Diet after childbirth: menu and result from postnatal diet for weight loss

June 16, 2018 13:45 | Diets

Waiting for a child and childbirth are often accompanied by a set of a woman overweight. The organism is so arranged, the natural processes are the same for all. Therefore, the diet after childbirth may be needed by each of us, regardless of age, affluence or profession. But, for celebrities, whose occupation obliges them to always be in the public's attention, the appearance of extra pounds is especially unpleasant. Their methods of weight loss are of interest to many female fans, because one can see for themselves the positive result of each technique.

  • Basic rules for postnatal diets
  • Ani Lorak - slimming Ukrainian pop diva
  • Lose weight or continue feeding
  • Tips for losing weight for young mothers

Basic rules for postpartum diets

Doctors do not recommend recently given birth to women to start any activitieson weight loss, until at least six weeks have passed since the baby's birth. If the mother is breastfeeding, the diet after childbirth for wei

ght loss will require a certain balance. It is necessary not to overeat, but to eat enough food for good lactation.

Eat something that will not cause a crumb of allergies, swelling and colic. At the same time choose a healthy, full-fledged food. With enough nutrients and vitamins. It is important for many people to make the dishes as simple and quick as possible in cooking. At least in the first months after childbirth. After all, for the efforts of the newborn, not every young mother has time for cooking.

Over the next six to nine months, the weight of the nursing should gradually return to normal. Fat reserves will go to milk production by the body, care for the child, business on the au pair. To speed up the process of returning slimness, you need active movement and proper nutrition. With preferred and allowed products. And with a ban on many drinks and meals. What should become a postnatal diet for weight loss, you can learn in detail from the specialized literature, ask a doctor or experienced parents.

Ani Lorak - slimming Ukrainian pop diva

Many people want to know how the issue with the reduction of the figure in order to solve the mother-celebrity. The fact that they are good at losing weight, no one denies. After only a few months, the birth of a TV star begins to show the world a wonderful form. Often the public has the opportunity to see pictures "before", where excess completeness is clearly visible, and "after", when the forms are again magnificent.

So, Ani Lorak's diet after the birth provided clear results. The figure of a girl before pregnancy, many considered the reference. After the indefatigable paparazzi sealed, that of excess weight it was not saved. Ukrainian beauty admitted in an interview with the media that she could not return to the form immediately. And helped her in this regular exercise and changes in diet.

Of course, we must understand that without the work of cosmetologists, fitness instructors and masseurs it was not all. But the food also played an important role in the singer's return to harmony.

From the menu, bread( any), sweets and fatty dishes were completely excluded. In general, Carolina tries not to overeat. And he prefers dishes and products as light and natural as possible. Such as vegetables, various fruits, salads, including fish. Drinks star drinks only without gas. In the evening, after six or seven hours, he no longer eats. Consumes a lot of liquid. Guided by the rule that when you want to eat, it is better to drink.

After waking up, the singer makes a charge( swings the press, stretches).Accepts a contrast shower. For breakfast he eats porridge, vegetables, drinks freshly squeezed juice. Fruit and vegetable cocktails, she just adores. Beef and poultry prefers beef. From fat - sometimes he allows himself a little fat, "for a voice."Caroline feeds fractional, at least 5 times a day. So that the food that is planned to eat, fit in the palm of your hand. Every day he visits the gym, giving the body considerable loads.

Lose weight or continue to feed

After becoming mothers, many celebrities managed to cope with excess weight. For example, fans admire how Feofilaktova lost weight after giving birth. Eugene received fame for her participation in the sensational reality show "Dom-2".After leaving the project, she remained in public view. The girl always strictly watched the figure, staying at a low height of 161 cm in weight not more than 50-52 kg. Secret from the way of maintaining an excellent form Zhenya does not. Not being a lover of sweet, she easily refuses carbohydrate products, eats in small quantities and in small portions. I enjoy sports regularly. He likes vegetable and fruit salads, light and healthy soups, baked white meat, natural juices.

Of course, pregnancy changed the usual weight limit glamorous beauty. She recovered to 75 kg. But, the personal diet of Eugenia Feofilaktova after giving birth quickly returned her a precise figure. However, experts say that such rapid weight loss indicates a simple fact. That the diet used did not imply the need for breastfeeding. After all, with a weight loss of over 4 kg per month, milk will either be lost altogether, or become inadequate. And Zhenya regained her harmony very soon.

After returning to normal and healthy habits of eating and physical activity, the woman lost weight. Another thing is that her diet is more likely to be useful for those mothers who, for some reason, switched to the artificial feeding of an infant. For full-fledged lactation, the diet according to Feofilaktova's style will probably not be sufficient.

So, the experience of moms from celebrities once again proves the already well-known rules. To have a beautiful figure it is very important to eat exactly as much as the body needs for normal functioning. This is the effective diet after childbirth.

But, even more important for a quick return of the body in a good form is to load yourself with physical activity. There will be this long walking, fitness, yoga or something else - it is not important. Choose classes should take into account their physical and temporal capabilities.

Tips for losing weight for young mothers

Inheriting in the diet of their idols, we must remember the existence of possible differences between you. For example, not every star menu is suitable for a woman breastfeeding. But most of the young mothers are not so much their own harmony, how much is their baby's health. Although, in caring for a child, do not forget that your health is a guarantee of his well-being.

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