How many hours do beginner

February 20, 2019 Notes Fitness Trainer

How many hours does a beginner need to play sports? Hello, for beginners, as well as for everyone else, activity should be measured not in hours, but in acquired skills and achieved goals.“Watch flown” is also an important parameter, but not the main one. According to the “training manual”, ...

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Split or Fulbodi, finally

May 26, 2018 Notes Fitness Trainer

I'll tell you honestly, I'm not a militant supporter of either one or the other. And my personal trainings are fulvodi, but not because of calories or anything else, but because because of the back injury that I received in childhood, I have to do a lot of running and compensating exercises aft...

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How to start right?

May 27, 2018 Notes Fitness Trainer

Hello! My name is Lilia to me 32 years. Two children 4 and 8 years old. I seem to be slim, in the opinion of others, but I have problems in the legs and priests - cellulite, legs are not tightened, even in addition constant fatigue( possibly due to malnutrition), although I work as a secretar...

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Planck and lumbar hernia

February 17, 2019 Notes Fitness Trainer

Hello Elena, can you please tell me if I can do the exercise plank if I have a lumbar hernia? Good day! I hope my thoughts about your situation will be useful to you, but I would still not take responsibility to give some definite recommendations in your case. What does your doctor sa...

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