Prevention of stillbirth and early childhood mortality

June 26, 2018 21:15 | Symptoms And Treatment
Measures to prevent stillbirths and early infant deaths should be aimed at preventing the possible occurrence of adverse effects for the fetus in the fetus, and in case of their appearance - for timely recognition and elimination.

This, in turn, requires that preventive measures be taken long before the onset of pregnancy, at least in childhood.

Without specifically addressing this great issue of childhood hygiene, we must only emphasize the enormous importance of hygiene in girls in order to prevent the occurrence of a pathology of genital function in the future. Suffice it to recall that it is in childhood that the anomalies of the pelvis, infantilism, and various other infringements associated with childhood infections are formed when the hygiene regime is not properly maintained.

The importance of mass preventive examinations of the female population can not be underestimated, which allows timely detection of pathology in women of childbearing age related to its generative ability.

A puberty girl who intends to marry must be monitored in advance by a woman's consultation in order to find out her health status and provide favorable conditions for the preservation and development of the upcoming pregnancy. In case of pregnancy, a woman should always consult a doctor at once. Only with this condition will it be possible to timely and rational prevention of an unfavorable outcome of pregnancy for the fetus.

The prerequisites for establishing a reasonable prevention of perinatal mortality should be:

1. Ensuring the early appearance of a pregnant woman in a female consultation and systematic visit.

2. Detailed knowledge of the data of the general and obstetric anamnesis and their due assessment.

3. The correct timing of pregnancy.

4. Provide early diagnosis of complications of pregnancy and concomitant pregnancy diseases and timely, under appropriate conditions, the initiation of treatment.

5. Organization of a special account of "threatened" with regard to the unfavorable outcome of pregnancy for fetus and clinical examination.

6. Carrying out the sanitary-educational work at the proper level.

7. Provision of social and legal assistance.

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