How to part with a guy

April 21, 2018 12:45 | Relationships And Psychology

There are relationships that are initially doomed to failure and should sooner or later end. There is nothing wrong with parting, it is much worse to be with a person, while realizing that never in your life he can make you happy.

You, like everyone else, deserve care, affection, reciprocity and understanding. Perhaps this man will be a great party for some other girl. And is this the best choice for you?

Are your relationships worth the suffering that you have to worry about? Now we will talk about how to act in a situation where you understand that the desire to prolong communication with a man is lost forever, as well as how to mitigate your parting and what exactly to say to a man when you have already decided on the completion of your relationship.

Rational parting

When deciding to part with a young man, you need to remember the proverb that before you cut it, you need to measure it seven times. Sometimes there are events that seem impossible to cope with.

But this does not mean that with a more detailed examination all the problems of your relationship will seem so critical. It is important to remember that often decisions that are made on emotions can change a lifetime and often words can not be taken back.

There are no perfect people. In the same way, your young man has qualities that you would like to change, but all your attempts go unsuccessfully. This situation, of course, brings frustration.

But your man also necessarily has positive qualities that once you were amazed and forced to fall in love with him and that still makes you be with him. It is necessary to try to look at your man from all sides and note also his dignity.

Before making hasty conclusions and making decisions, you need to carefully weigh, is it really easier for you than with such a man? Is his merit dwarfed by all his shortcomings?

Its decision on parting should be considered several times, so as not to regret it. Emotions often take possession of us, and a true step in this state is not easy to do. If you feel that you are overwhelmed by the heat of passion, it is still postponed decision-making.

You can consult your best friend, because for her for sure, as for the outside observer, there are some additional facets of your relationship. Maybe you will understand tomorrow that you are getting excited, and you really appreciate this relationship.

Remember that talking about parting usually leads to the end of the relationship. That's why you do not need to use this method in order to somehow attract the attention of a partner. The offer of parting will not help you achieve what you want from a man, and may even end up with his agreement with your decision.

Emotional blackmail is not the best way to get what you want from a man. They are often more proud than it seems to girls. In that case, you will not be able to return your loved one, referring to the fact that this offer of separation was simply an unsuccessful way of manipulation.

If, however, in this situation, still manage to restore the relationship, you will find yourself in a dependent position, which as a result will still play a cruel joke with you and lead to subsequent problems in your relationship.

It is necessary to try to solve the difficulties in the relationship, as well as the problem of lack of attention by some reasonable methods. A conversation about the completion of a relationship should be started only if you are one hundred percent sure that you want to part with a man.

And if such a decision has already been made, do not postpone the final. By his silence, and also by the reluctance to begin a frank conversation, you hurt both him and yourself. You in fact have solved, that he not that man which is necessary for you, what for then to postpone parting?

The words of parting with the guy

Completion of any relationship is always a painful process for both sides. If you decided to end a relationship with a man, you need to try to tell him about it as tactfully as possible.

It's important to remember that, most likely, your words will catch him off guard even if he could admit the thought that you have problems in the relationship.

You need to be sure that you really want to end this relationship, because you probably tried all the ways to establish relationships, and only then decided to part. One must be adamant before persuasion and remember that one can promise to change for a long time, but this does not mean at all that this is exactly what will happen.

It takes a long time to change. Are you ready to wait for possible changes in the relationship that you have now? When parting, you need to try to soften the blow, no matter what caused your decision.

Human relationships are not a battlefield, because sometimes rash words can cause a person a deep emotional wound. Sometimes you should not take responsibility for the further life of a person, even if he disappointed you. For him, by itself, your departure will forever be a great shock.

If, at the conclusion of your relationship, you are still nice to a man and wish him a happy future, but only with another girl, you need to try to explain what, in your opinion, he made a mistake.

Maybe he will hear you and draw conclusions to avoid such mistakes in the future. Being bold to voice the real reasons for parting, you, first of all, give the man a chance to become better in something.

In addition, when it actually changes, you may be ready again to try to build a relationship with it. People usually come to a decision about changes in difficult situations, and not when everything that happens in life suits them.

Perhaps the desire to avoid such situations in the future will push the young man to real change. It must be borne in mind that a man may not be ready to hear criticism in his address, so you must try not to persuade him and not to press him.

He himself is responsible for his own life, and you can only gently express your own opinion, if he needs it.

The best way to say about parting is a personal conversation. It is necessary to try to explain to the man what is the reason for your decision. This will help him to cope faster with parting, and you - to avoid annoying calls from him and the desire to understand the causes of what happened.

If you want to keep his self-esteem at the proper level, then in the conversation you need to emphasize that the reason is in fact not in him, but in you that he will necessarily meet the one that will love him, and you, unfortunately, do notit was possible, although you tried.

It could well have happened that you really were not ready for a serious relationship in that particular period. So you will smooth a blow for him.

Sometimes the opportunity to accept the break itself comes much later than the conversation itself about the completion of the relationship. People rarely decide to break up together, when each of the couple understands that this is the only correct option for developing relationships.

Guys sometimes do not agree with the girl's desire to complete the relationship and begin to try to clarify the situation, to achieve her location again and return the relationship.

You have to be adamant in your decision and remember that while continuing to communicate with a man, you make it even more painful. It is necessary to try to break away from his life: ignore his calls, messages, letters by e-mail.

Avoid the so-called friendly communication with an ex-man. People who previously were bound by something more than friendship, are unlikely to actually be able to communicate painlessly.

This is likely to be a continuation of the same relationship, the reception of emotions from each other, and not always positive, otherwise there would be no thought of parting. The most that can be done is to say that you are alive if he actually starts to worry.

In the nearest time after parting, there can be difficulties in communicating with common friends, because mutual friends are an opportunity to cross at any time with the former. Of course, both of you will find it difficult to pretend that everything is all right, because the completion of a relationship is difficult in any case. You both need to experience this separation, and meeting each other will only strengthen your emotions and complicate the situation with possible conflicts.

Remember that your friends also need to come to terms with your break and begin to treat you not as a couple, but as two independent people. They also need to give time to experience it.

It is necessary to reduce communication with common friends, in conversations with which you in any case will remember the former man, returning from time to time in those emotions. It is necessary to try to independently limit your ex-boyfriend from the opportunity to learn about your life through friends and influence her in the same way.

Parting with a guy, it is necessary to put an end, and not to turn your parting into a long finding out of the relationship.

Now any communication for him is a hope for the restoration of your relationship and a kind of signal that you are ready to return to him. The longer he hopes that everything can be corrected, the more painful it will be for him later to understand that you have lived a different life for a long time, in which he has no place.

Deciding on parting is really a serious step, but the completion of something not very pleasant in life always leads to the appearance of something new and more light. Parting is a difficult moment for both in a pair, but we can make this process as painless as possible.

To partway easily, you must follow some rules

1. The decision to break should be taken, carefully weighing all the pros and cons.

2. You must talk about parting only when you are sure that you do not want to continue to have a relationship with this man.

3. It is necessary to inform about the decision about parting only in private conversation.

4. It is necessary to try to soften the blow to avoid revenge, as well as gossip behind your back.

5. After your talk about breaking up a relationship, you should avoid contacting a man to not give him the hope of being able to restore your relationship.

6. It is also important to reduce communication with your mutual friends, so as not to involve them in finding out the relationship in your pair.

7. We need to start living a new life without it and give the man the opportunity to do the same.