: this day combined the two previous ones - eat fruit, lettuce leaves and boiled vegetables.
  • Thursday: in the diet of Thursday includes fried fish and vegetables( cooked).
  • Friday: as a lunch and dinner use chicken or meat( lean) and, as usual, necessarily boiled vegetables.
  • Saturday, Sunday: on the weekend is expected to use one kind of fruit. At the same time, there are no rules either regarding the quantity or the time when they can be consumed as food.

Week 4:

The cottage cheese diet of Osama Hamdi is also more free in the fourth week - you can decide for yourself what to eat in the daytime and what is in the evening. At the same time, it is strictly forbidden to change the list and the number of products, otherwise everything will have to start again.

  • Monday: on this day, the ration is the following - four slices of meat( lean) or a quarter of boiled chicken, 4 cucumbers and 3 tomatoes, toast, one citrus, a can of tuna( canned) or 200 g of ordinary boiled fish.
  • Tuesday: as a lunch and dinner you can take 500 g of meat( as usual, roast and lean), three tomatoes, a toast, four cucumbers, one fruit to choose from.
  • Wednesday: for this day you should eat up to 400 grams of cottage cheese, necessarily fat-free, one serving of cooked vegetables, two cucumbers and a tomato, and fruit.
  • Thursday: eat half of the chicken, again, two tomatoes and two cucumbers, toast, one citrus and one fruit( a pear or an apple is recommended).
  • Friday: is a difficult day, as two eggs( boiled), lettuce, three tomatoes and one of citrus - grapefruit or orange should be dispensed with.
  • Saturday: provisions for this day the next - 125 g of cheese or cottage cheese( as we have already got used to - skim), 2 boiled chicken breasts, two tomatoes and two cucumbers, curdled milk, citrus and toast.
  • Sunday: on the final day is allowed to eat 400 g of cottage cheese, one can of tuna without oil, two cucumbers and two tomatoes, one serving of vegetables( boiled) and toast.

Egg variant - what is the difference

Eggs diet of Professor Usama Hamdiy is very suitable for those who want to lose weight, but are not enthusiastic about cottage cheese. Therefore, if you like eggs, and not cottage cheese, then you just need to change the menu two hundredgram portion of cottage cheese for two eggs( necessarily boiled).This should be eaten during the first 2 weeks during breakfast. Such a transformation will satisfy many.

What is the advantage of the egg diet? The fact is that the eggs are more nutritious, so you want to eat a little less. But at the same time, in the curd variant there are also pluses. If you eat low-fat cottage cheese, which is considered less atherogenic, the risk of acquiring cardiovascular diseases decreases( it does not threaten to raise the level of cholesterol).

Quitting the diet

After any diet, it is very important to switch to normal nutrition, and these two are no exception. As in all other cases, the transition should be made smoothly and gradually. How to do it? First, eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Secondly, protect yourself from overeating in the evening. Applying these tips will help you to consolidate the result obtained for a long time.

But what if you did not achieve the ideal weight in four weeks? In this case, it should be extended for another two weeks. First, repeat the menu of the first week, and then - the fourth.

The recipe for cooking vegetables in the multivariate

The oasis diet of Osama Hamdi, like cheese, often has positive reviews. First of all, everyone is delighted with the indicators that this diet brings. We wish you good luck in this difficult but effective work!

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