Nymphomaniac is who?

June 11, 2018 Sex

Men dreaming of hot nights in the arms of a sultry woman, they hope to get a lot from meeting with a nymphomaniac. Unfortunately, these "dreamers" tend to pay more attention to the first part of the word "nymphomaniac" than to the second one. And in vain. After all, "mania" means...

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Who are BI?

June 19, 2018 Sex

At all times the topic of bisexuality was surrounded by a huge number of disputes, theories and guesses. It is still shrouded in a dark train of mystery. Some people treat it perfectly. Others consider it very personal and delicate. There are also those who prefer not to tal...

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What do men like in bed?

May 25, 2018 Sex

Not surprisingly, every woman wants her beloved to go crazy with her and after work as quickly as possible rushed home. It's so nice, when a man does not just love, but adores, constantly kisses, shows signs of attention, especially after a long life together. And to achieve this...

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How long do sperm live?

January 19, 2019 Sex

Have you ever wondered why after sex a man looks like a squeezed lemon? No wonder, because during ejaculation, he loses about 200 million sperm! Want to know more about the “seed of life,” for example, how long do sperm cells live in a woman's body after intercourse? You will fin...

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