Anti-stress vitamins: what vitamins are necessary for women

April 18, 2018 18:30 | About Health
Recently in the Russian market there were vitamins of the third generation and they are addressed mainly to women. Our interlocutor is academician of RAMS, professor, deputy director for science of the Scientific Center of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Perinatology of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences in Moscow, Vladimir Nikolayevich Serov.

- What are the vitamins of the third generation and how do they differ from their predecessors?
- Vitamin preparations can be divided into three groups. The first generation is individual vitamins, when one tablet contains one vitamin. In the days of the recent past, doctors were forced to make vitamin compositions for their patients. The second generation of vitamins has two features: 1. It is a multivitamin, representing a balanced composition of different groups of vitamins.2. Minerals or trace elements are added to the vitamin complex. The third generation - multivitamins, containing another component - plant substances.

- What are the advantages of third generation vitamins?
- Phyto-supplements have allowed to successfully develop new directions of multivitamins. For example, there were multifunctional vitamins Anti-stress with a calming effect. They help a woman get out of difficult life situations: overcome depressive syndromes after abortion, cope with postpartum complications, with psychological overload. Vegetable ingredients are irreplaceable in vitamins, by which the troubles of climacteric syndrome are eliminated: hot flashes, unsteadiness of mood, touchiness. And in the vitamins that help purify the body, eliminate excess fluid and edible fats, phyto-components are simply irreplaceable. By the way, for Russia, where herbal treatment is a traditional occupation, it is also important that plant hormones in modern vitamins are derived from plant substances.

- Of course, it is easier to swallow one pill than a few vitamins, trace elements, and even cook herbal tea. .. How much is it possible to replace it with multivitamins?
- It is possible to admit full replacement of multivitamins theoretically only. After all, the balancing of components in polyvitamins is filigree. Let me give you an example, one of many: the incorrect combination of vitamin E and a group of B vitamins can lead to a situation where one vitamin is excreted by another. With polyvitamins, such incidents can not simply happen - they fully correspond to the physiological needs of man.
Complexes of multivitamins and trace elements, of course, are more progressive and qualitative. They are much more accurately selected proportions than in combinations of individual vitamins, recommended even by an experienced doctor.

- What vitamins are necessary for ladies?
- As I said, it is better to take composite tablets of a certain orientation, depending on the problems and age. It should be borne in mind that vitamin E excellently stimulates metabolism. Vitamins of group B and folic acid affect hemopoiesis and, being strong antioxidants, regulate oxidation processes. Microelements in combination with vitamins act as catalysts, participating in two thousand chemical processes of the body. They effectively activate the processes of hemoglobin formation.
One of the effective functions of multivitamins is to increase resistance. If they enter the body, then the protective forces become more reliable, if not, then gaps in the immune system are formed.

- Many people perceive vitamins as a fashionable sign of modern life and believe that it is better to eat fruits and vegetables.
- Vegetables and fruits are indisputably useful, but they mostly contain only vitamin C, but there are no so-called fat-soluble vitamins: A, D, E and many other important components. Their source is meat, cereals, eggs and other products. Ideal for vitamin richness diet, or rather, the old ration of the Russian soldier: 1.5 kg of coarse bread, not less than 400 grams of meat, 200 grams of porridge, vegetables and fruits - without restrictions. If a modern lady consumes so many products, a tragedy will happen. I'm not talking about the loss of harmony, but she just will not be able to digest what she's eaten. After all, the soldier of the tsarist army was constantly engaged in manual labor. But the Australian diet is extremely useful for our compatriots: high-quality protein: different kinds of meat, cheese, fish, cottage cheese, yogurt, all vegetables, multivitamins and iron. The point of view expressed in the question is deeply mistaken. Like the popular opinion that enough in July to eat 10 glasses of blueberries or in the fall to saturate yourself with clean vegetables from the infield - and enough vitamins for the whole year.
Unfortunately, the human body can not store vitamins for future use. As well as get from the food in full vitamins and trace elements. Both that, and another - it is impossible. The only alternative is vitamin-mineral complexes.

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