13 photos of wedding dresses for full girls

June 21, 2018 07:30 | Wedding

Wedding girls are waiting from an early age. Each of us read fairy tales and imagined herself in the place of the princess. Unfortunately, in modern times we do not have the opportunity to wear lush and beautiful dresses daily. Therefore, to feel like a real queen, we can only one( or several, little as life will) once in a lifetime - at their own wedding.

Introducing the image of the bride, a gentle, slender and graceful girl appears in her head in a luxurious wedding dress. It is the dress that distinguishes her from other beauties. Therefore, it should be the most beautiful and ideal. And it does not matter how much the bride weighs, and what her figure parameters are. Wedding dresses for full girls should not look like a sheet. They should be as beautiful as the brides themselves.

Who said that the bride should be skinny? This is a common stereotype that has emerged due to fashion for everything lean and often painful. In our lives, a very small percentage of women can boast of an ideal bo

dy. The other girls have problem zones and this is absolutely normal.

It's just wonderful that in our world there are men who love and want to create families with girls of unchanging appearance. Completeness is not a sign of inferiority and ugliness, it's just such a physique. Therefore, do not be complex about how you will look in the wedding dress. You will be lovely.

In order for a plump girl to look good in a wedding dress, she will have to learn how to choose him considering the characteristics of his figure. Principle: just like the look, so bought, in your case can lead to failure. The wedding dress should extol your virtues and eliminate shortcomings. Good fabric and cuts can make you much slimmer.

Where can I buy?

Wedding dresses for full brides to choose the real problem, because in our stores they continue to sell dresses for the slender. When you come to the store and do not find dresses in size, do not lose heart. Yes it can slightly spoil the mood, especially if an incompetent seller gets caught, who will rudely say that there is not a large size.

In this case, do not worry, leave the store and go to another one with the best service. In a good salon, even if you do not have large dresses, you will definitely be offered catalogs, from which you choose the styles you like. Then the sellers order them and bring them. On the appointed day you will come and arrange the fitting.

The next place where you can buy a wedding dress of large sizes is the Internet. All kinds of sites are ready to offer you the most unusual styles and colors of dresses. There you can really find the dress of your dreams. But the lack of fitting is essentially frustrating. Having fluffy shapes you always need to measure outfit.

More often than not full-size girls do not fit standard styles, so they will have to be altered and adjusted. Therefore, the best option for finding a wedding dress is the combination of the Internet and the work of seamstresses. Find in the World Wide Web a beautiful dress and go to a professional seamstress. So, you really will have a unique and perfect dress for your figure.

Tips for

Never buy a dress that is small in size. Your hopes that in three weeks you will lose weight by 5 kg, may not be justified. As a result, you will have a small dress that clearly will not paint you and an awful mood.

Full hands must be covered. To do this, use a bolero or lace trim. Dresses with sleeves can also be used. But it's better to forget about thin straps, they will only allocate non-ideal hands.

Fascinating beauties do not need to choose a wedding dress with a closed decollete zone. Do not be shy about the chest, but at the same time, do not wear a wedding dress with a very deep neckline. It will look messy.

Polnenky ladies should not abuse rhinestones, stones and bows. All these elements will make you more. Also do not buy a dress with a shiny cloth.

Girls with figure problems should buy a wedding dress from strong, heavy fabrics.

It is not necessary that there is a corset in the wedding dress. He, of course, will be able to make the silhouette more elegant, but you can find models of wedding dresses for women much more interesting.

What style to choose?

With corset .If growth permits, then choose lush dresses. The corset helps to level the bottom and top of the figure. It is important that the transition between the waist and hips was smooth. Therefore, buy clothes with a skirt in the form of a trapezoid.

In the Greek style. The advantage of such dresses is that they emphasize the chest and hide the absence of the waist. In such a dress the bride will look beautiful, but feel comfortable. The corset fetters movement and breathing, but in the Greek dress it is not.

Short. A full girl of short stature should not choose a magnificent option. For you, the perfect choice is a short dress. In it, you can identify the chest and legs and thus will not look like a fungus.

Lacy. Some may say that the lace is full. However, if it will act as decorative elements, it will only give the bride of femininity.

Finding the outfit for a complete bride is a little more complicated. But it does not matter, because regardless of weight, the most important thing in life is finding the person with whom you want to live your whole life. In our next article you will learn about the most popular styles of dresses for fat women.