How to get rid of dandruff at home

July 14, 2018 10:30 | Hair

Dandruff delivers a lot of problems. White flakes in the hair can not be hidden, because of them a person has an untidy appearance, it is accompanied by constant itching, as well as psychological and physical discomfort.

If your goal is beautiful and healthy hair, then you just have to know how to get rid of dandruff at home.

Reasons for the appearance of dandruff

  1. Wrong hair care. Perhaps you use an unsuitable or substandard shampoo for washing your hair. Do not think that you will be insured from the appearance of dandruff, buying expensive cosmetics for hair. Price is not always a sign of quality. The ideal shampoo for hair should not contain balms and conditioners, as these agents are best used separately.

  2. Hard water contains many salts, iron, calcium and other impurities, resulting in hair becoming dull and lifeless, dandruff appears. Install a special water filter, perhaps this will solve your problem.

  3. Stress. Comments are unnecessary, because we all know that the appearance of many diseases is caused by nervous overstrain, unpleasant experiences.

  4. Unbalanced power supply. Include in your diet fish oil, linseed oil, seafood, nuts, fresh vegetables and fruits, drink the course of multivitamins( 1 month).In the fight against dandruff, it is better to give up fatty foods, flour and confectionery.

  5. Health problems. Dandruff can occur due to diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, nervous system or hormonal imbalance.

Effective and simple recipes for removing dandruff

  1. In your favorite shampoo, add a few drops of patchouli essential oil and wash your head. This same essential oil add to water for rinsing hair( 5 drops per 1 liter of water).Use patchouli oil every time you wash your hair. The scalp will soon heal, dandruff will disappear.

  2. An effective way to get rid of hateful dandruff - rubbing into the clean scalp of rosemary essential oil( 7-10 drops).Rosemary oil stimulates hair growth, perfectly fights dandruff, makes hair thick, shiny and radiant.

  3. Try washing your hair with soap. This miracle cure for dandruff was undeservedly forgotten and pushed into the background by fashionable shampoos in bright packages. Household soap not only eliminates dandruff, but also makes hair thick, preventing them from excessive loss. To wash off the dirt from the hair, rinse with your usual shampoo, and then soap with household soap and rinse with water. To prevent the drying of the scalp after this procedure will help rinsing the hair with water with the addition of a small amount of vinegar or lemon juice.

  4. Several times a week, do the following hair mask.2 teaspoons burdock oil mixed with two yolks and 2 teaspoons of honey in May, all the ingredients are thoroughly mixed, rubbed into the scalp. The mask should be left for half an hour, covering the hair with a plastic bag and wrapped in a towel and then washed off with shampoo. Mask with burdock oil is useful for dandruff and hair loss.

  5. Heat the olive oil and apply it with a cotton swab on the scalp. After half an hour you need to wash the oil with shampoo. This recipe is ideal for removing dry dandruff.

  6. Use the tincture of onion peel. Tincture is easy to prepare, just pour a liter of boiling water 50 grams of onion husk and insist it for an hour. Ready-made infusion can be rinsed hair. Be careful, because onion husks color the hair in a brownish-golden color. Avoid contact with eyes.

Take advantage of these simple recipes and forever forget what dandruff is!