French diet for 14 days: the benefits of diet and menus

June 16, 2018 10:00 | Diets

In matters of weight loss, ordinary French people understand better than the famous American dieticians. This can be judged by their figures. There, every woman has an aspen waist, but that does not mean that she restricts herself to food all the time. To a special menu, French women resort to only when they discover extra pounds on their body, however, like Slavic women. The French diet for 14 days is considered the most simple and effective.

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The advantages of the diet

This method of weight loss has many advantages. For two weeks you can get rid of eight kilograms. In this case, you do not have to starve yourself and suffer from malnutrition. If you have superfluous sediments you have about three to four kilograms, then the menu can be adjusted and the duration of the diet reduced to one


The most important charm of the French diet is that your menu will not consist of one oatmeal, buckwheat or cottage cheese. It will be diverse, beautiful and tasty. After all, the French are recognized gourmets, they do not accept hard hunger strikes and any preparations that drive fat. Healthy weight loss and proper nutrition - that's the meaning of all French diets. In general, if you decide to lose weight in French, be prepared to be slim, beautiful and satisfied.

The principles of losing weight in French

Before you start losing weight, read the rules of this diet. All fourteen days they must be adhered to with German pedantry. French nutritionists say that without these rules, the observance of the prescribed menu will not be effective. And anyway, if these tips are remembered and used by them always and everywhere, then your figure will not need correction.

The first thing you need to learn to do is slowly chew food, even if it is very soft in consistency. This process will help you better digest food and will not let you overload your stomach. Avoid overeating can only be so, for which your waist will be especially grateful to you.

Secondly, the additives will have to be forgotten. The plate must be filled once and without fanaticism. No matter how tasty it was, do not even think about the second portion. Always remember, in 20 minutes you will feel full.

Third - twenty minutes before the meal you need to drink a glass of water. You can add a little lemon juice to it to stimulate metabolism. Some French women allow themselves to drink 150 grams of dry wine( red) instead of water, according to dieticians, this drink can be drunk even with food. The effect will be the same. But both juice and wine are categorically contraindicated to people with high acidity of the stomach.

The fourth rule says that after seven o'clock in the evening you can not eat. If this is the case, do not go to bed before four hours.

What you can eat

If you decide to lose weight on the French diet, then fatty foods will have to be abandoned. The diet should be diversified with seafood, vegetables, cottage cheese and whole wheat bread. Eggs and meat are not the main products of the French diet, but occasionally they also need to be consumed. Stop your choice on rabbit, turkey, chicken breast and veal. Fruits for dessert are available, but without fanaticism. Snacks from grapefruit, kiwi, apples and watermelons are quite acceptable and even useful.

The least amount of calories should be eaten for dinner, so a piece of boiled fish with vegetables or a portion of cottage cheese with dried fruits will be enough. Vegetable salads can be seasoned with lime juice, lemon and olive oil. For example, you can use the menu below.

French diet - menu by day

First day:

  • Breakfast - unsweetened coffee and toast with jam.
  • Lunch - salad of eggs and tomatoes with spinach.
  • Dinner - salad from boiled beef, bell pepper and lettuce leaves.

Second day:

  • Breakfast - coffee with a slice of whole grain bread, greased with butter.
  • Lunch - chicken breast for a couple with any vegetable.
  • Dinner - boiled fish or beef and a bunch of greens.

The third day:

  • Breakfast - coffee and a slice of black bread with honey.
  • Lunch - stewed carrots and a salad of fresh vegetables.
  • Dinner - salad from boiled sausage and spinach leaves.

Fourth day:

  • Breakfast - coffee and toast from whole grain bread, fried in butter.
  • Lunch - 100 grams of cheese, boiled egg and a salad of fresh carrots.
  • Dinner - fruit salad and a glass of kefir.

The fifth day:

  • Breakfast - a salad of beets or carrots with lemon. Lunch - salad from boiled fish and tomatoes.
  • Dinner - boiled beef with lettuce or spinach leaves.

Sixth day:

  • Breakfast - a slice of rye bread and a salad of cucumbers.
  • Lunch - a portion of mussels, tomato and greens.
  • Dinner - chicken meat with Bulgarian pepper and herbs.

The seventh day:

  • Breakfast - green tea and cottage cheese with fruit.
  • Lunch - baked beef, poached egg and tomato.
  • Dinner - any fish with vegetables.

Since the beginning of the second week, the menu is repeated. But fish and meat are allowed to cook sauces on sour cream, yoghurt or mustard. All this can be seasoned with spices and garlic. This menu is adapted for Slavic women. French women often include in the diet frog legs, escargot and other delicacies. You can also conduct a variety of experiments in your kitchen, just remember the main rules of this diet - do not overeat. And more: cook for yourself with love.

Video: the benefits of seafood for our body

French diet for 14 days will help you to become slim and beautiful. If you are engaged in any kind of sport - continue in the same spirit. This will only improve the result. Love yourself and be charming.

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