Ways to remove tattoos

April 21, 2018 20:15 | Facial And Body Treatments

The art of tattooing is known as a form of self-expression from time immemorial. Nevertheless, this art of painting the body is very flourishing lately, more and more people decorate their body with intricate drawings and whole subjects on various topics.

The advantage and at the same time the lack of this kind of body art is its durability. And a tattoo made during the years of turbulent youth can greatly complicate the years of maturity. And then you have the question: how to remove a tattoo? And if the salon procedures are quite expensive, then another question logically arises: how to get a tattoo at home?

Removal of tattoos - a variety of ways

  • Camouflage - masking the pattern with a pigment of flesh color. The procedure is no less painful than creating a tattoo.
  • Excision of a skin site with a tattoo. The picture is deleted in 1 session, but the scars remain on the skin. In open areas of the body, this method should not be used. Cryosurgery is a method of freezing. It is rather painful and unaesthetic.
  • Electrocoagulation - drawing is cauterized by high frequency current. It is painful and long. Remains scars.
  • Laser tattoo removal. Expensive and painful.
  • Abrasive( home) methods. We will dwell on them in more detail.

How to remove a tattoo at home

The meaning is to remove the layers of skin containing the pigment of the picture. Bringing tattoos at home - it's inexpensive, but quite a long time. It will take more than one session and quite a lot of effort. These methods are not always safe, if you do something wrong, you can put the infection in the skin, and you need to forget about getting rid of the tattoo for a while.

Skin peeling

This is not the process of removing the tattoo. It is rather the preparation of the skin, its upper layers to remove. For peeling you need to buy a special cream or gel and within 3-4 days according to the instructions to conduct the procedure.


At the end of each procedure( which may take a lot), necessarily treat the skin with chlorhexidine or miramistin and hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide will help stop bleeding, in case you break the integrity of small vessels. At night, you can apply a bandage with sintomycin ointment to the treated area. This will help to avoid infection.

So, have patience. It will be unpleasant.

Sand and coarse abrasive

Abrasive methods are the easiest way to remove a tattoo at home, which is very easy to use, although its effect will not appear immediately. To reduce tattooing at home, you will need sand and a coarse grinding stone of a large fraction. Mix sand and aloe vera gel( buy in a pharmacy), apply this mixture to the area of ​​skin with a tattoo and gently rub it with a stone until you feel a burning sensation and your skin becomes crimson red. After the procedure, be sure to treat this area of ​​skin with chlorhexidine and hydrogen peroxide in order to avoid infection of the skin.

This method will help to remove skin cells that are toned with ink. This is a pretty popular way to remove tattoos. However, with its help it is difficult to remove the tattoo completely. You will spend a lot of time, this method also has drawbacks, it is quite painful, but at the same time cheap.

Lemon and salt

This is also another effective way to remove tattoo at home. Depending on the size of the picture and the depth of the ink, it will take from 3 to 8 procedures. Sodium and chlorine penetrate deeply into skin cells, diluting the ink. Lemon contains natural acids, it is such a natural bleach, safe for the skin. Vitamin C in lemon can also help your skin recover after the procedures.

100 g of salt mixed with a small amount of lemon juice, apply with a cotton swab on the picture. Intensively rub this mixture into the skin for 30-60 minutes. Rinse the skin with water. Sensations are not pleasant. But the result you will see quite quickly. Daily repeat the procedure until the tattoo disappears.

In addition, you can do without lemon juice. Rub the skin with a strong solution of salt in water. This method is suitable to reduce the tattoo, performed in light colors.

Honey and yogurt

This method is much more pleasant, since it contains ingredients that soften the skin. It helps to avoid the appearance of scars on the skin.


  • Aloe leaves
  • Salt
  • Kefir or natural yoghurt
  • Honey

Finely chop the leaves of aloe, add the fine salt, yogurt, honey.

First, you need to clean the skin area with a tattoo. Then apply the cream to the picture. Massage the skin for half an hour with the cream obtained.

Special cream

There are many different opinions about the effectiveness of removing tattoos with creams. While some people have achieved great results with certain brands, others have simply become disillusioned with their use. The idea is to apply a special cream every evening to lighten the tattoo. The cream will seep into the layers of the skin with the pigment and destroy the pigment. This method is not suitable for people with dense skin and thick epidermis. In addition, the components of the cream very often cause individual reactions of intolerance.

How to remove a tattoo at home - the question is not simple. After all, drawing a picture is much easier than getting rid of a tattoo. The main thing - be reserved patience and endurance. Do not forget to conduct an antiseptic skin treatment after each session!