Fitness for men who want to be beautiful

June 29, 2018 04:15 | Sport And Slimming

It is mistakenly considered that the employment of fitness is a purely female occupation, because it is women who invariably lose weight, and not everyone wants to lift weights in the gym. And men, regardless of the particular case, because of some lack of education, and maybe, yielding to universal influence, always go to the gym, start to pull iron, but only a few of them think about it, do they?

Before you start, you need to decide what you want to get from them, and what path you will have to go through before you get the desired result. Often it happens that men acquire the desire to get a beautiful and inflated body already at a time when its far from ideal.

Before you begin the formation of the relief, most likely, you will have to lose more than one kilogram, and with this you will be able to cope with the fitness.

For this, there is no need to invent something new, it is enough to adhere to already known recommendations.

By the way, if you are confused by the fact that you will have to go to the gym, and it can be far, expensive, or just do not like the atmosphere itself, then you can do fitness for men at home.

This will help you to work at a time when you will be more comfortable, and also save a lot of money, because you do not have to pay for a subscription to the gym, and also buy special shoes and clothes.

The desire to study at home is even influenced by such trifles as the opportunity to select your favorite music for training, to perform exercises at a convenient pace.

Many people prefer home workouts also because they like to do themselves, choose the exercises that are most effective in their case. But, of course, before moving on to such individual programs where you become your own coach, it's better to practice with a professional for several months to understand the basic principles. Although the Internet there are many video lessons with fitness instructors, where even special fitness programs are developed.

On the other hand, there are a lot of disadvantages of home training. The first is lack of motivation. After all, when you are in the hall, there are a lot of people around who perform the same tasks as you, so when you are in the team, it's much easier to get into the rhythm and not miss training.

But in a home environment it's very difficult to convince yourself daily that you need to train. Begin to give yourself a slack, referring to one or the other reason, and in due course, and completely abandon the training.

Motivation and Inventory

Before doing home workouts, it is better for a man to visit a doctor who can choose the set of exercises that will be most effective for your body, and also do no harm to your health. Even better, if you consult with an experienced fitness trainer.

After this, it is necessary to set a goal, which is inexorably approaching every day. If you do not understand what you are doing all this for every day, then do not wait for success. After all, constantly pushing yourself will not work, which means that there will not be much progress from your studies, which will further reduce enthusiasm, it is not for nothing that they inspire successes and victories.

So, the desire is there, the goal is set, what's next? It is better to choose a certain time for training, so that eventually developed a certain habit of doing. It is better that at this time you are not distracted, and you were left only to yourself.

The most important and necessary equipment in home fitness classes is sex. It is he who will help to put in order the muscles of the hands, chest, press, and also legs. It would also be nice to buy a crossbeam, which is sold in any specialized store.

Putting it in the doorway, you will have an excellent simulator for pumping hands, upper shoulder girdle, as well as the press. It would be nice to notice the street bar, where you can hang and work out some exercises with great scope.

In order to diversify their training, you can get a set of dumbbells, a skipping rope, an inclined board, purchase a special weighting agent for the legs and hands, which will contribute to accelerated muscle pumping. But all this can be purchased over time, making sure that at home you really go out to do.

Effective Exercises for

Before you do pumping muscles, drawing a beautiful body relief, you need to lose weight. Someone has more, some have less, you need to look at the situation. In order to fight with extra pounds, it is necessary to include running in your fitness program.

It's not necessary to run every day, this can get you bored quickly before you reach the first results. Select one or two days a week, when you will run, but such that before the "seventh sweat".Running on the street can be replaced by riding an exercise bike or on an ordinary bike. In this kind of sport, the weight of a group of muscles is worked out, and this is the guarantee of correct and rapid weight loss.

By the way, the fight against excess weight can be arranged with the help of swimming. For many, this kind of sport is more pleasant than running, and it burns as much calories in it as when running and mountaineering. Also, the burning of calories is very well influenced by exercises with dumbbells, they must necessarily be included in the main curriculum, at least 3 times a week, 5 exercises at a time.


This complex must be performed three or four times a week, it is necessary to supplement with aerobic loads. The complex is intended for beginners, when you already experience visible results, the program should be complicated, adding more weight, and also reducing breaks between exercises.

Over time, you can include carbohydrate drinks in your diet, and do not forget about fructose and glucose, which are very necessary for training. All exercises are performed in 3 sets of 10-12 times.

  • Working out of biceps. Alternating bending of hands in elbows, first standing, and then sitting.
  • Working with shoulders. Rod presses, as well as pulling on the trapeze.
  • Breast. Straight swings with kettlebells, push-ups from the floor, and alternating dumbbells.
  • Press. Raising the legs from the prone position, as well as lifting the legs, hanging on the bar.
  • Working with the back. Pulling on the crossbar face in front of her, also behind her.
  • Feet. Raising the bar, press with his feet, attacks with dumbbells or weighting.
  • Triceps. Lowering the dumbbell by the head, you can press on the uneven bars. In general, any stretching exercises of the triceps lying down.

Pumping at home - the idea is very real, the main thing is to set a goal and fulfill it, being convinced of its victory.