How to quickly get rid of freckles?

April 18, 2018 13:30 | Beauty And Health

Freckles - this is a special thing, which is hereditary. For sure, if you are the owner of brownish specks on the face or shoulders, then this is your family. Most often they occur in people with fair skin and hair - in blondes or redheads. Before puzzling how to get rid of freckles, think about it, but do you need it?

It's not for nothing that they say that someone has freckles, that the sun loves. And if you do not pay attention to folk tales, then you can turn to modern fashion trends - they become popular, they emphasize your personality and prove your friendship with the sun's rays.

But, if your specks are completely bored and you are determined to part with them, then there are a lot of recommendations and advice on this. Let's discuss some of them.


Usually freckles have a certain property of seasonality: in winter they disappear, and in the spring and summer are activated. But do not be mistaken that in winter they completely disappear, it is not. They just become pale, barely noticeable.

That's why, facial care should start from winter, and not wait for the first spots in April. When you go out into the street, it is better to protect the skin from direct sunlight - use a suntan cream with a degree of protection of at least 50, wear hats with large fields or caps, sunglasses.

  • The sun, from 12 hours to 16, is the most harmful. Therefore, if your skin is also prone to the appearance of freckles, then at this time it is better to be somewhere indoors.
  • Beginning in the winter months, wipe the face with lemon juice in the morning and evening. After the procedure, the person should be washed with warm water. After all, the lack of vitamin C and provokes excessive pigmentation. Therefore, in addition to the external use of lemon, the internal saturation of the body with fruits containing vitamin C - oranges, lemons, mandarins, currants, etc., will be equally beneficial. Horseradish and potato masks, use of a dandelion infusion are equally effective. All these plants have oxidizing properties that lighten the skin, penetrating into it.
  • Get rid of freckles on your face and cucumber juice. There are many lotions with natural extracts, and they can also be prepared at home. Cucumber not only brightens the skin and relieves it of unnecessary stains, but also helps to increase its tone. But do not forget that it is often not recommended to lighten the skin, as it is possible to weaken its upper layer too much, white spots may appear. If you are at night apply lemon or cucumber lotion, then in the morning, protect your skin from the active sun with sunscreen.
  • Very old, but no less effective, is the method using sour-milk products. Just wipe your face several times a week with kefir or low-fat yogurt.
  • No less useful in this case is the juice of parsley. The recipe for the mask is simple - brew a spoonful of dry parsley root, cool, strain, mix it with the juice of 1 lemon. The mixture is applied to the face 2 times a day.
  • Make freckles less noticeable, strong black tea will help. Wipe them face 2-3 times a day.
  • Mix 0.5 cups of currant juice and the same juice squeezed from the leaves of cornflowers or calendula. We rub the face at least twice a day.

There are many recipes that recommend the use of hydrogen peroxide to remove freckles, as well as various masks containing alkali and acids. This can not be done.

All these tools, if used incorrectly, can leave burns on your face, lead to severe peeling of the skin, and as a result - rapid aging and wrinkles. Such methods are sometimes used in salons where, under the guidance of an experienced specialist, one can not be afraid of their consequences.

For a long time

Unfortunately, the answer to this question does not exist, because the new portion of ultraviolet skin will react according to the usual principle, but you can take care and help your skin to extend the effect of a clean face for as long as possible. To do this, do not be lazy, but follow all the recommendations, protect your face and do bleaching masks.

To determine how to get rid of freckles quickly, it is necessary to select recipes for folk medicine and any cosmetics so that they fit specifically to your skin type. All methods of traditional medicine are effective, but they require time and patience, because pigmented spots can not and will disappear.

But if you can not wait to say goodbye to freckles in the near future, then there are ways how to get rid of freckles from professional cosmetologists.

In beauty salons

  • Laser grinding. This method is quite popular and effective. In just a few sessions you can completely get rid of age spots. The procedure itself is aggressive, therefore, after 2-4 weeks it is necessary to adhere to the doctor's recommendations and avoid active sun rays. That is why, it is better to carry out such therapy in the winter months.
  • Chemical peeling. Using weak solutions of acids, the specialist removes the upper, affected by pigmentation, layers of skin. The procedure is painless, the recovery period is a couple of days, after which redness and light inflammation of the skin disappear.
  • Phototherapy. It may seem to some people in a doubtful way - because the removal of pigmented spots is produced through intense pulsed light. But, strangely enough, it is quite safe and fast way to get rid of the increased pigmentation.

Can I get rid of freckles in these ways for at least one summer season? In principle, yes, depending on your skin type, professional methods of combating pigmentation allow you to get rid of freckles for a long time. But on one condition, if you constantly adhere to all the recommendations of a doctor and use sunscreen.

Many girls do not try to get rid of freckles, but simply diligently disguise them under tons of makeup. It is better to avoid such ways of fighting, because you are hardly staining smudges, and the excess makeup will look ridiculous and ugly.

It is acceptable to use lightweight agents, for example, a powder of terracotta shade, which is applied in a very thin layer. Avoid brown shadows, because they will be the best allies with excessive variegation. Try to focus on the eyes, so that freckles are lost on their background.

Freckles on the face - this is not the worst, so always try to accept and love yourself as you are.