Heidi Montag

June 26, 2018 08:45 | Woman
Heidi Montag was born on September 15, 1986 in Crested Butte, Colorado, USA.Father is an artist, the mother is an ordinary housewife.

Heidi studied in high school, then learned a bit from the Academic Art University( San Francisco), and then began her own career as a show star.

His first wave of fame for Heidi is due to one of the popular talk shows in the US, after participating in which Heidi successfully married Spencer Pratt, who opened her way to the stage.

After the wedding with Spencer, Heidi started a solo career, which was not very successful, but provided the beginning singer with decent means of subsistence.

His second wave of glory( on which she is still), Heidi caught by doing 10 plastic procedures in one day. After that, Heidi did not leave the covers of magazines and TV screens.

Heidi Montag leads a rich social life. As Heidi writes on her Twitter page, she lives a lively life filled with love and joy, making even the most unrealizable dreams come true. By the way, Heidi occasionally chirps something in Twitter, so if you want to talk to her - please go to her page.

Official site of Heidi, already starting with a domain name, is a manifestation of infinite love for oneself( we call it easier - terry egoism).officialheidimontag.com - the site is really official, on it the photographed Heidi meets the visitors with his face held back from Botox.

In addition to Twitter, Heidi is present on facebook, myspace, saynow, ustream, ilike. In general, on the Internet Heidi is presented quite extensively, but recently there have been more and more frequent statements that Heidi herself on the Internet stopped coming after she spilled coffee on the laptop and it caught fire. Now, instead of her, several of her assistants communicate on the Internet. .. Check this rumor is difficult, so we will treat him like a rumor.

According to Heidi, she has the most perfect figure in the world, but the ubiquitous paparazzi periodically prove the opposite with their photos:

Heidi's career can not at the moment be described as successful as a singer she was unclaimed, and one-time shooting in advertising does not suit the growing appetite of the star. She even fired her husband from the position of an agent and turned to a more eminent specialist. We will closely follow Heidi's career and necessarily record all of its achievements and failures in our news.

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