15 photos of beautiful and fashionable dress-sweaters

July 03, 2018 08:15 | Mode

In the wardrobe of any fashionista should be a lot of dresses, because only they are able to emphasize femininity and elegance. If you value comfort and comfort, be sure to pay attention to the dress-sweater. But in order to be irresistible in it, find out how to properly wear it.

Dress or sweater?

What is a dress-sweater? This is a kind of tandem of these two things. You can say that this is a knitted dress or an elongated sweater.

Who is right and in what cases is it appropriate?

Dress-sweater can be called a universal thing, because a variety of styles allows you to choose the right model for any shape.

Such a thing is more likely to be everyday, although some models can be safely put on parties, friends' meetings and other similar events. And a dress-sweater - this is the perfect office option for a business lady. It combines both strictness and femininity.

How to make a choice?

How to choose a dress-sweater? Here's what to look out for:

  • Length. A universal variant is a dress up to the knees. It will hide the full hips and will suit the office. If you are a lucky possessor of slender legs, you can choose a model that is just above the knees or up to the middle of the thigh. Dresses below the knees fit only pretty tall girls, as well as middle-aged women.
  • Style. It can be practically anything and should be selected taking into account the features of the figure. So, slender girls can afford a tight-fitting dress-sweater. Full ladies can pay attention to models with an overstated waist. The shredded hem will hide the hips and make the dress feminine and romantic. And the model "tulip" will make the buttocks and thighs more appetizing.
  • Cutout. The V-neckline will lengthen the neck, the round neckline will give an image of romance, the cutout-boat will add elegance and femininity, and the collar-yoke will make the thing more original and interesting. Dress with a collar-golf( like a turtleneck) will look restrained and strict.
  • Binding. Large and voluminous binding suits slender girls and will warm in winter. A fine mating will make the figure more feminine and will favorably emphasize its dignity. Vertical patterns will help visually stretch the silhouette, and horizontal, on the contrary, will expand it.
  • The length of sleeves can be any. The long ones look strictly and elegantly. Short refresh the image, and the length of three quarters gives a certain zest.
  • Color. It depends on the purpose of the thing and your preferences. So, for office it is better to choose a model of dark and noble tone: blue, burgundy, black, purple, brown. For everyday wear suitable light, pastel and pleasant shades, such as beige, sand, pink, blue, lilac. And at the party, you can wear a mint, coral, pink or green dress.
  • Patterns. Most often used are geometric or ethnic prints, for example, the so-called "crow's feet", rhombuses, triangles and so on. But the dress with a floral or abstract pattern will look more fresh and bright.

How to wear?

So, with what can you combine a beautiful and fashionable dress-sweater? There are a lot of options!

What should I wear on my feet?

So with what to wear a dress-sweater?

  • The simplest, obvious and yet feminine option is tights. And they can be both thin and translucent, and dense. Tight pantyhose, in turn, can be either black, or bright and contrasting in tone with the top of the kit. But from openwork and abundantly decorated models will have to give up, they will look too pretentious or even ridiculous.
  • Leggings. They will perfectly match with a short dress-sweater. It is better to choose a simple black dense model. Although if you preferred a bright dress, then the leggings can also be original.
  • Jeans. Yes, a short dress-sweater, barely covering the buttocks, can be worn with jeans. It is desirable to choose classic straight or tight "skinny".
  • If you are a fan of bright images, then try to put on a short dress-sweater skirt up to the knees, below them or to the floor.


Interesting options:

  • A leather jacket will help create a fresh youth image. And if you decide to choose a jacket-kosuhu, then make the kit more vivid and interesting. Such tandems are often found in the photo of fashion magazines.
  • On a cool summer evening, warm spring or autumn, you can put a blazer on top( it's suitable for a walk) or a jacket( this is a more business option).
  • Coat. It will be especially interesting to look at a direct coat.
  • Over the dress-sweater, you can safely put on a fur vest. This combination will make you bright and truly chic.
  • In winter, you can wear a down jacket, a double-comb or a fur coat.


A few ideas:

  • Winter dress can be combined with almost any boots. So, a short and free model of large mating will be interesting to look with boots or boots with wide and rather high bootlegs. A tight dress is best worn with elegant boots with rounded noses on the heel.
  • A short dress can be worn with ankle boots.
  • A tight dress to the knees or below them with a pair of shoes. The larger the knitting, the thicker the heel should be.
  • Summer dress can be worn with ballet. Such a tandem will look cute and youthful.
  • Do you want to create a sports image of an active girl? Then put on a dress-sweater with the so-called "snickers".
  • In winter, you can combine an elongated wool dress-sweater and boots or ugg boots.



  • Even the most simple dress can be emphasized with a belt. And it can be both thin and elegant, and wide and bright. As for color, it is allowed and a combination in tone with the dress, and contrasting.
  • You can complement the dress-sweater with a scarf.
  • Make an image more interesting and feminine help bright beads or a large pendant on a long chain.

Be sure to purchase a dress-sweater, because now you know how to properly wear it.