Lighting on fair-haired hair - 7 photos

July 10, 2018 16:30 | Hair

Melting was previously considered a special fashion trend, today - this is the norm, which is always relevant. This kind of hair coloring looks always spectacular and as natural as possible.

You can make highlights on your hair of any shade and different lengths, but each color has its own nuances, so it is better to conduct this procedure with a professional, especially if you are the owner of a light brown hair. So, what is melirovanie?

Hair coloring by individual thin or wide curls is called "highlighting".The procedure itself consists of mixing natural color with a touch of strands.

Rules for completing

The outcome is completely dependent on a few important nuances:

  • the natural color of the hair;
  • tone, in which it is planned to paint strands;
  • is the technological process of recruiting these very strands.

Lighting on light brown hair will create a visual volume of hair and will express the depth of the shade. Such coloring of hair at qualitative performance will give to your appearance refinement and elegance.

On natural hair of light-brown color this method of coloring looks simply irresistible! He visually creates a volume and perfectly expresses the depth of the color range of hair, in addition, artfully hides the gray hair, if any.

For highlighting light-brown hair, it is preferable to choose tones that are close to the natural color of hair - in a single color palette. The optimum option is a honey or wheaten shade. Honey - will create an excellent color game in case of sunlight. Wheaten - will add a thick volume to your hair. The ideal option - carrying out melirovaniya color is excellent by two or three tones from your natural hair color.

Kinds of highlights

Lighting on light-brown hair can also be done using the "Mazhimesh" method, it is more delicate. At such coloring, sparing bezammia dyes with wax content are used. This paint makes the hair 2-3 times lighter and gives the effect of a golden overflow. This method of melioration ensures the protection of hair from dye damage. Mazhimesh creates the effect of placing in the hair threads of golden color.

Hair with short hair is melted using the "Baliage" method. In this case, only the ends are painted, which can be cut at any time.

At frequent and regular carrying out of melirovanija the general color of hair becomes more lightly not 2-3 shades, certainly, at use of shade shampoos and balms. Preferably, if you use nutrient detergents( masks, mousses) when washing hair. Such care will give shine to your hair and make your hair healthy and strong. Combs are best used made of natural wood and as rarely as possible to use hair dryer, tongs and styler for laying.

California highlighting on light brown hair

This staining technology allows you to leave dark roots with curls that are clarified with different tones vertically. This method is very popular today.

California highlighting is one of the varieties of the Shatush melioration( sparing color without the use of foil).

This coloring method differs in that in this case saturated colors of dyes for hair or a combination of several light simultaneously are used. In addition to wheat, honey and other shades, coffee, cognac and walnut tones are also used here. California meling gives hair an "expensive", elite and noble color.