Problem hair: causes of appearance and methods of problem solving

April 20, 2018 05:30 | Hair Treatment
  • The problem of fatty hair and methods of care
  • The causes of dandruff and remedy
  • Hair loss and how to stop this process
  • The problem of dry hair and what means will help it overcome
  • Problem hair: video
Hair is dry and brittle,are affected by dandruff and often fall out - all this can be a real nuisance.

There is one wonderful way to fix problem hair is to use the right care. Well-chosen cosmetics and diet can do a lot. Experts say that only half of our hair problems are genetically determined or due to natural hormonal changes. In other cases, such problems are the result of one's own mistakes, and even, the wrong way of life.

The problem of fatty hair and methods of care

The problem of fatty hair, occurs not only in adolescents, it can occur at any age - especially during periods of hormonal changes, when the sebaceous glands of the scalp secrete too much sebum.

Neutralizing the problem of fatty hair can simple methods of care:

  • Hair wash
    Frequent washing is the main principle of fighting fatty hair, it should be applied 2-3 times a week. For such cleaning, use a therapeutic shampoo for oily hair - in a composition that includes: selenium sulphide, zinc pyrithione, allantoin, salicylic acid. However, to wash your hair for every day, shampoo should be designed for daily care.
  • Lotions
    The use of light herbal lotions, with the addition of chamomile and hops, will also have a positive effect on the skin condition, especially if you then massage the scalp with lemon juice.
  • Hair dryer
    When using a hair dryer, do not dry with hot air - high temperature stimulates the production of sebum.
  • Proper nutrition
    Changing the diet can also affect oily hair. Consumption, too much carbohydrates: cereals and sugars, contributes to the formation of grease.

In case of worsening of the problem, it is necessary to visit a dermatologist. He, will help prescribe treatment and appropriate pharmaceuticals.

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Causes of dandruff and remedy

Fatty hair can cause another problem - dandruff. Most associate her appearance with a too dry, scaly scalp. This, so-called, dry dandruff. But there is also fatty dandruff or seborrheic dermatitis.

Dry dandruff

With dry dandruff, the roots of the hair look oily and the horny flakes of the skin separate from the skin, but the ends remain dry and even run dry.

Fat dandruff

Fat dandruff is less noticeable, but it is more difficult to remove - the flakes of the skin are heavy and yellowish at the same time.

Anti-dandruff usually uses the wrong cosmetics, thus further irritating the scalp.

Here are some recommendations:

  • Very effective in the treatment of dandruff shampoos containing antifungal agents: ketanazole, clotrimazole, bifonazole, miconazole.
  • From home remedies it is recommended to apply a compress of moistened fenugreek seeds to the scalp.
  • After washing on hair it is necessary to spray apple cider vinegar. It contains acids that reduce the activity of fungi and bacteria that cause dandruff.
  • In case of dandruff, a diet rich in vitamins A, E and B is recommended - there is sprouted wheat, liver, eggs and yeast, fish. It improves the skin condition.

Hair loss and how to stop this process

Spring often disturbs hair loss. The loss of a hundred to two hundred hair a day is normal, but three or four hundred is a symptom of the disease.

The reasons can be many, ranging from hormonal problems, received infections or a lack of vitamins in the body.

Hair loss in hypothyroidism in women, when the estrogen level drops sharply and the concentration of male hormones increases or when there are hormonal changes during pregnancy.

In men, hair loss is often genetic. Hair loss can be the result of taking drugs, strong antibiotics, antidepressants or a transfused infection with a high temperature - then, hair loosening can manifest itself, even five months after the illness.

Proper nutrition is important if we want our hair to hold tightly to the head. And this is not just a matter of vitamins:

  • Protein is the main building material for the body, so it is necessary to consume enough protein-containing foods: meat, eggs, fish, cereals, legumes.
  • In addition, essential fatty acids( omega-3 and omega-6) are needed, their sources in the diet are fish, nuts, pumpkin seeds, avocados.
  • Vitamin A and beta-carotene, which are contained in fruits and vegetables, liver, and butter, help protect hair from falling out.
  • Pharmacies have special oral preparations for thin and brittle hair. You can, as well, use drugs enriched with trace elements and vitamins.
  • Grasses can also help. For example, daily masks from horsetail and grated turnips are applied for half an hour before washing. Do not neglect skin cleansing - the earlier the dead hair follicles are removed, the sooner new ones will appear.

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The problem of dry hair, and what tools will help it overcome

Dry and damaged hair are the most common problem. Too frequent and intense coloring, hair straightening, discrepancy of cosmetics, harms our hair.

Although the origins of such a problem can also be associated with genetic diseases, especially with diseases of the thyroid and pituitary gland. Often there is an additional problem - splitting of hair, split ends.

Dry hair requires careful care of them.

  • Cosmetics should contain amino acid complexes, panthenol, protein hydrolysers and polyglycol derivatives.
  • Dry hair needs the use of special masks, preferably professional.
  • Well suited for the care of natural substances, such as, olive or coconut oil. They should be rubbed an hour before washing your hair and keep warm, wrapping your head with a towel.
  • Hair should also be protected from sun, salt and chlorinated water.

Problem Hair: