How to quickly lose weight in the hips - solve the problem number 1 before the holidays

February 14, 2019 08:30 | Diets

Do you often update your wardrobe? It's nice when this happens on their own. But every woman is familiar, or she will still have to get acquainted with the problem when her favorite pants or skirt are hard in the hips. And although it is too early to “eliminate” this thing, but the feeling of discomfort and squeezing in the hips constantly speaks about extra kilos. Yes, weight gain is a purely individual matter. We all have different body build and metabolism. But you still need to deal with this problem! Therefore, all worried about how to quickly lose weight in the hips.

  • Spend time on physical training
  • Start eating properly
  • Use water procedures
  • Thigh Slimming Exercise Complex

As usual, everything sounds simple: you need to make friends with physical exercise and proper nutrition. Do not forget about motivation and willpower. They will help to achieve positive results without spending a lot of time. Fat deposits can be defeated - always remember this! How to do it? Let's get a look.

Take time to exercise

The best and most effective way to lose weight is to go to the gym. But, unfortunately, not everyone has this opportunity. In this case, you can use publicly available methods, such as jumping rope, exercise "bike" or squats.

If these exercises are performed in conjunction with water procedures and proper nutrition, the result will not take long. For faster weight loss, you can slightly change the routine of your life. For example, walk more, climb the stairs, not the elevator, or run in the fresh air.

If you have the desire, you can do a set of exercises for weight loss. They are very easy to find on the Internet, where there are many video lessons available.

Here are just a few of them:

  • You need to lie on its side. The lower leg should be bent at the knee, and the upper one should be raised and lowered 10-15 times with the toe extended. The same must be done on the other side.
  • We lay down on our stomach and assume the knee-elbow position. We lift the left leg bent at the knee 10-15 times and at the same time pull the sock. Perform the same exercise right foot.
  • Position your feet shoulder-width apart and press your back against the wall. Then slowly go down gliding over the surface. When your knees take an angle of 90 °, stay in this position for 2-3 seconds. Then smoothly return to the starting position. So do 10-15 times.

Start eating properly

As mentioned above, proper nutrition plays a key role in losing weight. What does this mean to you? We hasten to reassure you - it does not mean that you need to go on a strict diet. Yes, the result of this approach will be quite good, but how many months it will be enough is a question.

A long-lasting effect can be achieved only when your diet is completely eliminated:

  1. smoked and fried foods;
  2. spicy and salty foods;
  3. any sweets and all fat.

It is better to eat healthy foods, namely:

  • dietary chicken and turkey meat;
  • cereal cereals( cereal - undesirable);
  • low-fat cottage cheese and cheese;
  • home-made yoghurts;
  • boiled eggs and fish;
  • freshly made juices;
  • Green Tea;
  • fresh vegetables and fruits( except bananas and grapes).

There is another small secret to the rapid reduction of the hips. According to experts, this is a very simple and effective way. You just need to start your day with a glass of clean water. Good quality water, drunk before breakfast, significantly improves digestion and removes excess fluid from the body. The ideal option is to drink a glass of water every 2 hours. But with coffee, things are a little different. It should be excluded from your diet, replacing tea or fresh juices. If you can’t drink without this drink, don’t add sugar to it.

Take water treatments

Water has a positive effect on our health, not only when we take it inside. To burn body fat can be applied using water procedures. For example, a contrast shower with a massage. But it must be done correctly.

Let's start with the basics. A contrast shower must be held in the evening, but at will, it is possible in the morning. Before you send yourself to the cold jets of water, abruptly alternating with hot, you should do a warming massage. It is necessary to rub the hips, using a hard washcloth, and then pat on them or even pinch. In general, we must do everything that helps to improve blood circulation. And it, in turn, stimulates the burning of body fat.

Can I use special cosmetics during such procedures? Of course yes! It is recommended to use special anti-cellulite cosmetics, or the usual shower gel, which contains algae. Also, before going to bed, you can apply slimming creams on problem areas. In this case, while you sleep, this cosmetics will fight with your problem.

The complex of exercises for slimming the hips.

The holiday season is already in full swing! Rest, wherever we spend it, forces us to think about our appearance, and, above all, about the figure. We hope that the above tips will quickly bring your hips in order, and you will be happy to wear your favorite things! Good luck!

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