Diet Permyakova: how thin was Svetlana and was able to keep the achieved parameters

June 16, 2018 02:30 | Diets

The talented and cheerful actress Svetlana Permyakova was first seen on the screen as a fat woman, but she only evoked positive emotions. There were no discussions about large volumes of the body. On the contrary, the real furor followed, when for 3 months the actress lost 16 kg, appeared before the fans taut and visibly younger. Then many wondered whether a certain diet Permyakova helped to lose weight, or Svetlana gave preference to other methods?

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  • Appearance of talent is not a hindrance
  • Sample menu for weight normalization
  • Important points of power supply system for actress
  • Svetlana Permyakova about her losing weight

Appearance is not a hindrance to the talent

Svetlana Permyakova won the audience with her talent and energy. And excessive fullness was not an obstacle for either a career or a personal life. The actress received new proposals for filming in the cinema, and a young, attractive and reliable man appeared in the house.

Svetlana did not complex

about the excess weight, but still decided to put herself in shape without making great efforts. Everything worked out! To the parameters of the model, of course, far away, and does not seek a star to this. She is quite satisfied with the result achieved - the actress looks great.

And most importantly, did not need a hard diet - Svetlana Permyakova lost weight due to a change in diet and diet. The addition of moderate physical exertion, massage: classic manual and hydro.

Sample menu for the normalization of weight

To sacrifice had only buns, sweets and fried dishes. Among the preferred products are raw and boiled vegetables, greens, fruits, freshly squeezed juices, any kinds of fish, veal, poultry, eggs, crabs, oysters, mussels, sea kale, cereals, wholemeal bread, vegetable, olive and linseedbutter, milk, cottage cheese, kefir, yoghurt with a fat content of not more than 1.5%, cheese, beans.

The menu can be made at your discretion. The food is balanced and full. In addition, it helps to cleanse the body and improve the performance of internal organs. That's how "in one fell swoop" the star received a remarkable result for beauty and health, every day thinking through its menu.

Here is an example:

  • Breakfast. Oatmeal with half grated apple, toast, slice of cheese, coffee with milk.
  • Second breakfast.100 g cottage cheese, grapefruit.
  • Lunch. Fish soup with herbs, stewed vegetables, dressed with olive oil, compote of prunes.
  • Snack. Yogurt with slices of kiwi, orange and banana.
  • Dinner. Veal baked with zucchini, tomato salad with olive oil, tea.
  • The second dinner. Kefir with cucumber and herbs.

It's not hard to stick to such a diet, and when you come up with another menu - it's even interesting. After all, the possibilities for fantasy flight are very wide.

Important points of the nutrition system of the actress

The diet of Svetlana Permyakova( this is how the method of losing weight of the actress began to be called) is based on a whole list of rules, the fulfillment of which is necessary to achieve the desired goal.

  • Exclude the method of frying for cooking.
  • Eat limited portions( no more than 250 g) 6 times a day. In this mode, the stomach takes the initial "compressed" size, and then saturation occurs with moderate nutrition.
  • The last meal at 19 o'clock. If the schedule is intense and you have to work late, you can drink kefir in the evening, adding greens or crushed cucumber to it.
  • For the preparation of dinner, give preference to protein products.
  • Limit the use of salt, exclude sugar, to improve the taste of dishes use only natural herbs.
  • Drink water, green or white tea( 2 liters per day).The liquid "flushes" the metabolic products from the body, prevents dehydration. The recommended amount does not include soups, compotes, juices, coffee, black tea.
  • Monitor daily bowel movements. If this does not happen naturally, then additional measures should be taken.

Learn how Permyakova lost weight, the diet helped her or the cardinal changes in her life, many wanted. And when the information became available, for some reason they "cooled down" - it's too long to wait for the desired scales. Indeed, the system is not aimed at an instant result, but at this time headaches are excluded, fast fatigue and apathy. This happens only in exceptional cases. Then you should drink sweet tea and seek advice from a doctor.

Svetlana Permyakova on her weight loss

Svetlana Permyakova once again confirmed the simple truth: for an interesting, full of pleasant moments of life, personal happiness, parameters 90-60-90 are not needed. A woman should attract a rich inner world, a big heart and a well-groomed appearance.

By the secret of

Have you ever tried to get rid of excess weight? Judging by the fact that you read these lines - the victory was not on your side.

Painful diets did not bring the desired result, and going to the gym is uncomfortable and constantly lacks time? It is understandable, in the home-work-house mode, there simply is not enough nerves and forces to comply with the diet and exhausting workouts.

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