Lacquered shoes Labuten: black, beige, red models

April 19, 2018 03:15 | Summer Shoes

This is the principle of the luxury brand Christian Labuten. For almost 30 years, the shoes of this brand are considered cult, but the lacquer labutenes occupy a special position in the collections.

These models have firmly established their place in the trends and are not going to take their positions. This is a great rarity in the world, especially given the fact that the collections of the brand are focused on classic styles. And thus it is not considered age. ..

Beige, black and red lacquer lacquers

By the way, the varnished leather - became the first material for original shoes. Almost 30 years ago, when they first appeared, it was patent leather that was a novelty and a revelation. But today such models are not considered vintage, slightly muffled light shine of materials, a thin choice of colors and actual styles - a pledge of insane brand popularity.

The first and main model is a real symbol of femininity and status - beige lacquered labutenes. It is this brand rightfully owned by the author's idea, called the "second skin".In the annual collections there are no less than a dozen different shades of beige - from ecru to cream. This allows you to choose the same beige, which is ideal for the shade of your own skin - they are worn only on bare feet and not otherwise. Slightly shiny, lacquered surface ideally beats this trend, and the legendary red sole turns such shoes into a sexy and slightly evocative model.

The brand is quite conservative in the choice of colors, and you will not even find in the freshest collections of lacquer shoes causing colors and shades.

The more interesting, the way classic colors are used. For example, black lacquered labutenes are practically standard shoes, while they always look slightly defiant, thanks to a contrasting combination of black and red.

Undoubtedly, the labuteny-boats are elegant, but the models are considered to be a branded model on a "separate" platform( under the toe part) and a high hairpin. They, as a rule, are deprived of any decor - too bright, self-sufficient design and patent leather play the main role.

The brand, as a rule, ably replicates and improves its own models, not getting carried away by seasonal novelties. This is the same value, for example, the legendary quilted handbags from Chanel, so you should pay attention to the canonical examples of such shoes.

As a variant of boats and models on the platform - always in a trend. The designer himself considers them to be the best and indisputable model, invariably raising his fans to very high studs. Height of heels in such models can not be below 14 centimeters. This is how the game of colors of the top and soles opens.

Red lacquered labutenes appeared in the collections of the brand thanks to the French cinema, once created for filming, they firmly entered the line of the brand. But this option - for the most courageous and self-confident fashionistas. Red patent leather is bright enough and even evocative, especially considering the famous sole. This, perhaps, is the most courageous experiment of the designer.

By the way, you will not find the original models of red color on the platform - only boats. The color of the top of such models never contrasts with the color of the sole - the famous shade of bright red remains unchanged for the brand. He is also a pledge of the elegance of such pretty daring models.

So Monsieur Labutin maintains the reputation of a refined and recognized Parisian designer, believing that the measure in everything is the basis of good taste.