How to put a suction

May 31, 2018 Relations

A suck can be called a kiss, after which a bruise remains on the body. Strictly speaking, this is not the one full of tenderness and love, a sign of attention from a partner, which is usually called a kiss. A bloody spot somewhere on the neck, which then will take all the colors of the rainbow,...

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How to check husband for fidelity?

June 28, 2018 Relations

As they say in the people - husband and wife - one Satan. Therefore, an extremely reliable way to verify the loyalty of her husband can be an analysis of their behavior. Having discovered dark spots in her conjugal biography, a woman can reasonably suspect her husband in similar sins. T...

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Compliments to men and guys( list)

January 20, 2019 Relations

There is an established opinion in society that women should be given compliments, as they love with their ears. And men such curtsy to anything, because they love the eyes. It is even possible to argue with such postulates. To begin with, all women are realistic, the proof of wh...

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Declaration of love for a man

May 06, 2018 Relations

Regardless of how confident you are of your feelings for a person, you can not be completely sure how he will react to these three words: "I love you." If you are thinking about how best to tell him about your feelings,maybe it's time to change something in life. Recognition of ...

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