How to learn to dance buty dance?

June 30, 2018 05:15 | Sport And Slimming

Dancing is not only pleasant and exciting, but also useful. And some of them will help to become sexual, flexible and self-confident. And to be like that, you can try to master Booty dance.

What is it?

Booty dance is a relatively new and very exotic direction in the dance culture, suggesting active movements of the buttocks and thighs. Sometimes it is called the "buttock dance" or "priests dance".Other common names are Booty shake, Swag, Twerk.

The history of this direction of the dough is connected with ritual dances of women of African tribes, which were used to attract men. And to this day Booty dance has a pronounced erotic character and sexual overtones.

Is this useful?

Here's what you can give lessons Booty dance:

  • You will become flexible, confident and sexy. Even after a month of regular training, you will notice how your posture, gait, movement and even behavior and attitude towards yourself will change.
  • Increased muscle tone. In the process of dancing, the muscles of the buttocks, back, abdomen, and legs are actively involved. And this means that your body will become tight and embossed.
  • If we list the advantages of this direction of dancing, then we can not fail to mention its benefits for women's health. Since most of the movements are in the thighs and pelvic area, in which all the organs of the reproductive system are located, blood circulation and blood supply of this zone will noticeably improve. And this means that with the help of dances you can improve the work of the uterus and ovaries, normalize digestion, stabilize the menstrual cycle, and prevent stagnant phenomena.
  • For one lesson, how many calories are burned, how many per half-hour run at an average pace. So if you combine exercise with proper nutrition, you can get rid of extra pounds.
  • It's interesting and pleasant. Yes, classes give real pleasure and a lot of positive emotions.

Can everyone do anything?

There are some contraindications:

  • diseases of the genital area of ​​an inflammatory nature;
  • pregnancy period( acceleration of blood circulation can lead to uterine hypertension and the threat of miscarriage);
  • oncological diseases;
  • certain vascular and heart diseases, for example, thrombosis, varicose veins, thrombophlebitis, heart failure;
  • diseases of the joints and spine( during the exercises they are under heavy loads);
  • critical days;
  • some diseases of the muscular and connective tissues.

How to start?

How to learn Buti dance? If you decide to seek professional help, you must first decide on the choice of the dance school. First, find a school with a good reputation and talented teachers. It is better to choose a place located near the house. Secondly, decide with the teacher and sign up for him. Third, make a schedule of training.

If you plan to study at home, then you can do it with the help of video lessons. It is desirable to find a whole course consisting of several lessons. And it will be great if each video has a detailed description that will allow you to understand the essence of any movement and fasten it and fix it.

Start with mastering the basics, then go on to the more complex elements of the dance. By the way, you should train in front of a large mirror. This will allow you to evaluate the correctness of the performance of the pa and fix bugs.

What is required?

To get started, you will need:

  • Comfortable clothes. You can practice in a sports suit, but professionals recommend choosing something sexy and tight-fitting. So, short tight shorts will allow to see each movement and work of muscles and to achieve the maximum results. You can also choose tight-fitting leggings. On the top of the body you can wear a T-shirt, T-shirt or top.
  • Comfortable shoes. To protect from damage to the joints of the feet, choose sneakers on a thick enough soles. When all the movements are mastered, you can try to dance in shoes with heels.

How do the workouts go?

Each training consists of several main stages:

  1. The first and very important stage is a warm-up. It allows you to prepare the muscles for the load and heat them, thereby protecting against damage. The warm-up can include simple exercises and some stretching elements. It lasts an average of 5-10 minutes.
  2. The second stage is the main unit. The basic movements are mastered, each of them is studied and honed.
  3. Then follows the stretching. The teacher will help stretch the muscles of the back and legs and gradually sit on the longitudinal and transverse twine( in such positions, you can also perform basic movements), and also achieve an ideal deflection in the back.
  4. The final stage of the training is the so-called staging. Individual movements will be organized into bundles, and a full dance will be made out of the ligaments.

One workout lasts an average of 45-60 minutes. But if you are a beginner, then it's better to start with half an hour, since Booty dance is a big load, and it's worth to increase them gradually. To achieve results, you should conduct classes at least two or three times a week. In addition to shoes and clothes, do not forget to take water and personal hygiene products( to take a shower after class).

Basic movements

Basic movements Buti dans:

  • Rump shaking - active and rhythmic movements of the buttocks.
  • Hip roll - the rotation of the waist and hips.
  • Booty shake - fast movements( vibrations) buttocks.
  • Rhythmic beats to the hips.
  • Describing the hips of the eight.
  • Isolation in the process of dancing one buttock from the other. This movement is quite complex and requires maximum efforts and complete control over your own body.
  • Isolation during movements of the buttocks of the lower body from the upper. So, active movements of the lower part of the body can be combined with slow and feminine movements of the upper part.

Useful advices

Some tips that will make the training even more effective and enjoyable:

  1. To prepare the buttocks( it is he who plays the most important role in the Booty dance), you can perform squats or lunges. It will also be superfluous to do daily stretching exercises, this will help to achieve results faster.
  2. Choose the right music. You can choose any musical direction, but the compositions must be rhythmic and dynamic.
  3. Dance not only in training, but at home. Just turn on the music and repeat all the movements learned with the teacher.
  4. When you fully master all the basic movements, start improvising.
  5. Do not handle if you feel unwell and in a bad mood.

Enjoy dancing Booty dance and become flexible, bright and sexy!