Beautiful haircut ganson on short hair

April 21, 2018 12:45 | Beauty And Health

Sometimes it is necessary to update the image and change, and cardinally. If you are ready for bold experiments, choose a haircut "Ganson"!

What is this haircut?

The name from the French language is translated as "boy", that is, in fact, "ganson" is a female haircut "for a boy".Hair is very short, and it makes this hair look like a man's. Occipital and temporal parts are usually cut as much as possible( although the length may vary), and the vertex is more voluminous and slightly careless.

The execution of such a hairdo is rather complicated, because in order to achieve volume and at the same time the effect of slight negligence, it is necessary to create a grading, which is provided by filigree thinning of strands with thinning scissors.

Who is suitable?

To whom does a beautiful and fashionable haircut for short hair? First of all, courageous and young girls who are not afraid to experiment and change. Although there are no strict age restrictions, so a mature woman can afford this kind of hair. If you choose a suitable styling, you can create both a strict and formal, and a daily or bright image.

Some requirements are imposed on the person. First, its shape is important. If it is square, heart-shaped with pronounced cheekbones or elongated, then the "Ganson" hairdo does not fit, it will aggravate the situation. Allow yourself this option can only happy owners of the oval face. Secondly, pay attention to the features. Since the whole face will be as open as possible, its features should not be too coarse and large, a short haircut will emphasize them and not play in the best light.

As for the type of hair, they can be almost any. Thick will not interfere, the thin will acquire the missing volume, slightly curly will create an image in the style of "retro."But if you are the owner of small curls, then such a haircut does not exactly fit, with it you will look ridiculous.

How to style your hair?

Properly selected styling will create almost any image! It would seem that short hair restricts freedom of action. But if you know some tricks, you can look as formal and strict, and feminine and elegant or bold and bright.

Styling options:

  • Casual version. Wash your hair and just let it dry.
  • A careless image. Wash your hair, treat it abundantly with fixing mousse or foam and ruffle.
  • Naughty "Hedgehog".Wash hair, moisten them with foam, tilt the head and dry it with a hair dryer in the direction from the roots to the tips.
  • Create a hairstyle in retro style, like the girls from the movie "Great Getsby".Make an oblique parting, separate the wide strand on the vertex and at the roots cut it to form a convex roller. Next, make one curl inside. In the course of creating an image, fix the locks with hair clips, and then fix the result with lacquer.
  • Coat the hair at the roots and remove them on one side, combing a little and fixing your hair with a varnish to preserve the volume.
  • Strict image. Make an oblique parting and comb your hair well, if necessary, treated with fixative.
  • Use a curl to create light curls.
  • Wash your hair, comb it forward, then remove it slightly from the forehead and fix it with varnish.
  • To create a youthful glamor image, moisten the hair with foam and put them back. To get light carelessness use your fingers, and to create a stylish image, comb the curls with a comb.

Tips for

A few recommendations for those who decided to drastically change and chose a haircut "Ganson" or still doubt:

  1. Remember that this hairstyle requires an adjustment, since the overgrown hair will look messy and negate the whole charm of the haircut. Visit the hairdresser regularly to look stunning!
  2. To emphasize the beauty, brightness and volume will allow the correct coloring. In general, especially stylishly, "Ganson" looks on the dark hair. But the red short locks also look amazingly bright. Blondes can also afford this option. But in order to advantageously beat the graduation of the strands or arrange them a little, you can make a highlight or coloring.
  3. You really like this haircut, but do you doubt that it will suit you? Then try using the program to try your hair on the photo or look at the pictures of girls with a type that looks like yours. Also, you can seek advice from an experienced hairdresser or evaluate your appearance in a wig.
  4. Play with the broom! For example, if the forehead is wide, then you can make it torn or oblique, as well as straight and short. If the forehead is narrow, then from the bangs it is worth to refuse altogether. Rather, formally it will be present, but either it will close only the upper border, or it will stand as a "hedgehog" along the hair growth line.

Decide to change and admire others with your new way!