An ancient love spell on a man during a thunderstorm

April 19, 2018 10:45 | Privorot
The spell is very old, with its help, our ancestors loved by our distant ancestors on the female line. Privorot can be done only during a strong thunderstorm, when it rains, there are lightning and thunder. The moon should grow, do not try to decrease on decreasing, only all will worsen. The time of the event is better late at night, but you can do it in the daytime( although in the evening or at night the effect will be unequivocally greater).You can make a love spell on a baptized man, your religion is not important.

Privorot this black, you will turn for help to a strong and cruel demon, who by the result of work will surely take payment from you. Most often, a rollback is a serious illness of the first child that you give birth to a man who has been charmed. Rollback will only be one time, more than your life, the demon will not touch you.

And now more details on how to make this love spell.

When the storm began, you need to go outside. You can not stand in the rain, but under the visor, or somewhere on the balcony. The main thing is for you to have a free seat and you were like on the street. When there is a thunder, thunder rumbles, demons are afraid and hide behind people's backs. That demon who interests us will stand behind you after you call him. And he will hear your request accurately, whether he will accept it or not - here it is impossible to answer exactly how he will be lucky.

So, go out to the open not glazed balcony( to the street, to the open verandah, etc.) and say quietly:

"I call, Ilorun, I whisper your name, Ilorun, I ask for your help, Ilorun. Come to me, II'll hide you from thunder and lightning, and you'll do me a favor. "

It is necessary to repeat this phrase by heart three times. And after that you will feel that someone is standing behind you. Do not turn your head, the devil will not do you any harm. Wait a couple of minutes, and then say the following words of the request:

"Ilorun, I feel your breath, I feel your strength, I feel your fear, and I protect you with your body and ask for help from you." Let my beloved( the name of the beloved who was baptized inchurch) with my soul and my body, and for this I will sacrifice my future with you one day. "

You only need to say one time. Then stand still, until the storm a little longer. As soon as the thunder and lightning stop for at least a few minutes, go home. The spell you made, then wait three days. If the demon is interested in your proposal, he will fulfill your request. If not, then it will not help. Rollback will only be if the devil will help you, just so he will not take anything away from you.

Yes, even after holding on your back and shoulders, bruises may appear, do not be alarmed, it was holding on to you during a thunderstorm. The bruises will not get sick and will be gone in a few days.

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Author: Galina Glinkova