Causes of severe headache in the occiput

July 12, 2018 03:30 | Beauty And Health

Headaches can arise due to various everyday situations not related to illnesses, for example, lack of sleep, overfatigue, jumps of atmospheric pressure, and in some cases from excessive amounts of alcohol. In such cases, people tend to make their own diagnosis and just tolerate this pain or drown her with her favorite pills.

However, when the pain manifests itself in the occipital part, one should be alert. Provoke a similar condition for a variety of reasons. If you did not have a physical head injury, but the neck is often filled with pressing pain, then do not delay the visit to the doctor. The exact cause of the pain in the nape may be called only an experienced specialist.

And if such discomfort in the nape became powerful and unbearable, it is not a sin to use the services of the First Aid.

However, moderate but regular pain in the nape requires consultation with a number of doctors.

The main causes of headache

  • Most often, severe pain in the occipital part is the result of traumatic injuries. These are bruises in the fall, blows to the head, in which it is quite possible to shake the brain.
  • Often, the pain in the nape of the pursuit of passengers and drivers who are in a serious traffic accident. Sometimes such painful sensations indicate serious damage to brain tissue that could not be detected immediately after a head injury.
  • Another possible cause of this condition is the occipital neuralgia, or the syndrome of compression of the large occipital nerve. In this case, the focus of pain is almost always limited only to the nape of the neck.
  • Headache in the nape may be triggered by the Barret-Liège spinal column syndrome, or cervical migraine.
  • A number of people experience very severe pain in the nape after an intimate relationship. This phenomenon also has a definition - postcoital headache. This condition is a consequence of excessive sexual arousal and lasts no more than a few minutes. However, occasionally, uncomfortable sensations that persecute a person for several days are recorded. More often this type of headache is for men.

Diseases that are accompanied by a headache

However, it should be borne in mind that a very headache in the nape may be a harbinger or a symptom of a stroke when there is a hemorrhage into the cavity between the soft and arachnoid medulla( subarachnoid space of the brain).The space intended for the cerebrospinal fluid is filled with blood. This fluid is formed by the exchange of substances between the blood, brain and tissue fluid, and here all components of brain tissue are involved. Pain in stroke appears suddenly and usually it is very strong. The first pain signals appear in the neck. If someone from loved ones complains about such pain, you should know that every minute is precious in this state. It is necessary to immediately call an ambulance, because a small delay can result in irreversible damage to the brain tissue.

If the pain in the nape accompanies blurred vision, dizziness, vomiting then this is a strong signal about a number of serious life-threatening diseases, such as meningitis or brain tumors. Here, too, one should not lose precious minutes and immediately signal about the situation in the medical institution.

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