Hairstyles for Girls

July 03, 2018 02:00 | Children

Girls attending kindergarten also want to be beautiful and not like others. For their little princesses, moms try to pick up an original children's hairdress, besides not too complicated in execution.

If the girl's hair is short, a large variety of hairstyles will not work, but you can offer some interesting options. Hair can hold an interesting rim. So the hair will look beautiful, and the hair will not interfere.

You can assemble a part of the hair from the temples, stab them with a beautiful hair clip or tie it with an elastic band with a bow. Original "tail" looks, in which the hair is collected with the help of several different colored gums. Such a hairstyle, in which the neck is completely open, is good for hot weather.

A short haircut can be diversified with an interesting weave of hair, fixed with colored elastic bands or a beautiful ribbon for the color of the dress.

Long hair and average length of hair allow to considerably diversify children's hairdresses.

Simple children's haircut, which in 10-15 minutes can make any mom. To do this, you need a comb-comb with a separator and 11 thin rubber bands.

Hair should be divided into two partings, make four identical ponytails on one side and fasten them with elastic bands. Manipulations with hair are easier if they are slightly damp.

Two middle tails divided in half and join the elastic bands between each other and with neighboring tails.

Now the middle tail is divided in half and each half is connected to one and the second lateral tail. From the joint hair braid two pigtails and fastened with elastic bands.

Another simple hairstyle, which requires two invisible and two thin gum. The hair is divided evenly into two equal parts, collected in two horse's tails on the sides of the head and fixed with tight, thin elastic bands. From the bottom of the tail take a strand of hair, braid the pigtail and several times wrap its tail, tightly securing the invisible end of the pigtail. The same is done with the other tail.

You can not braid braids, but wrap the tails with locks of hair or make a hairstyle with one pony tail.

The tail is generally a perfect hairstyle for every day. And if you decorate it with beautiful hairpins, it turns into a festive hairstyle.

Scythe for girls is a favorite hairstyle, especially if they are woven in an unusual way - snake, zigzag or sideways. In principle, this is a functional hairstyle, which is suitable for every day, and for a festive morning performance.

If your mother learns to braid unusual braids, her daughter will always be in the spotlight.

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