Beautiful evening dresses for full girls and women( 17 photos)

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Lush shapes - this is no reason not to go to important events or, attending them, wearing shapeless baggy things. Even a girl with an appetizing figure can afford a chic dress!

How to choose an evening dress?

So, how to choose a chic dress that will favorably emphasize appetizing forms? Here's what to look for when buying:

  • The dress should hide what no one needs to see, and emphasize what can be shown. So if you have a chic breasts, then safely choose a model with a deep neckline or V-neck. This detail will draw attention to the most outstanding and sexy part of your figure and divert attention from other parts. If you have full thighs, then hide them behind the flowing hem of the dress, you will be a real goddess. The voluminous tummy will hide the dress with an overstated waist. If you think that you have full legs, then choose long dresses. Full hands should be hidden with the help of long sleeves.
  • Material. If you decide to choose a dressing dress, then pay attention to the rather dense and opaque fabrics, they will hide excess volume and make the body more fit. If you prefer a free dress, you can choose a light flowing material, for example, chiffon. Be careful with satin and silk, overflows of such fabrics can add extra volume. Do not choose voluminous or printed fabrics with a pile or a convex pattern, they also do not fit.
  • Size. It is important to choose a dress of the appropriate size. If you decide to hide the completeness behind the dress by a size larger than necessary, then in the end you will seem more. If, on the contrary, you decide to slightly "pull" the body, then it will look even more ridiculous, since straps and decollete can cut into the skin, and the underwear becomes noticeable. So first, determine your size and consider it when buying.
  • Color. For many years, the lush girls thought that light colors are full and often had to bypass the most fashionable shades, preferring( by the way, not on their own) dark colors. But, at last, this stereotype was destroyed. Designers and couturiers still realized that on a real goddess with appetizing forms, a white dress will look just as gorgeous as beige, milky or light peach. So full of beauties are available in absolutely all colors.
  • Prints. The ban on drawings is another stereotype, which, fortunately, has also been successfully destroyed. But all the drawings are not appropriate, and not always. If you like floristic prints, then choose models with not too large colors and not too flashy. And, by the way, if you want to emphasize some part of the body, then the drawing should be placed on it. But from too motley drawings it is better to refuse. Vertical same patterns visually stretch the body and make you more slender.

Fashionable evening dresses

This season, beautiful evening dresses for full girls and women were presented at many fashion shows by many couturiers and designers. Let's list the main fashion trends.


There are many options:

  • It is worth noting the special popularity of long dresses, today they are chosen by many celebrities with magnificent forms. Especially relevant elegant dresses in the Greek style, which from any girl can make a real goddess. But if you are a low-growth person, then do not forget to put on heels, otherwise the image will be ridiculous.
  • Actual and short dresses, but they can only afford to girls with slim and beautiful legs. If you decide to stop picking on such a model, then remember that the evening dress can not be too short. The most optimal length is up to the middle of the thigh or slightly lower.
  • Actual and dresses with an inflated waist of any length, they will hide literally everything you need.
  • If you are proud of your figure, then choose a sexy dress-case. But remember that it should not be too tight, it will look ugly.
  • On the full ladies will look chic look models in the style of new look with a laconic top and a lush bottom. In this case, the tight upper will be able to emphasize your breasts, and the hem will hide the voluminous hips.
  • A-silhouettes will also be appropriate, which will hide all the shortcomings.
  • You can choose a straight cut model, it is also suitable.
  • Try to try on an asymmetrical dress with an elongated hem at the back, it will tie your legs.


Full ladies in this season can afford almost everything: silk, chiffon, satin and even guipure. But from velvet is worth abandoning.

Fashionable shades of

There are also a lot of options for tones:

  • Black is relevant and popular, as always. This color will not only hide the extra volume, but also turn you into a mystery girl.
  • In 2015, many designers prefer shades of blue, such as indigo, electrician or deep dark blue. Such colors look amazing!
  • It is worth paying attention to the burgundy, he is also in a trend.
  • Red is also appropriate. But it is better to avoid too bright and light his tones, prefer darker and more calm.
  • Coral is also in fashion, but in this case it is important to choose the right style. It should be concise, as the accent of the outfit will be the color.


Topical will be floral prints, geometric, as well as abstract. But remember about caution and do not overdo it!

Fashionable details of

If you look at photos from fashion shows, then you can distinguish several fashionable details of evening dresses for complete:

  • Lace finishing. She will make the image romantic and feminine. Finish can be on the neckline, hem dresses or cuff sleeves.
  • sequins and rhinestones. Yes, and such a decor is also permissible, but only if the style of the dress is concise. Otherwise, you will look like a great bright spot, and this you absolutely do not need.
  • Various draperies. If they are located where necessary and not too massive, then help to hide the shortcomings. But in some cases they are simply out of place.
  • Embroidery. But only not too voluminous and not too pretentious.

Useful tips

Some useful tips:

  1. In the evening dress for a gorgeous girl, it's absolutely not necessary to have a lot of details, such as creases, drapes, embroidery and so on. The accent should be unique, otherwise the outfit will be full.
  2. Remember the importance of choosing the right linen. It is best to purchase a set of corrective underwear, which will hide excess volume and make the body more taut. Do not wear too tight panties and bras, they can stand out and spoil the impression.
  3. Try on a dress with a corset, it can also come up.
  4. If the dress is bright and original, then accessories should be discarded altogether. If you chose a modest and simple dress, then certainly use accessories: necklaces, pendants, large beads, bracelets( but not all at once).
  5. Relax, straighten your back, throw away all the complexes and doubts and enjoy your outfit!

Choose a chic evening gown and become the queen of any ball!