Women's sports suits spring-summer-2016: what costumes are in fashion

April 21, 2018 04:00 | Summer

Moreover, even in the wardrobe of a business lady, there must be such clothes intended for rest. That's why many women of fashion are in a hurry to find out which sports suits spring-summer 2016 will be at the top of fashion.

Women's sports suits from leading manufacturers

The leading positions among sportswear for women are suits of the trade mark Adidas and Nike. The collections of these brands feature lightweight sports suits in the spring of 2016.All models combine functionality and style.

In place of sports pants in the summer season, designers offered women elegant and stylish capri. These brands, which are world-famous, were presented to the women of fashion with sets of bright and restrained pastel colors. The classic colors of sportswear are still in the trend, they are black, white, red, blue, blue.

The combination of several bright colors in one model is a characteristic feature of the fashionable sets of the new season. As a rule, such clothes are not intended for sports, but for walking or relaxing in nature.

The main emphasis of the manufacturers of women's sports suits in the spring of 2016 makes for the use of specialized fabrics. Some designers also use high-tech methods in the process of creating fashion models, for example, laser cutting.

Leading manufacturers of sportswear - Adidas, Nike, Reebok, Puma, Lakoste, make products, focusing on such criteria as beauty, femininity, practicality and naturalness.

In almost every collection, there are models for full girls and women, for example, you can see them in the photo of the sports suits of the spring of 2016, presented below:

For full girls with an inverted triangle shape, stylists recommend looking at the actual sports trousers with print,this top of the set should be monophonic.

If the owner of lush forms has a pear-shaped figure, then, on the contrary, a suit consisting of solid pants and a sports swatch with a pattern and a lighter color than the bottom will suit her.

Which sports suits in the spring-summer-2016 fashion and stylish styles photos

Women's sports suits in the spring and summer of 2016 will amaze the imagination of even the most inveterate women of fashion, as such clothes are represented by a variety of stylish styles.

If we talk about the top of the sports kit, then its style can be fitted or loose cut. As a rule, on the sleeves of sports jackets there is decoration in the form of a white or other contrasting strip.

The length of the top of the suit can also have several options, the shortest is up to the waist line. Such short Olympiads have become fashionable not so long ago, but have already taken a leading position.

Many designers in their collections to the world of fashion presented suits, the top of which is made in the form of a light jacket or a bomb. Such models at the bottom and on the cuffs should have elastic bands, which is their distinctive characteristic. Typically, designers sew the top of the fabric, contrasting in color to the bottom of the kit.

Pants of women's sports suits of the upcoming season are also represented by a wide range. Traditional is the length to the heels, pants can be loose or narrowed cut, often at the bottom of the model can be assembled with elastic band. In addition, at the fashion shows in the spring, you could see costumes in which the trousers have an ankle length. Models klesh are also relevant this year, so they can be seen on many women of fashion. A real hit of the spring-summer season will be a combination of lightweight volumetric park and leggings.

For summer seasons designers have prepared attractive light suits, consisting of shorts and shirts or T-shirts. When sewing models, mainly such fabrics as cotton, knitwear and plaschevka are used. All the same remain in the trend of T-shirts and short tops.

Which sportswear in fashion in the spring of 2016 are still represented in fashion collections? In collections from the French brand Lacoste there are models made in the style of the 90s. This tops with inscriptions, hoodies, pleated tennis skirts.

In the spring of 2016 in the fashion collections from Adidas the main emphasis is on multi-layering. Designers offer women of fashion under skirts and shorts to wear leggings, and combine small tops with voluminous but light T-shirts.

In the upcoming season, the brand has expanded the collection with costumes made in burgundy, lilac, blue and pink. Shortened cutting - the trend of the spring-summer season in 2016, designers slim girls are strongly recommended to focus on a thin waist. The bottom of such suits, as a rule, tightly surrounds the figure, which allows to emphasize all its advantages.