Nutrition of nursing mother for months

March 01, 2019 Lactation

Infant health is directly dependent on the quality of those nutrients that enter the body with mother's milk. Since, during lactation, a woman is forced to eat for two, she has to reckon with the needs of her child’s body. The digestive system of a newborn needs a special kind of...

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Rash around baby's mouth

March 01, 2019 Baby Care

Rashes around a child’s mouth are quite common. As a rule, the rash goes away after 2-3 days, if you carefully monitor the hygiene and refrain from the use of possible allergens( chocolate, citrus, dairy products).Pimples around the mouth may not last for a long time( week, month).In such a sit...

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Body scrub at home

March 01, 2019 Body Care

Every woman knows: regular care, even if using inexpensive or self-prepared means, can work wonders - the skin is transformed, it becomes smooth, silky, well-groomed. For body care, it is imperative to use a scrub - a means capable of freeing the skin from dead cells, dirt, and cleansing the...

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Shchitovka on indoor plants

March 01, 2019 Plants

A bright, lush garden, blooming on your window sill, can not only please the eye with the lush green of the colors, but also significantly purify the air in the room, saturating it with oxygen and high humidity. Unfortunately, indoor plants, to a greater extent than garden plants...

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Hair remover at home

March 01, 2019 Hair

Many women often experiment with the color of their hair, trying to create a unique and unique image. Often, such experiments bring the ladies not only disappointment with the resulting shade, but also problems associated with damage to the hair. Not so long ago, a new technology replaced th...

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How to cook soap at home?

March 01, 2019 Leisure

Passion for soap making is one of the most popular hobbies. And not because the soap industry is working in an insufficiently fruitful regime. Simply making soap yourself is an exciting process that requires a creative, "soulful" approach. Its result, cleansing the body, pleases the eye and ...

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Manicure with scotch tape

March 01, 2019 Manicure And Pedicure

There are many different types of manicure, or rather the techniques of applying nail polish on nails. To create beautiful patterns on the nails are used all kinds of stickers, glitter, rhinestones and small drawings. Manicure with the help of scotch tape appeared in 2011 an...

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What to give to the christening boy?

March 01, 2019 Other

Baptism is one of the most exciting and important ceremonies in the life of a tiny man. She personifies his arrival in the bosom of the Christian church and the attainment of a tiny patron saint, who is obliged to be a spiritual comforter and mentor of the child throughout his life. ...

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Paraffin therapy in gynecology

March 01, 2019 Gynecology

Paraffin is obtained by distilling some grades of oil. The chemical composition of paraffin refers to saturated hydrocarbons. Melting point 52-56 °.Paraffin mild( melting point 51 °), medium( 56 °) and solid( 69 °) are distinguished. The skin-melting point of paraffin is between 57 and 62 °.T...

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How to care for orchids at home

March 01, 2019 Plants

A beautiful and elegant orchid is increasingly grown at home. This flower is able to bring elegance to any interior. However, to maintain its long flowering and good appearance, it is necessary to make some efforts. And because it is very important to know how to care for orchids at home. ...

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