What is an interesting must-see tourist in Paris?

July 06, 2018 12:31 | Recreation

I wonder how many epithets can be chosen for the word Paris? Probably, the name of this city excites bright associations in the minds of everyone, even the humblest traveler is not an amateur, it's a fairy-tale city, a dream city, a center of world fashion, a city where for every turn you can find a piece of amazing and delightful old architecture,like pieces of a colorful puzzle, add up to an overall unforgettable impression of the beautiful city of Paris.

Most tours to Europe, offered by travel agencies, try to capture at least one day excursion to France, because there really is something to see. Of course, there is a huge number of picturesque and exotic places on our planet, but Paris is a city with a special atmosphere.

What to see in Paris? This is probably the most common question of travelers who are going to visit France, and, at the same time, the most stupid question, because in Paris you can consider literally every stone, here you can feel the special and majestic notes of an ancient city everywhere.

These are places where everyone can find entertainment to their taste: most tourists go to Europe for the unique and delightful architecture of past centuries, while others seek inspiration from numerous museums that have long and rightly become world names.

The rest of the city's guests go to Paris for a special romance, which permeates every street of the town, every café, which every morning prepares you to enjoy fresh crispy croissants with amazing coffee.

It goes without saying that it is only in Paris that you can stumble across the squares and streets, which A. Dumas described so beautifully in his creations, only in Paris you can wander into the museum-apartment of the legendary Coco Chanel, which once created its world masterpieces.

Is it possible to miss the wonderful 3-minute illumination of the famous Eiffel Tower, which turns on every day after 9 pm? And, despite the fact that this structure is already slightly piqued, it still remains one of the modern wonders of the world thanks to its unique architecture, which, without any visible transformations, has reached our days.

Elegant symbol of the city, yes there to say, the symbol of the country, romance and love, is one of the most important sights, about which there is no point in writing, you need to see it with your own eyes.

And, you know, which is especially nice? There are a lot of such unique places in Paris! It does not matter if you go on a trip alone, alone or with a whole family, because this city will find how to entertain each of its guests. So, let's start in order.


Probably, to visit Paris and not go to the most famous and popular museum of the world, this is a real crime. If you went to travel in Paris on your own, then be sure to give this place, at least, kindness, because there really is something to see.

The house of creativity, great art and beauty opens its doors to all comers from the end of the XVIII century, until then, it was the residence and great treasury of the ruling dynasty, in addition, it housed the Ministry of Finance.

A unique architectural creation that boasts a long, eight-hundred-year history, is the largest and most visited museum in the world!

It is here that you can look at the immortal creation of Leonardo da Vinci, the mysterious and unique Gioconda, as well as, no less popular and unique, to Nika Samothrace and Venus of Milos.

It is useful to know that the day off at the Louvre on Tuesday, and not like the rest of the museums, on Mondays. And every first Sunday of the month you can get there absolutely free of charge!

A trifle, but nice. It is also worth noting that this is the only museum with its own McDonald's, as well as a restaurant overlooking the central square, where to drink a glass of cool wine in the summer will be an excellent addition to the overall flow of impressions.

Notre-Dame de Paris

Another immortal symbol of Paris, Notre-Dame Cathedral, which became the most famous church in France. Huge popularity of this place brought the work of Victor Hugo, which sparked him the love of the French and warmed interest from visitors.

Despite the fact that the cathedral was repeatedly destroyed, the reconstruction still restored its original appearance and, in the makeweight, awarded the famous gallery of chimeras.

An interesting feature of this structure is the fact that the entire structure of the temple is conceived in such a way that there is not a single wall inside it, and massive columns connected by arches serve as supports.

In the cathedral you can go sightseeing group, where you will be told and show all the features of the temple, and you can go on your own and enjoy the splendor of this place in full, calmly moving through a vast territory, like Notre Dame itself, its nearby territory.


Despite the fact that it is difficult to call Disneyland the immediate attraction of Paris, since it is located outside the city, but still not mentioning it on our list would be a huge crime!

If you think that there can not be anything interesting there and this is only an amusement park for young children, then you are deeply mistaken! Even the most stale and boring adults here will remember what real fun and emotions are, because here you completely forget about reality, immersing yourself in the full atmosphere of a holiday, joy and a wonderful fairy tale. If you went to the city for romance with children, then you simply have to visit this place!

Champs Elysees

One of the most famous streets in Paris, which stretches for almost two kilometers, connecting the Arc de Triomphe, another place is necessary for tourists to visit, and the Place de la Concorde.

Interestingly, the Champs Elysees were not always the most prestigious and popular street in the city, once, until the beginning of the 17th century, it did not attract much attention of citizens, because there was really nothing interesting there.

And only when Maria de 'Medici ordered her to be refined, the court designer of landscapes designed, now, a well-known walking zone. If you go to Paris in winter, then do not forget to visit the Christmas rows, which stretch down from the street, and delight your visitors with a mug of mulled wine and roasted chestnuts.


The residence of French kings with a capital letter, a pompous and luxurious building of the era of the King of the Sun, is located in the vicinity of Paris, but certainly deserves to go straight to the atmosphere of chic, grandeur and inaccessibility.

This is the most popular French landmark, which annually passes through itself millions of tourists, has a huge territory on which are located luxury restaurants, shops, gardens and parks.

As in all large-scale museums of the world, you need to calculate your strengths, decide what you are more interested in, and then go for a walk, because the vast territory of the complex is not so easy to get around even the whole day!

Go to Paris and you will never forget this trip!