Preparing for gastric vaginal drainage

July 08, 2018 00:45 | Beauty And Health

The abbreviation of FGLS stands for fibrogastroduodenoscopy.

In this procedure, a person is stuck in a tube through the mouth, in order to study his "inner world".However, during the passage of the tube from the oral to the intestine, the reactions characteristic of this procedure begin. In this case, tears and snot are abundant, and eructations and coughs are possible. The last two items are very difficult to implement with a tube in the esophagus, so the procedure, although not painful, but extremely unpleasant.

The duration of this study is determined by the specific situation. If the lung disease is examined, the procedure will last five to ten minutes, but if there are serious disorders, the analysis will be more detailed and take about half an hour, and often in the selection of internal tissue samples for further research.

After the analysis for some time in the throat will be some unpleasant, but not painful sensation.

If you have fear of this procedure, you can ask the doctors to do a local anesthesia, in which you will not feel anything. A general anesthetic is also possible, in which, during the procedure, you will be immersed in sleep.

However, such conditions are not recommended to be implemented, because any anesthesia adversely affects the body.

What is before the EGD of the stomach?

The basic requirement for the preparation for the conduct of the EGF is not to eat anything on the day of the examination. You also can not gluten on the eve of the procedure.

On the eve of the evening there can be only a light supper, and the examination itself should be performed on an empty stomach. It is best not to eat twelve hours before the test, and if you are scheduled for 8-00, then on the eve forget about food already at 20-00.This is absolutely not deadly. Supper, which should be finished no later than 20-00, should not be heavy. Suitable vegetables with fish, or buckwheat with chicken breast, but no more. But nuts and chocolate can not be used two days before the examination. You in fact suspect, that at you a sick stomach, and in it these products can be late for a long time. In addition, a couple of days before the survey should also forget about alcohol and spicy food, spices.

As for drinking, you can drink no closer than two hours before the procedure, however, it is better to stretch this time to four hours. Drink in the morning a glass of water or soft tea, you can even sweet, but, for example, milk can not afford.

Recommendations before examination

There is no definitive ban on smoking before EGF, but practice shows that when smoking the duration of this unpleasant study increases, plus a number of unpleasant sensations are added.

Be sure to check with your doctor if you can take your favorite medicines before the procedure, to which you are so used. Some of them may distort the results of the analysis.

Do not forget to bring your passport and policy, direction, outpatient card and towel. Physicians can provide substantial assistance and the results of your previous examinations.

Preparing for the gastric acid-vasodilator is very simple and there are no special prescriptions. If you comply with all of the above recommendations, the study will be faster, and most importantly, it will not have to be repeated anew. The most interesting news