Shoes from Christian Labuten and photos of fashionable footwear options

March 28, 2018 23:04 | Shoes

The idea of ​​their creation belongs to the great designer Christian Dior, in the middle of the last century he tried( and very successfully) to realize the image of a female flower. Which, of course, required amazingly elegant shoes.

This idea was perfected by another French designer and also Christian, the Labutene-boats in his performance is perfection. Despite the fact that the brand today - in itself a legend, shoes-boats Labuten - its symbol.

But they did not appear immediately, the first models with defiantly red sole were shoes on a separate platform - it happened in 1979.The beginning couturier seemed boring showing in one of the best fashion houses. But the neighbor's bright red nails attracted attention and made an impression.

So there was a famous sole, and boats in this performance were first presented in the Parisian shows "spring-summer" for 1985.

It was then that the slim silhouette of women's shoes once again became fashionable.

Immediately it is worth mentioning that today these models are almost exclusive. And not only because the pair costs from 700 to 7 thousand dollars - the designer deliberately does not replicate their works. A special model sews to order.

Boats from Christian Labuten: models of beige and black

The models of beige and black are unchanging classic - the variants are universal and practically not out of fashion.

Classical pointed toe, very high hairpin and a low cutline or "neckline", as they call it in the fashion world.

Look how the standard labutenes-boats look on these photos:

For their production use only natural( including exotic) leather, for the top - often lacquered, it looks luxurious.

But what covers the designer of his famous soles of bright red color - remains his trademark.

The first couple almost 40 years ago, he painted exactly with nail polish. Interestingly, the brand has never withdrawn its production from France, its collections are most often limited and not designed for a wide audience.

Authentic shoes Labuten boats look at the photo below:

But to call the shoes-boats from Christian Labuten too conservative or age can not be. Firstly, thanks to the excellent taste and sense of humor, which the designer never changes.

Basic color combinations of beige or black with red are ideal, but what about the bright lemon color boats with branded soles?

Labuten shoes made of red, blue and green leather

Ideal looking boats from Christian Labuten made of red leather, and even combinations with skin of blue or green shades is a fashionable and stylish challenge to mass culture, addressed to the youngest generation of women of fashion.

But with these models you should be more careful - they are too well remembered, and it is often impossible to wear them.

That you will not tell about models of classical "base" colors - beige and black. Despite their exclusivity, they are surprisingly versatile.

The designer himself rarely gets carried away with too original materials or decor. If you are offered such models using plastic or unusual decor - this is an unconditional forgery. Labuten, by the way, is one of the most forged brands in the world.

In addition to buying them only in branded boutiques, it is necessary to pay attention to the simplicity and purity of the style - literally brought to perfection.

These shoes are often compared with decorations from Tiffany - they are perfectly recognizable and serve as a kind of marker of highly societal status.

See how wonderful the boats are from Christian Labuten in these photos: