How to choose a hair clipper

April 20, 2018 00:30 | Haircuts
  • What do I need to know?
  • About typewriters. How to choose a clipper? Visually and on the shelves
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Practicality and ease of use of hair clippers spreads them to the masses, and the need to often visit the beauty salon disappears. The secret of a quality home haircut is a properly selected machine. It is enough to read a number of simple rules so that the choice falls on the very one.

What do I need to know?

To understand how to choose a hair clipper, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the varieties and characteristics of these devices in order to be able to choose one that will be pleasant to use. At home or in the salon, you should be happy in the first place.

Why pay more: home or salon haircut?

Homemade haircut will serve as a good economy and option to get skills and experience that will be useful in life. For help to the salon should be addressed in cases where you can not independently make an unusual haircut, straighten out hard-to-reach places.

Obviously, it is necessary for the house to make only one contribution - to buy a car, what further and we will talk. For novice masters and specialists, the information will be useful as well.

We make the right choice. Universal or specialized?

How to choose a hair clipper? Determine what we need. Take into account your requirements to avoid making a purchase with limited potential. We distinguish two main varieties:


These are machines that are suitable for all kinds of haircuts and places. Easy to use, different price categories and equally convenient in all cases. Their obvious disadvantage is the inaccessibility of some places, for which there is the following variety.

Unpretentious home user perfectly suited and universal. Caring for a universal machine is easier, sometimes it is enough just to wash the blades with water.


Devices that are suitable for narrow applications. They provide jewelry work, but, accordingly, are more expensive. It should also be added that a narrow range of their capabilities will be suitable for a more precise, but frequent work( for example, a trimmer for cutting hair in the nose, trimming whiskers).

Dimensions such may be much smaller than a universal machine, which simplifies storage, makes it possible to take with you, for example, in hikes.

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About typewriters. How to choose a clipper? Visually and on the shelves

Now about the selection criteria, which depend on the type of machine, its technical characteristics and price. Professional and non-professional hair clippers are not distinguished by how to choose them, if you judge the technical characteristics. We highlight the main points:

  • Clippers come in rotary, vibrating and battery type
  • Mains, battery and mains supply
  • With detachable and non-removable nozzles
  • With adjustable and fixed nozzles

What is the peculiarity of each type?

Perhaps, we will start with a budget option - a vibration machine. This device is powered by an electromagnetic vibrating coil, which creates a lot of noise, it is worth considering when buying. Its characteristics, pros and cons:

  • Power from 9 to 15 W
  • Lighter than rotary
  • Low cost
  • Short duration of continuous operation( up to 20 minutes)
  • Blades can not be removed, it is worth considering

Non-removable blades can be a problem. Such a machine is more difficult to clean, which affects its durability. Power does not play a special role, if it exceeds 10 watts, becausethis is quite enough for human hair.
Physics suggests that high power will increase power consumption and help heat the battery, if any.

About rotary machines it is worth saying that they are reliable, able to work without stopping for a long time. The action is given by a rotary motor, hence the name. Although the blades are actuated by mechanics, cooling contributes to the same stable operation. Their characteristics:

  • Power from 20 to 50 W
  • Low noise and vibration
  • Reliability and durability
  • Removable blades, easy to maintain
  • High price compared to vibrating

High power allows the blades to cut their hair easier, which reduces the risk of spoiling the hair,removes tension from the brush. The power proportionately affects the speed of the blades. This same advantage justifies the greater weight of the rotor structure. In the cabin it is likely to meet just such a type.

Why do I need attachments?

Here's what type is for hair cutting. The task of such is a safe, comfortable trimming and haircut. Contact with the skin in this case, no, than such qualities are achieved. To do this, use attachments.
They are of the following types:

  • Fixed, their length can not be changed
  • Adjustable, opposite to the previous
  • Removable and non-removable
For convenience, it is better to take a removable one.

Use them to create simple haircuts and trimming, at home, only a few baits are enough.

Usually, the nozzles are only long, but there is a separate subspecies for filing. It is intended for thinning the volume of hair. Filling - the procedure is irreversible. After removing the volume, you can not return it before growing hair, be vigilant.

The minimum and maximum lengths exist in the range from 0.1 to 70 mm, respectively. The minimum length is achieved without a nozzle - a blade. Most often they are found in stainless steel, you can meet and ceramics, as well as spraying a diamond or titanium on a stainless steel.

Sputtering increases the service life of blades, their sharpness. Titanium does not cause allergic skin reactions, which is very important for the face.

Network or battery?

Power is provided by the battery or from the network, both options are possible. At home, as a rule, this feature depends on the method of application. For example, a trimmer for a mustache and beard is not always convenient to use from the network.

For the house are suitable combined, as this is the most convenient way to implement them.

Batteries that are not powered by the mains can work inefficiently if the charge is low. For mobility, you will have to pay inconveniences with charging.

Caring for our "hairdresser"

To keep the device working for a long time, it needs to be cleaned. How to disassemble a hair clipper to clean it?

The average machine requires the following:

  • Remove the nozzle( if necessary), unfasten the blade.
  • Remove the two bolts from the motor side, one from the rear.
  • Remove the batteries, if any / this is possible.

It's simple enough, is not it? Next, clean all components from short hairs, dust and other debris. This is done by a special brush, which penetrates into the cracks.

Lubrication procedure

How to lubricate the hair clipper? .Use a multifunctional penetrating lubricant, which displaces moisture, cleans and protects. Apply / spray on the blades and motor. Using, for example, WD-40, blades to clean and lubricate again. Clean the field of the procedure and dry it. The motor can not be washed with water.

All procedures are carried out depending on the frequency of application and the characteristics of your hair. Short hair presents the most problems for the miniature components of the design.

Store preferably in a case, discharging the battery, if any. Like other electronics for general use, leave in places of low moisture and away from children.

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Manufacturers and recommendations of

The brand does not depend on how you will use the hair clipper, but leave a few recommendations.

Famous brands that have won recognition:

  • Oster
  • WAHL
  • Philips
  • ermila
  • BaByliss

Do not be afraid to buy the equipment of a little-known manufacturer, the main thing is to know what international standards it corresponds to.

Here is a small list of brands that can surprise quality, despite the small price:

  • Vitek
  • Rowenta
  • Panasonic
  • Saturn
  • Zelmer

Follow the instructions and your new device will reward you with excellent hairstyles. This purchase will be definitely worth it!

The main thing is that you are happy with your choice. I hope this article helped you to make it.

Hair clipper: video

Correctly selected hair clipper will serve for a long time and without problems.