Fashionable summer jerseys and tops for girls( 25 photos)

July 03, 2018 10:45 | Mode

In a bright summer season, every girl wants to look as fresh and attractive as possible, but nobody has canceled comfort and convenience in the heat: open and light things are always very popular.

T-shirts and T-shirts are just the same elements of the women's wardrobe that allow you to create the most unusual and diverse images: from mediocre and everyday to chic and solemn.

In addition, such clothes are always comfortable and comfortable, thousands of options that are constantly offered in stores and boutiques, always allow you to choose exactly the model that will satisfy all the requirements of even the most spoiled buyer. But, it turns out, it was not always so.

T-shirts became an independent element of the wardrobe only in the 80-ies of the last century: rockers, musicians and informal young people happily bared their bodies in such a way, showing their magnificent figure to others.

Previously, the t-shirts were an element of underwear, they were hidden from unnecessary eyes, considering another version of socks unacceptable. Over time, T-shirts and versatile T-shirts were removed to the cloakrooms of the most ordinary people, firmly established there to this day.

Such popular clothing, both among men and women, is universal, because it can easily be combined with a wide range of wardrobe items and accessories.

In the heat of fashionable summer jerseys, tops and T-shirts remain incredibly functional, stylish and comfortable clothes, which is great for dynamic and active ladies. To ensure that such clothes "breathe" as much as possible during the summer heat, it is made of light materials: knitwear, viscose, cotton or a mixture thereof.

More solemn and elegant styles, mainly, are based on silk, lace or chiffon. Choosing a summer jersey or top it is important to carefully study its composition: a large number of synthetic fibers can disrupt the normal air exchange of your body with the outside world.

Of course, choosing clothes from purely natural materials is also not worth it, as it will quickly lose its appearance. The best solution is a small percentage of synthetic impurities - and your favorite shirt will last longer, and the body will "breathe".

Popular T-shirts, T-shirts and tops in the season 2014

In a huge variety of colorful shirts, which are full of almost all women's clothing stores, it is difficult not to get confused and choose exactly what you really need. But everything is not so scary, as it may seem, every year designers put forward certain criteria on which it is possible to distinguish the novelty of the season from last year's collections. What is this year in favor?

To not lose with the choice of a fashionable T-shirt or T-shirt, it is important to pay attention to its color, because, in many respects, this is the main criterion, characterizing its popularity in the current season.

For example, it is already recognized that this year's fashionable colors will be their bright representatives: red, bright yellow, lemon, orange and electro-blue. Not inferior to their place and classic - black and white models - these things can indeed be considered universal, because they can easily become the basis for any image.

But the gray tones that were so popular in past seasons have already been left behind, now designers are working hard on two-color combinations - black + white, black + blue, black + red. At the peak of popularity there are T-shirts for the summer with various prints in the form of little animals, fish and birds.

The latter occupy a special position in the popularity ratings, and it does not matter who is depicted - a parrot, a flamingo or a cartoonish feathered hero - any such drawings will be in a trend. The lovers of Gothic and rock style are also lucky: a variety of skulls, cute and not very large and small crosses that can be filled with some other patterns, also promise to be popular next summer.

However, the undoubted leader and favorite of the 2014 season among designers was a print with the image of various colors: poppies, peonies, roses or irises - any flower you like will easily become yours.

Fashionable styles of summer t-shirts and tops

Variety of styles and original models of the coming season, there is no end, T-shirts with your favorite lace, asymmetric tops, poppies and bats in the popular bando style, all at once you will not list! The choice is great, each model is more suitable for this or that case.

For example, very fashionable lately tops without straps are literally created for a hot and active summer. Such models, made in marine and solar subjects, are perfect for a trip to the beach or on a visit, in such T-shirts all harmoniously - the seductive line of the chest, beautifully delineated hands and collarbones that do not hide under the bored straps of T-shirts.

Asymmetric T-shirts made on one shoulder are not inferior to the previous ones: elongated models resembling short dresses can be worn with light leggings or shorts: a very seductive and feminine image is obtained.

Girls with appetizing shapes are perfect suits bustier T-shirts, which perfectly emphasize the beautiful full breasts, but since they are often made of dense enough cotton or jeans, they are no less harmoniously "pulling" a few extra pounds on the sides. The perfect combination - a T-shirt with a bustier and a skirt with an overstated waist.

Special interest among young people was captured by shortened T-shirts, which resemble a square in shape. Sufficiently broad and asymmetrical, they are very interesting to sit on the figure, creating a very dynamic and playful image. Do not forget about your favorite classics - white T-shirts or tops perfectly underline the contrast of a tanned body, they will easily create an ensemble with almost any summer clothes.

Fashionable summer combinations. With what to wear T-shirts?

These women of fashion must know perfectly well what to wear tops and summer jerseys in 2014, if you do not already know, then we will gladly help you figure it out. As we have already said, such summer things are truly universal, because you can combine them, without much difficulty, with anything.

The ultra-short shorts, which fully open beautiful female legs, are again in vogue. By the way, shorts, like T-shirts, for a long time were absolutely unacceptable for women's wardrobe, now the combination of T-shirt + ultrashort shorts is just perfect for any female image.

The main thing, do not forget to monitor the condition of your legs - they should be perfect in every way. To balance such an easy and open image, designers advise to use rather bulky shoes, although high heels or low-heeled sandals will also be very appropriate.

The second fashionable combination is elongated summer t-shirts with leggings or light skinny jeans. Such an image can be supplemented with large accessories, a small bag-clutch and sandals on a wedge. In the evening, if it becomes cool, the T-shirts are in perfect harmony with jackets, light cardigans and balero.

These are the tops and shirts you can wear in summer( photo):