Ducane diet: the French diet for the stages

June 16, 2018 12:30 | Diets

"Lose Weight Forever" - the cherished dream of each of the victims of excess weight, although once tried to lose weight. Nutritionists have been saying for more than a decade: it's not so difficult to get rid of fat stores, how to keep this result. The problem in the psychology of a person who has lost weight, returns to the usual harmful and abundant diet, so the extra kilograms quickly take their previous positions. How to get out of this "vicious circle" and return the ideal figure forever? There is a way out: the Ducane diet is a kind of genius in the field of weight loss.

  • The essence of the
  • procedure The basic rules from Dr. Pierre
  • The stages of the Duncan diet
  • Pierre Ducant on the typical nutritional errors

The essence of the

methodology What is Pierre Ducane's diet? Briefly, this is a combination of a protein diet, a system of alternating proteins with carbohydrates and fasting days. In addition, the diet by the method of Dyukan is a psyc

hologically thought-out technology, for Pierre, on the one hand, does not limit users in amounts, but allows only consuming products that promote weight loss, and the same type that can not be eaten much.

It should be noted that only the express diet Dyukan is very strict - the first phase of the attack, but it is this stage that "inspires" its high performance of all fans of the French methodology, therefore, their desire to move on only increases, and does not melt, like followersother alternative power systems.

The genius of the Ducane diet lies in the fact that the French doctor always motivates his fans not only with words, but with the results that are visible in the mirror every day. This, you will agree, is important for every slimming person, oppressed by some restrictions in nutrition?

You will be surprised, but the Ducane diet, the details of which you will learn below, is an effective technique that can rid fat deposits in a short time and without starvation, and also protect you from their return in the future.

This is important to know! The younger generation, as well as the crumbs lose weight, relying on the technique of Pierre, doctors do not advise, because a growing body needs an expanded diet and a balanced menu.

Basic rules from Dr. Pierre

The renowned diet of the French dietician Ducan is not just a system for losing weight, but a kind of path to a proper food culture and a moderately active lifestyle that will help to consolidate the result. Becoming a fan of Pierre, at some stage you begin to understand that the French diet of Dyukan is a whole science about how to competently "manage" your body, to protect the health and beauty of the body.

It is said that Paul Ducan's diet is tough and complicated. Yes, it is, but only at the first stage and until then, until you learn all the rules. But then your food culture and way of life, as well as your mood - all this will change to such an extent that you will be surprised at how you could previously live differently.

So, the basic covenants from Dr. Pierre:

  1. Do not starve - this is the main principle of the Ducane diet. The doctor is against returning beauty at the price of health, so it is extremely negative about starvation or a sharp restriction in the caloric content of the menu. And he is a thousand times right, because the organism, being exposed to stresses in matters of nutrition, rebuilds its activity on an economical regime, trying to gain and postpone the fat, even from a pair of cabbage leaves eaten by you for dinner.
  2. To move. Yes, the detailed Ducane diet includes such a unit. Meanwhile, do not be afraid, you do not have to sweat in the gym for hours or sign up for a football team. Everything is much simpler. The doctor insistently advises his fans to simply walk, preferably, breathing air. And, it is not necessary to do it in the park and at some precisely designated time. You can pass 3 bus stops on foot, go home without an elevator, take a walk with a dog or arrange a date in the form of a walk in the forest - it's up to you. The main thing is half an hour of walking.
  3. Consume bran, leaning on oatmeal. As you understand, the diet of the French nutritionist Pierre Ducant is based on protein nutrition, which, alas, is sometimes fraught with problems with the stool. But, following the advice of a doctor, they can be avoided by eating bran daily. By the way, the diet menu for slimming Dukan includes a lot of delicious dishes based on oat bran, so you do not have to force yourself to chew this mixture without appetite.
  4. It's enough to drink. Dr Dukan's popular diet with regard to the drinking regime is uncompromising: daily, the fans of the technique should drink at least a two-liter bottle of water or other beverages allowed by the list.
  5. Do not deviate from the list of products that can be consumed at each stage. The more honestly you follow the rules, the faster this list will expand.

Stages of the Dyukan diet

If you are interested in the Ducane diet, a detailed description of this technique will be just in place. So, what stages does Pierre Ducan's diet for weight loss consist of? How do they differ and how long do they last?

The French methodology includes 4 phases:

  • Attack is the shortest and most effective, but the most rigorous stage, which lasts up to 10 days and helps to become lighter at least 1 kg daily. The duration of this phase directly depends on the number of extra pounds. If they are only a couple, it will be enough to eat according to the rules of the attack for 1 day, but exceeding the norm by more than 10 kg implies strict restrictions in food and all 10 days. And do not be surprised! Long overgrown with fat, disfiguring his figure and maiming health? It's time to pay the bills. However, not everything is so bad, because Dukan's diet, the description of which has interested millions of victims of excess weight, is characterized by an abundant list of products. Even at the hard stage of the attack, you can eat 72 products. Of course, they are all protein. The list includes meat( lean), offal, eggs, dairy products of reduced fat content, fish, seafood, as well as useful condiments for cooking dishes from the above provisions.
  • Cruise is the second phase, which is also often called Alternating. In fact, the French diet of Pierre Ducane in the Cruise phase is a protein-carbohydrate alternation, but the diet of this period is more stringent than that of alternative techniques, as carbohydrates can only be consumed as a part of vegetables and greens. And this means that another 28 vegetables are added to the 72 permitted protein products. The norm of bran consumed per day increases from 1.5 to 2 tablespoons. The duration of the Alternation varies and depends on how much weight you want to achieve, so sometimes it reaches half a year.
  • Third phase - Consolidation, also called Fastening. This stage gradually normalizes the diet of users, dosing returning to the menu the usual products, but only useful and in limited quantities. You can again eat bread, true, of whole grains, cheese, but not more than 40 g daily, fruit / berries, whose consumption is also limited - 200 g of sweet delicacy per day. The norm of bran increases by half a spoon. Once a week, you should eat on the diet of Attack. Consolidation lasts differently, based on this calculation: 10 days for every lost kilogram of hated fat.
  • Final stage - Stabilization. The menu of this phase will have to adhere to the rest of your life, of course, if you want to keep slender forms and health. In fact, you return to the normal diet, but watch for the amount of starch-containing dishes( no more than 2 per day), bread( 2 slices), fruit( 200 g portion), cheese( a piece up to 40 g) and once a week eatby the rules of Attack. The norm of bran is already three spoons.

Now on the web there is a mass of video Dukan diet, where you can get acquainted not only with the technique, but also the recipes of dishes, the secrets of their preparation.

Why the French diet captivated the entire planet

What is the secret of the popularity of the weight correction system from Pierre Ducane?

  • First, it works, allowing users to reach the cherished mark on the scales.
  • Secondly, the technique is nutritious, because Pierre allows you to eat protein foods in any quantity, and later - and vegetables.
  • Thirdly, the technology allows you to never again be interested in other diets, which is important for those who are afraid to recover or return the discarded fatty ballast. You just eat, relying on the advice of a French doctor, and always stay in great shape.

Pierre Ducant on the typical mistakes in nutrition

Nobody has come up with a worthy alternative to the effective Dukan diet, which means that Pierre is the most ingenious nutritionist on the planet.

By the secret of

Have you ever tried to get rid of excess weight? Judging by the fact that you read these lines - the victory was not on your side.

The agonizing diets did not bring the desired result, and going to the gym is uncomfortable and constantly does not have enough time? It's understandable, in the home-work-house mode, there simply is not enough nerves and forces to comply with the diet and exhausting workouts.

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