2016 fashion women's scarves with photo knitted patterns and scarves: trend descriptions

April 20, 2018 20:30 | Winter

That's why, every fashionista wants to know in advance what is the priority in the coming season, what color and model is the most fashionable scarf?

Fashionable women's scarves of 2016.Winter collections

Recently, the fashion for wearing scarves has acquired special proportions. Each girl in her wardrobe has several options for scarves for all occasions, and for some people the number of scarves can be calculated in dozens.

The most fashionable scarves of 2016 were presented at the world fashion shows. Some of the trend has already been actively introduced into everyday life, moving from podiums to women's wardrobes. Fashionable winter scarves of this season are made of fur and cashmere. Not without artificial materials, which are in no way inferior in popularity to natural.

Fur boas and boas are widely represented in the collections of many designers. Carelessly wrapped on the shoulders of a fur stole will decorate the woman, giving her a sensuality image. Fur products can be different in size, from the size of a conventional collar, to the size of a wide shawl.

The most fashionable colors for fur accessories are monophonic, pastel colors, and also on the contrary, ultra-bright accentuating hues. Fur can be of different lengths. Moden as long, so medium and very short fur.

Fur fashionable scarves 2016, the photos of which are presented above, perform one function - warm the woman from the cold. Artificially painted fur with leopard print will be very popular this winter.

Of course, the leader of the winter season at all times remains a knitted scarf. This accessory is presented in different shapes and colors.

Palantine - comfortable and cozy, it will not only warm you up this winter, but also tell others about your good taste.

Absolute trend of the winter is a wide stitch of rough mating. The recommended colors of the product are dark blue, gray, dark green or black. Also, the tippet can act as a bright accent. In this case, you need to pick up one more harmonizing with your palatine element of the wardrobe. When choosing a product, pay attention to the national motives, they remain popular for the third consecutive season. A convenient and practical scarf called snood is very fond of girls. It is easy to tie around the neck, and it protects perfectly from the wind, and still snd is a trend accessory in the winter of 2016.Snail, depending on its length, knits on the neck in several layers, and if desired, it can be put on the head like a bandage, fixing first on the shoulders. The knitting method called "English gum" is very relevant for scarves this season.

Knitted Scarves of 2016 and their photos

Do not forget about the important accents that give a zest to your image. The winter season of 2016 is distinguished by a variety of decorative ornaments used in dressing clothes.

Fashionable knitted scarves in 2016 fashion designers decorated with various elements. The embroidery on woolen fabric became popular. To perform the embroidered pattern, large beads and beads are used. Also fashionable will be scarves with multi-colored floral and ornamental embroidery. In winter, it is fashionable to decorate the clothing with fringe. She is in a wide variety present on scarves. Thick or sparse fringe, as well as funny tassels at the ends of the product will give an image of playfulness and ease.

This season, designers decided to move away from clear lines, giving preference to smooth transitions. Scarves wrap their necks at ease, slightly carelessly, but still cute and stylish.

In the collections of some fashion designers there are even incredible stylistic solutions. For example, Jean Paul Gaultier decided to add a scarf of length, presenting on the catwalks such long models that they can be wrapped from head to foot. At Victoria Gres in a collection scarves of the incredible sizes. Of course, this though stylistically true, but still a design avant-garde, which is unlikely to see the streets of a normal city. In the scarves of Sister by Sibling you can safely go to Antarctica, because in size they are not inferior even to the jackets of polar explorers.

Spring scarves with scarves 2016

Spring always comes unexpectedly, transforming and changing everything around. This time, as it is impossible, by the way, is suitable for changes, both internal and external. Light women's shawls-scarves of 2016 come to replace warm woolen products. What models of scarves will be fashionable next spring?

The texture of the spring scarf is qualitatively different from the winter model. In your wardrobe there must be a place for silk and chiffon products. The next spring will be relevant single-tone range in clothing. Give yourself the joy of buying a one-color shawl in harmony with your outer clothing. The most fashionable colors of the spring of 2016 will be a deep blue and bright orange color. A bright pink and purple color can be combined with a cool range of outerwear. In spring, a very popular color will be gently violet. A girl with a violet scarf will attract the enthusiastic looks of passers-by. Scarves of burgundy color will help create an elegant and yet daring image.

Will not do without spring and without a variety of prints. I would like to note that by planning collections for the coming spring, designers have chosen restraint as the main trump of an unsurpassed image. Flower print will still decorate women's scarves in 2016.Flower compositions of various forms and interpretations will blossom on fabrics in the coming spring. Once again I want to pay attention to the cage. This print will become relevant not only on the example of the oriental scarf of the Arabat, but also for other varieties of this product. Very fashionable is the combination of black and white colors in one product.

On fashion scarves 2016 will leave its mark, offering completely new directions. One of the new accents will be camouflage print, used on a female accessory.

If in winter the main function of the product was protection from the cold, then with the arrival of warm weather, the accessory will increasingly be used as a supplement to the basic suit.

Look at the scarves of 2016 photos of models made of velvet and chiffon, silk and satin, lace and knitted fabric. These products are designed specifically for warm weather. They can be tied up in various ways, creating a stylish ensemble of harmonious things.