Top 10 most beautiful girls in the world in 2014( 10 photos)

June 26, 2018 02:30 | Top 10

All the girls are beautiful, each in its own way. But still people always strive for ideals and therefore constantly allocate someone from the crowd. And which girls became the most attractive in 2014?

So, the top 10 most beautiful girls of the world in 2014:

1. Adriana Lima is a Brazilian model that has been recognized not only as attractive and sexy, but also charismatic. This girl with a bright appearance was born in 1981 in Brazil. Adriana has African, Native American and Swiss roots and, probably, that is why her external data is so bright and outstanding.

Model Lima started working early, at the age of 15 she won a prestigious competition "Supermodel of the world", and at 17 she signed a contract with the agency "Elite" and moved to New York. In 2009, Adriana became one of the angels of the company "Victoria's Secret", in 2011 she took the 4th place in the list of the world's most highly paid models. Now the girl is married to the Serbian basketball player Marco Yaric and brings up her daughter, but still remains one of the most sexy and beautiful.

2. Megan Fox is always gorgeous in the photo, because it just can not turn out badly. This model and actress was born in the US in 1986.In the Megan family there are Indian, French and Irish roots. Childhood Fox was not easy, she even suffered from panic attacks and uncontrolled aggression due to the excessive severity of her stepfather. In five years, Megan began to go to the dance and attend a drama club.

One of her first roles, the girl played in the film "Sunshine vacations" in 2001.Then Fox was content with secondary roles, but she believed in her success. And he came to her after the movie "Transformers", in which she played the girl's main character Mikael Baines. Today Megan is married and brings up two beautiful sons, then continues to excite the imagination of many men.

3. Scarlett Johanson .This sexy actress was born in a large family of Jewish women born in Minsk and the Dane. Scarlett started at the age of 9, but at first everyone called her a merry pink pig from Disney cartoons. Debut Johanson was the movie "North", which also starred Elijah Wood and Bruce Willis.

But few noticed this little girl and appreciated her efforts and all the more beauty. A real success for Scarlett came after the film "Lost in Translation".After him on the girl's head literally showered offers from cult directors. She managed to star in such films as "Avengers", "Lucy", "Prestige", "High score", "Match Point" and others.

By the way, Scarlett also sings. And she is also famous for her love. Her former boyfriends include Mark Wahlberg, Justin Timberlake, Jared Leto and other chic Hollywood men.

4. Jennifer Lawrence is an incredibly sexy and at the same time pretty actress born in the US in 1990.Today many people know her thanks to such films as "Hunger Games" in which she played the role of a rebel Katniss Everdin, "The X-Men"( where Lawrence performed the role of Mystic), and "My Guy is a Psycho."Jennifer received many awards and in 2013 she became the face of a new advertising company of bags "Miss Dior".

5. Jessica Alba was a very painful child, so she practically did not communicate with her peers. In addition, as a child, she fell into obsessions. But this did not stop her from becoming an excellent actress. Actor courses Jessica began attending at age 12, and after 9 months she wrote a contract with the agent. The girl's debut took place in the film "The Lost Camp".

At first she was content to participate in the crowd, but then accidentally took the place of the main character, because she was like her. Then Jessica began to appear in advertising. But the crucial and significant for her was the role in the movie "The Dark Angel".Today, many know Albu through the film "The City of Sins," the second part of which was released in 2014 and made us remember the sexy beauty of Jessica again.

6. Rihanna is a sexy black singer with a strong voice and a stunning figure. She often experimented with appearance, but all these experiments have only benefited her. The first work of this girl came out in 2005 and immediately attracted attention.

Rihanna was born in 1988 in Barbados, and at 16 she moved to the United States to start a career and become successful and famous. Today, Rihanna is one of the youngest and most popular, successful and, of course, sexy show business stars. By the way, the wax figure of this girl can be seen in the famous Madame Tussauds museum in Washington.

7. Lupita Niongo .She is considered one of the most beautiful girls in 2014 according to the magazine "People".Yes, its beauty, perhaps, differs from the generally accepted standards, but it is this appearance that attracts the eye. Lupita is a Kenyan actress, who since childhood was notorious and insecure. Mom constantly persuaded her that she was beautiful.

And at some point the girl not only believed in it, but literally fell in love with everyone else. Lupita at some point moved to the US and began studying acting at Yale University, which she successfully graduated from.

First, the girl worked in the theater, but in 2013 she made her debut in the legendary film "12 years of slavery", in which she played a slave Patsy. Everyone sympathized with her and wished her happiness. By the way, for this role of the second plan, Niongo received an Oscar. And she became the face of the cosmetic brand "Lancome".

8. Antonia Misura - perhaps the most beautiful basketball player in the world. Looking at this cute, pretty and slender girl, you can not think that she, in addition to everything else, also perfectly owns the basketball. Anthony was born in Croatia in 1988.Misura from the very childhood loved sports, especially volleyball and basketball.

She made her choice in favor of the latter and became a player of the national team of Croatia. But sports achievements are far from everything Antonia can boast of. She was more than once called the most sexy and attractive player, and in 2009 received the title "Miss of the Mediterranean Games."

Many people paid attention to this cute blonde only at the Olympic Games, held in 2012.And although the year 2014 was not so intense and memorable for Antonia, many considered her to be one of the most beautiful girls.

9. Kara Delevin is one of the sexiest women on the planet according to the magazine "Maxim".She is an English model who grew up surrounded by luxury and beauty.

Probably, this is why Kara herself managed to become a true connoisseur of beauty and to attach many to her, becoming the embodiment of beauty. Today, Delevin is considered one of the most successful and invited models. In 2011, she was included in the list of 1000 most influential people in the world.

10. Mila Kunis .Surprisingly, this actress was born in the former USSR.Mila's career began with filming in commercials, but with the help of perseverance and work she was able to become one of the most popular actresses.

She starred in such films as "Max Payne", "The Seventh Heaven", "Third Extra", "Black Swan", "Climbing Jupiter", "Bloody Ties" and others. Today Mila is engaged to Ashton Kutcher and brings up her daughter.

These were the most beautiful girls of 2014.