Diet 9 days - basic stages and sample menu

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"Dietary talent" specialist in aesthetic medicine Margarita Queen no one doubts. She was able to develop an effective nutrition system for those who would like to have an excellent physical form for life. The most "sensational" of her offspring, known by the combination of words 9-day diet for Russian "stars", is perceived as an example of the most creative program of a remarkable nutritionist. On the question "why creative" honestly answered the Queen herself - the author of the named diet.

  • What is the essence of the "royal" diet
  • The rules and menu of the "shock" nine days
  • Stage one: three rice days
  • Stage two: alone with the chicken
  • Stage three: vegetables-honey
  • Margarita Queen slimming
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response is reduced to the recommendation to abandon the habits of eating wrong in life. For the sake of the need to "experience" so risky for health "dieteriody" appeared as rarely as possible. Let's notice: any advice from such expert in this sphere of the e

xpert is perceived as valuable, not once confirmed in practice. The very appearance of the elegant "adviser", like the results of weight loss by Zhanna Friske, Philip Kirkorov, Nadezhda Babkina, Anita Tsoi and others - is a vivid proof of this.

What is the essence of the "royal" diet

  • "Packing" in 9 days, it gives a real chance to lose up to 10 kg of weight.
  • Unidirectional - consists of a cycle that combines 3 monodiets.
  • The requirements are strict, but their implementation is not expensive.
  • Has a valuable additional effect of cleaning the intestines.
  • Not acceptable for pregnant, lactating, anemic persons and adolescents.
  • The transition to a diet schedule should be coordinated with the doctor.
  • Not recommended more than once in six months, although the "rice" plan can be considered as a way of habitual unloading of the body.

Developing the principles of a "superfast" diet program for those who need a sharp drop in kilograms( preparation for vacation, a landmark event, an important test), a "star consultant" of a dozen celebrities did not reinvent the wheel. She( Candidate of Sciences, author of several books on diet), to the maximum, taking into account her own profound knowledge, used proven positions and wisdoms worked out by folk wisdom to compose well-thought-out, scientifically grounded recommendations.

Rules and the menu of "shock" nine days

Starting to describe the effective nine-day diet, we warn: to such a program-plan with great caution should be approached by those who have never before infringed on themselves in the "appetites" and not accustomed to severe restrictions in food. Unexpected restructuring of the work of unprepared organs for an uneasy sample called diet 9 days 9 kg is fraught with negative consequences. The program is suitable for someone who has more or less organized their eating behavior and is set for an accelerated final in achieving the ultimate goal.

Three product lines on which the proposed regime is based is rice-chicken-vegetables. The first in this list are distinguished by a high content of carbohydrates( rice component) and proteins( chicken).Rice, stretching and absorbing slags, acts as an enterosorbent. Chicken meat replenishes protein losses, accelerating the separation of fat cells with unnecessary stores. And vegetables like food, enriched with fiber, contribute to the process of completing the cycle of cleaning. They initiate a complete exit from the gastrointestinal tract of toxic substances, "removing" the stomach.

Stage one: three rice days

The main products: rice( golden pearl or long-grain eastern - but not wild), pure filtered water without gas plus honey( 3 teaspoons).

The first action - pour a portion of rice( 250 g) with cold water - in order to rinse the swollen grains in a colander in the morning under a tap. The starch will go almost completely. Now grape should be poured into a saucepan, pour boiling water( 1 to 2) and cook for a quarter of an hour. The resulting friable mass is divided into 5-6 parts - for five to six meals. It is necessary to complete the power supply until 8 pm. In breaks - "honey" snack( a spoonful and a half), certainly apart from rice. Water "between business" is to drink at least 2.5 liters per day.

Stage two: alone with chicken

Food set: chicken( in raw form 1200-1300 g), honey, water. It is also permissible to substitute fish( lean-like cod-hake-pollock-haddock) in the first and third diet.

"Fish" portion is more modest and "fits" in the boundaries of 700-800 daily grams. Chicken or fish is better to boil in the evening - preferably in a double boiler. Morning will begin with a glass of water and two pieces of chicken( legs and back) - without skin. The remains of the bird are separated from the bones, the light meat is mixed with the dark meat and eaten in 5 receptions."Fish" is also divided into 6 approximately equal parts. Eat such a breakfast-lunch-dinner can with dill and parsley, adding a couple drops of lemon juice. Water and honey are taken in accordance with the above scheme.

Stage three: vegetables-honey

Food-dietary component: vegetables and honey with non-alkaline water. It is desirable to stay on a white-green vegetable group( cabbage-onion-zucchini-pepper-patisson).

Daily diet kit - a half kilo stew without the participation of butter or steamed vegetables. The presence of tomatoes, carrots, beets is possible, but their number should be small. Luchok crumble in the dish is also not bad. Another 500 grams of raw vegetable mass will go to a salad brush. Its main ingredients will be: 1 carrot small beet, 2-3 leaves of cabbage white, a little fresh greens. After cleaning everything, we rub each vegetable through a large canvas cloth, add finely chopped greens, lemon juice, olive oil and a tablespoon of water( to moisten our salad).

The stewed( boiled) vegetable part is divided into three "approaches", with a "brush" we do the same. The order of "use" of them is the alternation of a raw dish with boiled stew. Do not forget about the water-honey in between.

I would like to warn those who have decided to use the diet system "9 days: 3 + 3 = minus 9 kilos" from physical loads during the passage of its phases. Sports and fatigue will only exacerbate the urgency of the moment, which is undesirable.

Having completed the test with this rather extreme triple diatograph, the slimming one will have to adjust to a normal "secular" table. Aspiring to save success, we recommend to refuse in the future from:

  • excessively salty and extremely "sharp" products( herring-vobla plus most marinades-pickles);
  • sausages-smoked-fatty;
  • nuts-seeds-chips;
  • plentiful, luscious desserts, over-calorie confectionery and bread( especially white);
  • sweet carbonated drinks and beer.

Margarita Koroleva about losing weight

But low-fat cheese-cottage cheese, diet bread with bran is very useful. And to maintain the rule of drinking a lot of water a day, to eat 4-6 times in small, and not "shock" portions would be very reasonable. Such "disciplining details" will make it look great for years.

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