Why is the wedding screaming "bitter"?

May 31, 2018 Wedding And Marriage

Russian wedding is unthinkable without drinking cries "Bitterly", after which the groom should kiss the bride firmly. Sometimes the guests aloud start to count how long the passionate kiss lasts, because the more time passes from the beginning of the countdown, the stronger and stronger the ...

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What to do if the husband insults

June 14, 2018 Wedding And Marriage

The honeymoon came to an end, the real face of the chosen one got an open form. The man finished the hunt, the bird in the cage, scandals, hysterics, reproaches went into play. The frame of decency begins to cross borders, rudeness begins. What if my husband insults his wife? Any problem has so...

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How to return a husband after a divorce

February 18, 2019 Wedding And Marriage

Live all your life together, sharing joy and complexity, support each other always and in everything, help feeling the reciprocal help, raise happy children and then nurse the grandchildren together - the young bride usually counts on such a scenario, connecting her fate with her chosen one. ...

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