Top 3 Diets for Rapid Weight Loss: Menu and Nutrition Principles

June 16, 2018 01:15 | Diets

Have heard a female joke: "Before leaving for the sea there are 3 hours left, you need to lose weight urgently"?As they say, in every joke there is some truth. After all, women are often required to lose weight rapidly. Usually this happens on the eve of an event, for example, parties, weddings, meetings of graduates, holidays, meetings and a host of other important women's plans. That is why diets for quick weight loss never lose their relevance.


The basics of the right diet choice
  • The diet leader: slimming on kefir
  • Description and variants of the kefir diet
  • The second number in the chart is the jockey diet
  • The buckwheat diet is an honorable third place
  • The basics of the proper diet choice

    Dietitians have thoroughly worked to come upthe most effective and fastest nutrition systems for weight correction. Of course, this is a plus. But there is in this good news and a minus - problems with a choice of a technique. Make sure of this by opening the search string

    and typing the coveted phrase. The Internet is literally full of various options for diets. How not to be mistaken with the choice and to find the very same technique you can adhere to, do not quit the business halfway and achieve the cherished goal - find the ideal forms?

    So, the basics of the right choice of diet:

    1. The products provided in the menu should not cause you disgust, allergy or other negative reactions. Otherwise you are on the second day, and even by the evening of the first wave on the whole hand and lose confidence in all methods of weight correction.
    2. The diet should be appropriate for your daily routine and lifestyle. For example, the famous diet on the Bonn soup is not available to everyone. Why? To carry a thermos or heavy containers with you, when you, for example, work is connected with a constant movement around the city or in your company it is not customary to make a lunch break, it makes no sense, because you can not eat whatever you took with you anyway. Therefore, spend a kind of "training" by choosing a few diets and having first-hand experience of which of them "fits" into your rhythm of life.
    3. The diet should be "affordable" for you. Be sure to calculate the cost of the chosen technique and think about whether you can afford it. In some "overseas" diets, there are sometimes very scarce and expensive products, the consumption of which not only "eats" your budget, but also draws you into debt.
    4. Correlate your "culinary possibilities" with the list of dishes included in the menu. It is possible that you can not prepare something from the ration, for example, due to lack of oven, microwave or skills or time.
    5. Choose the technique that will seem to you not only the most delicious, but also the simplest. You must remember the menu, and not be sad the next day at work that the food rules have been forgotten at home.
    6. If you have an enviable willpower, then give preference to power systems of the type "mono", when you can consume a single product. Such techniques are most effective if you want to lose weight swiftly.

    It's important to know !The most important rule of successful diet choice: you must take into account your diseases. Alas, not everyone is allowed to sit on hard diets. For example, women expecting the birth of crumbs, nursing newly mummies, diabetics and many others suffering from a variety of diseases, with attempts to lose weight on strict diets will have to wait. You can only help your doctor in matters of this kind.

    Diet leader: weight loss on yogurt

    Position number 1 in the hit parade of the most popular and effective methods takes kefir - a fairly tough diet for rapid weight loss. But the result of you, believe me, will amaze.

    The menu of such a power system is distinguished not only by its high efficiency, but also by its extreme simplicity. Every day you can drink half a liter of useful fermented milk product. In addition, it is allowed to drink green tea, naturally, without sugar and water, but without any gas. This diet should be adhered to for three days, and strictly, not allowing yourself any other products. Complicated? But such a diet for rapid weight loss will make you lighter by 3-5 kg, and it's just a few days.

    Undoubtedly, you will be satisfied with the result, and, perhaps, you want to continue to lose weight, adhering to this system. However, such "experiments" can worsen your state of health and reduce your efficiency. If yogurt so much, then add to the diet of the next 2 days another 1 kg of fruit, excluding, caloric grapes, figs and bananas. Then you will be able to achieve a drop a couple more pounds of fat. But more than 5 days to lose weight on such rigid nutrition systems, nutritionists do not recommend.

    Description and variants of the kefir diet

    The second number in the chart is the jockey diet

    This technique is a combination of a protein food system and a fasting day. For 3 days you can become 4 kg lighter, but you will have to "work hard".As you know, protein diets and hard days of release sometimes lead to general weaknesses, so choose for weight correction the least complicated in terms of the rhythm of life, for example, a weekend or vacation period when you can stay at home, lie with a book on the couch, avoiding physical andemotional loads.

    So, get acquainted with the diet of the jockey diet:

    1. The first day is quite full. You should boil a chicken weighing about 1 kg or even a fillet and eat meat throughout the day. However, it is forbidden to salt a chicken, and the skin needs to be removed, since it contains a lot of calories that are unnecessary to the slimming organism.
    2. The second day to withstand a little more difficult. You can eat only 300 g of veal( boiled or baked), dividing the piece into 3 meals. You still can not salt it.
    3. The third day is a real torture, but if you hold out, you will be delighted with your reflection in the mirror. Only coffee is allowed, and natural, without cream, sugar or other additives, except that you can sprinkle a drink with cinnamon, which, by the way, helps to burn fat with increased speed. However, more than 5 cups during the day do not drink, otherwise it can start to "naughty" the heart.

    For a couple of hours before diving into sleep, one should forget about food, whatever they are. So, you must have dinner early.

    This is important to know! Regardless of which technique you like, remember: if your head is dizzy for more than half an hour, there was an incredible weakness, then, in an exception, allow yourself a spoonful of honey, but only natural. The brain will be saturated with glucose and stop "getting tricks".

    Buckwheat diet - an honorable third place

    As you have already realized, the most effective diets for fast weight loss are food on the "mono" system. However, in order to lose weight without compromising health, you need to competently approach the choice of methods, preferring a diet based on the most useful products. To such, undoubtedly, you can include buckwheat - miracle porridge, which contains a whole extravaganza of useful ingredients and leading among cereals for protein concentration.

    And immediately good news, for those who like "long-distance race" and the maximum possible weight loss: eat buckwheat for a week. Every day you will become easier for about a kilo.

    The "up to ugliness" menu is simple. Throughout the day you are allowed to eat porridge by the "no limit" system, that is, when you are hungry, just go to the kitchen and eat another portion, but dinner on such a system should not be late. A few hours before the moment you go to sleep, the mouth must be closed "to the castle."Some people close the refrigerator - it's up to you which way is good for your lifestyle.

    Meanwhile, with relative simplicity, there are some difficulties that one has to master. For example, nutritionists recommend cooking the dish in a special way, in order to preserve the maximum concentration of useful components in it. In the evening, pour the croup with boiling water in a container that tightly closes. Dishes wrapped in a blanket or a thick towel and forget about the dish for at least 8 hours. As a rule, the miracle porridge becomes ready exactly for breakfast, which, you will agree, is very convenient, because all day you do not have to go to the stove, so you can take time to pleasant business.

    It's important to know! The minimum water norm for a slimming organism is 1.5 liters. Do not allow yourself to sit on a "dry" diet, otherwise fat will be burned slowly, and it will upset you, will not it? !

    The described diets for fast weight loss will allow you to lose at least a kilo per day, so, every day you will become slimmer, more beautiful and closer to your dream. Good luck!

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