15 photos of fashionable and unusual summer shoes

July 06, 2018 07:30 | Mode

Modern fashion podiums offer a wide variety of shapes and elements that can not only decorate shoes, but also add a touch of piquancy, sexuality or even passion. Ahead of us is the warm season, so you need to know what fashionable summer shoes will be in the trend this year.

Footwear is an important and indispensable element of a female toilet, which is always attracted much attention. The correct selection of shoes can fully tell about the condition and mood of its owner, as well as the presence of taste and knowledge of all fashion trends.

The summer season of 2013 will surprise us with its boldness and relaxedness, the decisions can become completely unexpected. But fashion designers are increasingly trying to blend a variety of styles, which, at first glance, are not at all compatible.

However, if you carefully and diligently work on your appearance, choose the right clothes and accessories, then you will see that this year's novelties are surprisingly interesting and stylish solutions.


The most important and non-standard novelty of this season will be flip flops. Yes, do not be surprised, it is on the heel, although we are so accustomed to the flat soles of such slippers.

Flip flops in this summer season will go beyond the usual, because their decorations will become more diverse - a jumper that separates the thumb from the others, is modified, various straps, ropes, buttons and yarn will be added to it.

Heel height will vary from the smallest to the highest, the choice is yours. Such interesting slippers can become an indispensable attribute for evening walks along the sea embankment.

One of the main trends of this season will be a "pseudo-sporting" style - shoes that will combine classic elements with sports. What could it be? The most common models can be sneakers on the heel, or maybe on a high wedge.

Also in the most ordinary sandals or shoes can be added sports items, with the help of decorated strips, like on sneakers, or the presence of lacing. Naturally, it will be completely impossible to play sports in such shoes, but it will be possible to dilute your appearance with fashionable bold sandals or shoes.

The next fashionable decision of the 2013 season will be stylish summer shoes with an open toe or heel. And this does not mean that you have to get stuck on solid sandals. Such shoes can have a rather unusual appearance - shoes, ankle boots, and maybe a boot. But how? The leg will be soared in such closed shoes that even an open toe does not save!

Do not worry, designers will think it through, and your shoes will only give you comfort and convenience. Cutouts on the toe or on the heel can have not only a classical shape - square or semicircular, but also the most unusual - in the form of a heart or, for example, a keyhole.

Do not forget about the color component of fashion shoes. This year, as in the past, fashionable colors with metallic luster remain. Shoes can be made either completely in this style, or in part, including several metal elements, for example, on the heel.

More and more vivid turns gain bright prints, executed in floral or geometric form, no less popular will use abstract colors and classic "peas".

The most important rule - colors should be as bright and saturated as possible. Different animals coloring is back in fashion - leopard and snake prints will be at the peak of popularity.

And, of course, every inveterate woman of fashion will need to have at least one, but an acid pair of shoes in her wardrobe. This version of the color does not leave fashion trends, but only gaining more and more large turns.

Another fashion trend this year will be shoes, decorated with various ruffles, laces, satin and leather inserts. Such ruffles can be both very lush, and barely noticeable, even the most demanding ladies will be able to choose shoes to taste.

For men

Men, unlike women, are not accustomed to follow all trends of fashion, and run to the store for the next fashionable shoes. But no matter how much they open up on this matter, all the same and in the men's fashion there are their tendencies and innovations.

This year men's shoes will surprise us. To replace the classic - black, gray, brown shoes - will come bold decisions and colors. Strangely enough, but in the fashion will be all the shades of blue, green and yellow, fashion prints of this season will be a geometric abstraction and the correct forms - a cage and strips. As in the female case, animal colorings and reptile prints remain popular.

In the summer season of this year, all kinds of men's moccasins are fashionable, because of their convenience and practicality, they firmly occupy their positions in the top "favorite men's shoes."The material from which they will be made can be the most diverse - ordinary or perforated leather, natural suede of the most variegated shades.

No one cancels the sporty style either. A great variety of shoes, sneakers and sports vatnamokom can pleasantly surprise you. Models can be very diverse and original - from high to short models, soft sports sneakers, and even models with an open toe.


For stylish children - their own rules and their own fashion. Those parents who believe that there is no need for observance of children's fashion are mistaken, because the child grows quickly and before any model goes out of fashion, the child will more likely grow out of it. So why not keep abreast of the times?

This year, children's shoes promise to be very comfortable and bright. Do not leave the shelves of trendy shops - sneakers. Yes, here such usual, and the main thing convenient and stylish footwear always remains in a fashion. The main thing this year, do not forget about the coloring - the brighter, the better. Suitable acid tints "tear out your eyes."

Also this year the children's fashion lets in their circles lacquered fashion - sandals, shoes and even sneakers. With the color scheme, everything remains as in the previous case. For those who do not like such bright colors - there is a solution. This summer will be fashionable shades in the style of "vanilla" and "marshmallow".They, you can say, are delicious and fragrant - mint, apricot, lime or lilac.

Following the varnish and sneakers, there is an abundance of thongs and rivets. Shoes of this kind look very feminine, especially if you combine it with the right outerwear.

If you still have a question, what shoes to choose for your child, then we can advise you to hit studded lowers. In general, any children's footwear, like an adult, which is decorated with spikes and rivets, is now at the peak of popularity.

Also do not forget that different cowboy boots, variations on the theme of ugg and spring-summer moccasin boots are still firmly holding their positions in the fashion world.