How to make cheekbones more expressive

June 11, 2018 Makeup

Correction of the face, including cheekbones, can be done not only with the help of plastic surgery. Professional make-up is quite capable of replacing the surgeon's scalpel. Before considering how to make the cheekbones expressively with the help of cosmetics, you need to det...

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How to choose makeup according to the shape of the face

May 13, 2018 Makeup

Today it is very difficult to find a girl who neglects the boundless possibilities of decorative tools. However, despite the craving for the weaker sex to use cosmetics, not all women understand the true purpose of makeup. Any professional make-up artist will say that the correct make-up is the o...

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How to apply the makeup properly - useful tips

May 12, 2018 Makeup

As you know, the foundation for make-up is its foundation, and therefore the correctness of "laying" this foundation depends not only the appearance of our skin, but also the durability of the cosmetics applied to the face. Considering that many girls underestimate the importance of the prime...

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