How to choose a tourist tent for recreation?

July 05, 2018 Recreation

If you travel often or just for a weekend get out together with your family or friends on the nature, then for sure you perfectly know how much comfort depends on the tent. And how to choose it? What should I look for when choosing? Types of There are several types of tents. Let's l...

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What is an interesting must-see tourist in Paris?

July 06, 2018 Recreation

I wonder how many epithets can be chosen for the word Paris? Probably, the name of this city excites bright associations in the minds of everyone, even the humblest traveler is not an amateur, it's a fairy-tale city, a dream city, a center of world fashion, a city where for every turn you can f...

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Top 10 countries that every person should see

July 04, 2018 Recreation

Travel is great! And every traveler is surely dreaming to travel the whole world. But there are countries that everyone should visit. So, the top 10 countries that everyone should see: 1. Egypt To many this country already seems banal and studied along and across. But the resorts of Eg...

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Features of living in a capsule hotel

July 03, 2018 Recreation

Earlier, capsule hotels could only be seen in fantasy films, but today everyone can stay in them. A bit of history The first capsule hotel was opened on February 1, 1979 in the Umeda district of the city of Osaka, that is, in Japan. It was developed and founded by Kisho Kurakawa. Among Ja...

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Desires for playing forfeits

April 24, 2018 Recreation

Phantas, probably, are the most famous adventurous entertainment, which is a success not only among adults, but also among children. The essence of the game is that the participants of the game must perform certain tasks, which they "fall out". It is important to build a game in such ...

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