Top 10 Best and Best Movies of 2014

June 27, 2018 02:15 | Top 10

We all like to watch movies. A good movie - this is a real little life, in which you can immerse yourself completely, let only for a couple of hours. And which films were the best in 2014?

We offer to study the top 10 best films of 2014:

1. "Robocop" .The previous version of the film, shot in the distant 1987, was nominated for an Oscar. But the new version is also very impressive. OmniKorp, a robot manufacturing company, represents its drones, which help maintain order around the world, except America. The head of the corporation plans to introduce the technology in the US.

But many are against such an innovation, referring to the lack of robots human feelings. And then the corporation embarked on the development of technology that would combine the capabilities of the human brain and the benefits of robotics. In the meantime, two policemen are participating in an operation to capture dangerous criminals. One of them, Jack Lewis, is wounded, another is put into a car bomb.

Alex Murphy is injured due to the explosion, not compatible with life. In the police, with the consent of Alex's wife, they decide to use a policeman to test the technology, which allowed him to save his life. At some point, the feelings and memories of Alex take over the program, he decides to find his killers and finds frightening details.

2. "Noah". The biblical story in this picture has found a slightly different story. All people are mired in sins, Noah alone with his family lives a righteous life, for which God has entrusted him with the most difficult mission - to save mankind and cleanse the earth of sin. Noah builds an ark, on which he collects animals and his family.

Other people also learned about the upcoming events, which, of course, tried to enter the ark. Among them, one of the sons finds a girl, her family Noah takes with her. Then the story is at odds with what was described in the Bible. Betrayal, envy, love - all this is inherent in mankind. But will people be able to overcome their sins?

3. "I, Frankenstein" .Adam - the fruit of the creation of the mad scientist Frankenstein, who decided to resurrect the corpse. As a result, the creator decided to destroy his offspring, for which he perished himself. Adam realizes that the world is inhabited by demons and gargoyles, who fight among themselves for the right to have power.

The monster accidentally gets to the headquarters of the Order of Gargoyles, where he learns that the world is in danger if the demons win. Adam needs the head of the demons Naberius, as well as the records of the scientist Frankenstein, in which there is information on how to revive the dead man.

A scientist-scientist Terra works on Naberius, she conducts experiments on animal animation and does not suspect what she is getting into. Adam has to solve several problems: protect himself from the gargoyles, protect Terra and save the whole world.

4. "The Face of the Future" .On the planet invades an alien race of mimicry, wishing to seize the territory. Major William Cage is sent to a military operation, but he refuses. As a result, Kage is accused of desertion and thrown at the military base as a simple soldier.

In the first fight, William dies, but again finds himself on the same base and again goes into battle."Groundhog Day" is repeated until William meets the warrior Rita Vrataski, who has the same ability and reloads time.

As a result, both soldiers are trying to find out the weak points of the opponents and defeat them, going further and further. You need to find a den of mimics and Omega, killing which, you can defeat the entire race.

5. "Excellence" of .Researcher Dr. Will Duster achieves incredible successes in the field of artificial intelligence research and creates a unique "smart" program. But the upcoming coups frighten the supporters of the radical anti-science group that opposes the creation of artificial intelligence.

A bullet contaminated with radioactive substances enters Willa. The scientist slowly dies, but his wife Evelyn and friend Max Waters manage to digitize the brain of a genius and transfer it to a powerful computer as a program. The dead Will begins to communicate with his wife through the monitor and continues to develop. But in the end, the thirst for knowledge grows into a thirst for power.

6. "Maleficent" .The Sorceress of Maleficent lived in a beautiful enchanted forest surrounded by miraculous creatures. But one day, people decided to invade her world, and everything changed.

Trying to return everything to its places and protect its subjects, Maleficent calls on the dark forces and casts a spell on the newborn daughter of the king. But watching the princess Aurora, the sorceress begins to think that this beautiful girl in the future will be able to change life in the magical realm for the better.

7. "X-Men: Days of the Past" .In 2023, mutant hunters participating in the "Guardians" program, almost won, but suddenly found sleeping mutational genes in ordinary people.

As a result, all people and mutants were placed in concentration camps, and the world was almost destroyed. The X-Men are trying to resist and plan to change the past by moving Wolverine to the distant year of 1973.But everything turned out not as expected: Magneto in prison, people are afraid of mutants, and Professor X almost abandoned his ideas.

8. "Need for speed: thirst for speed" . The race of drivers, led by Dominic Torreto, destroys a criminal group led by Owen Shaw. Racers not only free the girlfriend of Dominic, but also kill the leader Owen. And for this brother of the murdered Yan Shaw plans to take revenge. He is preparing a plan of brutal revenge and dreams of destroying all those who are guilty of the death of their own brother.

9. "Planet of the Apes: Revolution" .The number of genetically modified monkeys, which thanks to previous tests of new drugs have high intellectual abilities, continues to increase. Caesar, who heads the colony, as well as Raketa, Koba and Maurice, can speak, the rest communicate in sign language.

Ten years ago, most of humanity was killed because of "monkey flu".The remaining people try to equip their lives, but accidentally wound one of the monkeys, because of which Caesar forbids them to invade their possessions. The truce was short-lived, a real confrontation began. Caesar miraculously survived after he tried to kill Koba.

10. "The Other Woman" .Mark and Carly have been dating for two months. Carly thinks that everything is serious and decides to visit his lover, but discovers in the house of his wife Kate. Kate begins to suspect Mark's connections on the side, gets to know Carly and finds out that her husband cheated on her.

Then the girls find out that Mark has another mistress - Amber. Friends meet in misfortune and begin to monitor a womanizer, while developing a plan for revenge. As a result, Mark remains with nothing, and Ember, Carly and Kate, finally, are happy.

This is the list of the best films of 2014.But this is not all the pictures that deserve attention. Also worth seeing is "Love Through Time," "Treasure hunters," "Godzilla," "Divergent," and some other films. In addition, in 2014 there are still coming premieres, which promise to be interesting and impressive.

Happy viewing!